Top rated tillers in 2019


There are many Americans that want near their homes thriving gardens with delicious vegetables. In order to prepare the soil for proper cultivation a precise tilling action is needed. This is where garden tillers can offer assistance. A powerful tiller uses sharp tines to turn and dig into the soil. The current offer on tillers is more than generous so gardeners, farmers and landscapers have their pick. We went through the best tiller reviews in order to offer professional guidance, worth taking into account. In our research we discovered 5 models (presented below) that can be used on different types of soils and make them fertile.


Husqvarna CRT900-CA Counter Rotating Rear Tine Tiller


Best tiller reviewsSince everyone wants to use the best tiller in 2019 we took a special interest on Husqvarna products. From this well-known brand we noticed that users spoke highly of the CRT900-CA counter rotating tiller. Powered by 208cc Briggs and Stratton engine this tiller digs through rough terrains and prepare it for cultivation. With a 14-inch tilling width the device ensures that gardeners get their job done faster and with more precision. Recommended for small and medium sized gardens this tiller significantly improves people’s capacity to efficiently work. The CRT900-CA tiller can be used to safely set up a productive garden for proper planting.

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Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller


Some gardeners and cultivators take great care of the environment whenever they work. For those that are currently trying to find an environmental friendly but powerful tiller we recommend the 27072 model from Greenworks. Powered by 8 Amp motor this electric tiller delivers accurate tilling results without eliminating harmful gas emissions. It features 8 inch forward rotating tines which safely digs into the earth and prepares the soil for proper cultivation. The tiller offer people the chance to adjust the tilling width from 8.25” to 10”, which ensure accurate tilling results. Furthermore the tiller has a handle which easily folds for fast storage.

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Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator


Out of the best tillers in 2019 the TC70001 from Earthwise is appreciated by users for its adjustability tilling functions. This powerful electric tiller offers 11-inches cutting width which is more than enough to tackle the planting and cultivating needs of small and medium sized gardens. The tiller incorporates powerful dual 4 blade steel tines which handle very well rough terrains. Now, this gardening instrument offers a tilling depth of 8 1/2 inch, more than enough to match even demanding tasks. Great for landscaping the tiller has a lightweight design which makes it easy to manoeuvre around the garden.

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Mantis 7225-00-02 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Tiller/Cultivator


4While going through the best tiller reviews we managed to learn more things about the 7225-00-02 from Mantis. This powerful tiller is perfect for people that desire to easily create new gardens. The gardening instrument can be used in order to till narrow rows and also raise beds for proper planting. Powered by a powerful 2-cycle gas engine and with a compact design this tiller uses patented serpentine tines which spin up to 240 RPM. This particular tilling force manages to till down to a soil depth of 10 inches for proper plant seeding. It also features special folding handle which makes it easy to store.

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Snow Joe TJ601E Tiller Joe


During our search for the best tiller in 2019 we came across a powerful model from Snow Joe, the TJ601E. Powered by a solid 9 Amp motor this tiller puts in motion sharp 6 steel blade tines that reach a 7 inch cultivating depth. Rough terrains become easier to handle with this advanced tiller. Incorporating 18-inch of width the TJ601E tiller helps people to safely prepare various areas of the garden for productive planting. The solid wheels ensure high stability during every step of the tilling process. It features a folding handle for proper storage in garages or small storing spaces.

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