Does your toilet needs a great cleaning job and you don’t which is the best toilet cleaning product that can do wonders? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. In order to lend you a helping hand we’ve gathered precious information about the best toilet cleaning product. Our number one choice, the Lysol Power 12 Bottles, was selected after reading  various expert review sites, customer reports and even social media feedback. What makes this product stand out from the rest is the fact that the bottles are specially designed to reach difficult angles to remove bowl rings, which means that up to 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria are destroyed after the first use, leaving nothing but a fresh scent behind. If Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner is out of stock, consider Clorox Automatic Bowl Cleaner H&PC-86542 as the next best thing.



Buying Guide


Finding a good toilet cleaning product is not an easy chore. Therefore, we’ve made the research for you and we’ve come to the conclusion that before making any purchase you should consider some essential factors which are nicely showcased below. Take a look below and find out for yourself the features that are most important in regards to toilet cleaners.

Look for products with long-lasting efficiency

Cleaning products come in various shapes and sizes and have different uses. Upon buying something to clean your toilet with, remember that the best way to do it is by using the appropriate product.

If illnesses or quarantine are not the case there’s no need to disinfect the bathroom with strong chemical scrubbing products. You can use alternatives such as gels or tablets. Especially for family homes, you probably only need to clean the toilet bowl from lime stains.

Generally, you should use a small amount because powerful toilet cleaners can last up to several weeks after a single use. Tablets are even more practical because they do the work for you and trigger the self-cleaning process, providing bleach with every flush and bowl protection against viruses and bacteria.

As a bonus tip, you should consider a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner because it is more efficient and can be used for a variety of purposes around the house. Plus, it is known as the best toilet cleaner for hard water which adds up to the potent antibacterial properties.


Keep an eye on the ingredient disclosure

You might think that the more chemicals added to the best toilet cleaners for stains the better but in reality, you don’t need much in order to keep you toilet viruses and bacteria free.

A product that gently cleanses the bowl without the need of any scrubbing is better for your bathroom and for your health.

Most toilet cleaners contain all sorts of substances that, when inhaled, can cause damages to your body and skin. In the long term, these toxins start to damage the bathroom appliances and harm you and your family. Therefore, always buy a product that shows you everything you need to know on the label.


Allergies must be considered

Cleaning actually helps people with allergies get rid of all the allergens in their houses. So, knowing which products are safe to use among the ones that are for sale is quite important.

According to best cleaning toilet product reviews, it is a good idea to check the ingredients before and see if there is anything that you or your family are allergic to.

Cleaning products don’t trigger any allergies, but they can cause moderate to severe irritations such as sneezing, congestions, asthma attacks or skin rashes.

Nevertheless, if you see that a certain product makes you feel rather sick, it is better to avoid buying similar ones that contain certain ingredients that are known for causing allergic reactions, such as ammonia, formaldehyde, D-limonene or sodium hypochlorite.



Top Rated Toilet Cleaning Products in 2022


Now that you’ve learned some useful tips, you are ready to see some of the best toilet cleaning products. Our product suggestions are showcased below and are the result of thorough reading and research, and we believe that they will keep your bathroom clean and your toilet spotless.



Lysol Power 12 Bottles


A toilet cleaner that is highly praised, Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an excellent choice that can’t go wrong. Not only does it clean your toilet spotless but also kills any viruses or bacteria located on the toilet bowl in a high proportion of 99.9%.

This high level of efficiency is also due to the fact that the bottle is angled in such so as to target even the hardest to reach areas around and inside the toilet compartment. Therefore, all bowl rings are removed from the first use, and the toilet is left spotless and disinfected.

Since the product is easy to use, all you need is to flush the toilet in order to remove eventual dirt, then point the bottle down the bowl and squeeze a small amount of liquid gently. This thick formula can be applied on both of the sides of the bowl and on the rim, leaving it to run down the water.

Without closing the toilet lid, clean the entire toilet for 5 minutes, including the area under the rim; afterward, just flush the water. Not even the toughest stains will stand a chance with this fresh scented toilet cleaner. You can repeat the process when necessary, and the results will be the same.

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Clorox Automatic H&PC-86542


When talking about dirt, everyone wants a product that doesn’t require tons of rubbing but rather something that can be easily applied. If that’s how you see toilet cleaners as well then you’ll find the Clorox Automatic Bowl Cleaner a genuine life saver.

Unlike to other cleaners on the market that need spraying or scrubbing, this one consists of a set of tablets that you simply drop the toilet compartment, without any effort. Once placed inside it gets the job done in less than 5 minutes, leaving the bowl free of any rings or dirt spots. With every flush, the water is bleached and the viruses and bacteria removed, with a 99.9% disinfection efficiency. Plus, the ingredients in these tablets don’t harm any part of the toilet.

One important detail regarding this cleaning product is that all you need is one tablet because it cleans and deodorizes the toilet for up to 3 months. Therefore, no matter how many times you flush the water your bathroom will look spotless due to the Clorox cleaning powder removes every bit of lime or stain. The tablets repel hard water, mineral and limestone stains and prevent future buildup in the bowl area.

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Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Drops


If you’re looking for a toilet cleaning product that cleans, disinfects and doesn’t require tons of efforts on your part, you’ll like the option from Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Drops.

Specially designed to repel tough hard water and even limescale stains, this item cleans your toilet from every dirt or stain and deodorizes the entire compartment with every flush you make.

Besides, given the fact that it takes minimal effort to use, you can keep your toilet bowl stain- free for a longer period of time, thus allowing you to enjoy up to 12 weeks of pure freshness and cleanliness. That’s quite a bargain for a small tablet that doesn’t damage the plumbing nor the septic system of your toilet.

All you have to do before dropping it into the water toilet is remove the tank cover, drop one tablet at a time and flush. It is advisable to wait until the water level is lowered and the valve from the bottom completely closed. Also, it is mandatory to wait for 10 minutes before flushing the first time. When you start to see the color fading away, you should drop another tablet inside the tank. Basically, the tablet does all the work for you without having to rub the dirt off.  

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