What is the best toilet for a small bathroom?


When you are looking for a good quality toilet for a small space, you will notice that there are a lot of models on the market. Choosing the right one depends on knowing a bit about the best toilets for small spaces on the market. This guide will help you make a better decision.

3.2 American Standard Compact Cadet-3 Toilet

What to look for when buying a toilet?


Efficient flush

Without a doubt, the first thing to look for in a toilet, even if it is going to be installed in a small bathroom, is flush power. A good quality toilet will always flush without clogging; if your current toilet requires a lot of cleaning or maintenance because it does not flush well, it may be the right time to replace it with a better model.


Water saving features

Your energy and water bills make for quite a substantial part of your monthly costs. Finding ways to reduce them is important, so, in the case of a toilet, it is best to go for a model that comes equipped with water saving features. Keep in mind that such features do not have to limit flush power. To have both, you must opt for a good quality toilet designed to fit small spaces.



The best toilet for small bathroom you can find should also be comfortable. This is something that depends, to a high degree, on your own preferences. For instance, if only taller people will be using the toilet, finding one of at least average height is very important. The shape of the bowl can also contribute to comfort, and those that are too narrow or too short can be a hassle. For something extra, you can search for the best bidet toilet seat, to enhance hygiene.



Galba MU133 Small Toilet

1.1 Galba MU133 Small ToiletAmong the best toilets for small spaces on the market, you will find this Galba model. Designed for adults, this toilet is 24.5” tall, making it easy to use, without feeling like you are cramped in a small space.

This one piece toilet is ideal for small apartments, as well as other small spaces, so it can be a great choice as a secondary toilet in the house. The glazed surface has self cleaning properties, so the toilet bowl does not require a lot of work to clean and maintain, as it repels rust and discoloring on its own.

The flush power is guaranteed by the 3” diameter valve and the dual flush technology employed. The elongated seat makes this toilet for small spaces comfortable even for taller people. The seat is located 16.5” above the floor, an aspect that makes it more convenient compared to other models on the market.

The company selling  this toilet offers a one year warranty on parts, so if anything breaks, you can have the model replaced with a working one.

A small toilet does not have to make you feel cramped or uncomfortable. This Galba model solves all your needs by being compact without sacrificing performance or comfort. A note must be made; the model reviewed here is an improvement of an older model, which means the company making it pays attention to customers’ wishes and seeks to enhance user satisfaction for their products.

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Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia Wall Hung Toilet

2.1 Toto CT418FG No.01 Aquia Wall Hung ToiletSimple design recommends this particular model for small spaces. In case you are looking for best toilets in 2022, you will find this particular model to score quite high in consumers’ preferences. Overall, this Toto model satisfies all the needs and it is stylish on top of everything.

The dual flush system makes sure that the bowl stays clean after use. The special surface does not allow dirt and remains to get stuck on the bowl, so regular cleaning should be a breeze as well. Since this is the main problem many people have with toilets designed for small spaces, you can rest assured that the Toto model is not part of this category.

The toilet reviewed here is also a great water saver. According to many studies, most water consumed in a household is used by flushing the toilet, so water saving features become a necessity, rather than a luxury.

The universal height makes it easy to use by anyone in the house. Unlike other models, this one is installed on the wall and not on the floor, making it easy for the person cleaning the bathroom. This particular style feature also makes it look more cutting edge. While saving space, it does not give the sensation that this is a toilet designed for small spaces.

With great flush power, nice looking design, water saving features and ceramic glazing that does not allow dirt and debris to stick on the surface, this Toto model is one of the winners.

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American Standard Compact Cadet-3 Toilet

3.1 American Standard Compact Cadet-3 ToiletAnother great choice for those looking for a good quality toilet for a small apartment or a small bathroom is this model. Its classic design recommends it and it is also preferred by many homeowners, because it fits perfectly in just about any type of bathroom.

The elongated bowl allows for extra comfort, even when used by taller people. The height is ADA compliant, for the same reason, and it is safe to say that this model is an universal fit.

This toilet complies with EPA WaterSense regulations, making it a great choice for those who want to save on their water bills. Since not many models on the market are compliant with these strict regulations at the moment, you will find this toilet right up your alley if you want to pay less for water consumption every month and to protect the environment by all means necessary.

The EverClean surface is a guarantee for hygiene. It does not allow anything to stick to it, and it is easy to clean and maintain using nothing but regular cleaning products. Combined with the flush power it has, it makes for an overall low maintenance model that you will like having in your household. The 360 degree motion that directs the water flow allows for better cleaning.

The slow-close toilet seat is another feature to be mentioned about this product. Overall, this standard compact toilet for small spaces is ideal for anyone wanting to save water, and still enjoy a good quality toilet that flushes properly.

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We hope this guide will help you decide on the best toilet for your needs. The Galba MU133 Small Toilet and the Toto CT418FG No.01 Aquia Wall Hung Toilet are both great choices, as they help you save water and keep your bathroom clean, without sacrificing comfort.