Best Tile Saws under $100


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When looking for the best tile saws under $100, it is important that you take some time to evaluate the choices that you will be confronted with to make sure that you will make a good decision. Some of the best products that are available in the market will be mentioned below, which will give you an idea on what to choose.


Master Cut 60089 Tile Saw


Best Tile Saws under $100

This tile saw is equipped with a direct drive motor that has the ability to deliver .75 horsepower. Among other things, the intelligent design of the product is a major reason on why it is a favorite of many people. For instance, it has an open table design that will make it easy for you to cut even large tiles. The splash guard is also commended, which allows the possibility of reducing mess and dust produced after being used.

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“For my work I need a top tile saw and it didn’t take me long to find one after reading some reviews. After using the Master Cut 60089 for a couple of months my conclusions about it is that it is an essential wood cutting tool and which doesn’t make a lot of mess.” Nigel Blake


SKIL 3540-02 Tile Saw


This tile saw is constructed in a manner that it will be long-lasting, which makes it a good investment. For instance, the table top is made from stainless steel, a material that is known for being able to resist corrosion, and hence, having long-term functionality. The tile saw is also equipped with fasteners on the both sides of the tables, which makes it possible for the unit to be securely attached. The blade cooling water reservoir is also a good thing, allowing the blades to stay cool.

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“It is really cheap and has such great features for a device having such a reduced price range. It cuts through any type of wood and most importantly for safety it has fasteners so it can’t slip from where I fix it. I am really impressed with this tile saw.” Hank Jackson


SKIL 3510-02 Tile Saw


When looking for a tile saw, one of the things that should be considered is its ease of use. Luckily, this specific model is an excellent option when it comes to such. Many people who have used it in the past have reported that it is effortless to use this tile saw. Apart from such, the durability of the unit is another thing that makes it one of the best tile saws under $100. It is also important to note that this model has external motor brushes that make it a lot easier to have it maintained in its best possible quality.

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“This simple tile saw delivers to me optimum performances when it come to wood cutting and based on them I recommend it to whoever wants to purchase it. The performances are so good that it cutts effortless thorugh wood, like a hot knife through butter.” Sam Buckley


MK Diamond 158252 Tile Saw


If you want to cut ceramic tiles without too much effort on your part, you should consider purchasing this model. It has a powerful cutting capability, which has also been reported by the people who have ha firsthand experiences with such. The 4-amp direct drive motor of this unit allows the delivery of .5 horsepower that becomes the major source of its powerful performance. Lastly, it is also a good thing that it is compact and lightweight, which makes it excellent when it comes to portability.

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“The MK Diamond  158252 tile saw has been in my tool shed for quite a while and it is still a center piece to this day, whenever I have to work with wood. I like the compact size that it has so when I am done with it, I just close the lid and put it away in its storage space.” Jacob Loyd


Hitachi CM4SB2 Tile Saw


Among the products within this category, this is perhaps one of the most powerful. It is designed with 11.6-amp motor and can deliver 11,500 RPM. This is a good reason for its high level of efficiency and superior cutting performance. Additionally, another reason on why it is listed as one of the best tile saws under $150 is the one-touch system for being able to adjust the lever to the position and angle that is desired by the user.

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“With a motor that deliveres over 11.000 RPMs it is no wonder why this is considered a top tile saw, which has a very affordable price. I got it for this precise reason and it helps me so much in many different work situations.” Gregg Anthony