Top rated tile saws in 2019


Tiles are a perfect way to improve one’s house but it’s really a hassle when cutting tiles because of immovable objects such as pillars and the like especially when using a substandard tile saw. These are the top five tile saws in the market that could help ease the trouble of cutting tiles.


Buying guide on how to pick a top tile saw


6There are many power tools that can enhance the quality of various construction projects. Some are more important than others because they offer proper assistance during different phases. According to recent statistics it seems that tile saws represent an important addition to any construction worker. This power tool is designed to precisely cut porcelain, ceramic and stone. With the right tile saw you will be able to deliver precise and delicate cuts on different materials without any problems. Skilled individuals want to use professional saws that can deliver accurate cuts on various materials. These tools are safe and very easy to use, placing professional results in the hands of any user. Still, there are a couple of things to take into account before you decide upon a particular product.

Since there are so many tile saws available on the market, narrowing things down to one single product can take some time. This is why we took the liberty of analysing the most efficient power tools. As a result, we went through over 30 top rated tile saws, testing them on different type of materials. Afterwards we drafted the best tile saw reviews in order to offer you a comprehensive look on the makings of each product. Now, in the following rows we are going to emphasize more on the particularities of a great tile saw. One of the most important things of a tile saw is the diamond blade. Usually, tile saws use diamond carbide blades in order to precisely deliver clean cuts. Due to the blades heat accumulation during cutting operation tile saws use water reservoirs to spray the heated layers of the blade. This spray manages to maintain the blades cool and dust-free.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size  Price Motor Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Dewalt D24000

10 inch $$$$ 1.5 HP 69 lbs A+ AMAZON

Dewalt D24000S

10 inch $$$$$ 1.5 HP 69 lbs A AMAZON

QEP8 3200

8 inch $$$ 1.5 HP 83 lbs B+ AMAZON

MK Diamond 157222

7 inch $$$ 1/3 HP 18 lbs B AMAZON

SKIL 3540-02

7 inch $$ 4.2 amp 20 lbs B+


There are thousands of people searching for the best tile saw in 2019. You will be able to choose from handheld or table tile saws.  Before you decide on a particular product you have to take into account the nature of the construction project. As you know tile saws are professional tools which can deliver enhanced cuts. Furthermore you have to consider one important thing: make sure that the working environment includes fast access to running water and also electrical power. These are basic things related to functional working environments. As you can imagine for small projects, handheld tile saws can definitely enhance your work productivity. On the other hand table tile saws deliver work stability and a clean surface to handle larger materials.

With the best tile saw in 2019 your will definitely register a major boost in quality and cut accuracy. The current line of tile saws available on the market responds to different cutting demands. Everyone can find an efficient tile saw capable of delivering precise cuts on various materials. Recent statistics showed that handheld tile saws are most used by handymen around the house, for small adjustments. Table tile saws are mostly used by professionals in the field that need stability and uniform cuts. Depending on your needs you can opt for either one.


Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw


This tile saw is one of the lightest tile saw in the market which made it very famous among people with its various best tile saw reviews appearances. This tile saw has an integrated rail system that guides the blades to the portions that needs to be cut with great precision and accuracy. The fact that this tile saw is very light made it easier in moving this thing wherever I needed this tile saw to do its thing. I really had no major issues with this tile saw and this tile saw never fails to amaze me.



Perfect for those who are always on the go and who work in different places every couple of hours mostly because of its lightweight which makes it incredibly portable.

Incredibly precise and quite clean as well considering the fact that it comes with an adjustment feature that allows users to minimize over-spray and mist.

Designed to make small, power-outlet sized cuts to allow you to work around those difficult areas.

The 1.5hp motor combined with thestainless steel rail system are more than capable to help you handle 3 ½ thick tiles.



This device is not destined for commercial installers as it tend to deteriorate if used on a daily basis.

Fixing it is very difficult especially when it comes to taking it apart.


As stated by other users of the Dewalt D24000 Tile Saw in its reviews, this product is lightweight. I can guarantee everybody of its weight because I have used it on my own with hassle free experience. The product is very impressive because it can accurately cut it on my own.” Daniel Rodgers


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Dewalt D24000S Tile Saw


This tile saw exceeded my expectations in cutting tiles with precision and accuracy. Its easy installation process had saved me a lot of time. I could use the time saved from installing the tile saw for cutting tiles to get the job done earlier than usual. In just a matter of minutes and this tile saw could run for hours which is perfect for heavy-duty labor. Its two water nozzles helped me by making the blade easier to adjust to my desired position. I liked the overall performance of this tile saw and would definitely suite your construction needs.



Easy set-up process due to the smart design and the lightweight body which weighs just 69 pounds.

Considered by most as the best wet tile saw 2019, this device will hold its own for many years to come due to its versatility and very precise cuts.

This device is designed to offer users the change to quickly make plunge cuts for electrical outlets.

It comes fitted with the DEWALT blade which is probably one of the most efficient blades on the market.

It works with a segmented saw as well.



It fills up too easily with debris which means you will have to clean it very often if you use it on a regular basis.

It has one too many flaws for such a price tag.


I like the performance and abilities of the Dewalt D24000S Tile Saw because of the functions it partakes to me while I am working. The product is made of good materials I can say that this one is durable. It is also affordable. The product is exceptional which withstand other products in the market.” Anthony Jeffers


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QEP8 3200 Tile Saw


This tile saw really combines mobility and power with its wheels that are located at back for easy transport and its 1 ½ horsepower motor which can rotate the blade up to 3,450 RPM could cut in any types of tiles with ease. The wheels at its back really made it easy for me to transport this tile saw anywhere I needed this tile saw and I could just lock its wheels for better stability when I’m using it. The power of this tile saw really makes my job a whole lot easier by cutting in any tile with ease.



Very affordable device which despite costing under $250 still incorporates a strong 1 ½hp motor which will run at 3550rpm when plugged into a 120volt North American plug.

The stand on which this product is built is very stable but at the same time, pretty mobile due to the rear wheels which will be locked when working.

The water spraying mechanism is incredibly precise and highly efficient due to the even distribution of water flow which also allows the diamond blade to last longer.

The 8 inch blade will cut through 1 ¾ thick materials which is pretty much the average thickens of a bathroom or a kitchen tile.



The wheels which allow you to move this machine from place to place are not that great.

The stand could have been a bit sturdier.


QE 83200 Tile Saw has proven to be most reliable when I cutting different sized materials. It’s very precise when cutting and I feel it’s very safe to. The best rated tile saw reviews gave it high ratings and I can fully understand why. I bought it from Amazon for a great Black Friday discount.” Sam Garza


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MK Diamond 157222 Tile Saw


The compact design of this tile saw really made it easier for me to carry around wherever I wanted it to be and it doesn’t even take much space in the garage unlike other tile saw where they could consume great amount of space. Its workspace has a sliding platform that really helped me in cutting tiles much faster and with great precision. I really liked using this tile saw for its portability and ergonomic design that really made my job easier.



Often praised in the best wet tile saw reviews, this product is well-worth its money. The small engine produces 5500rpm which is more than enough to tend to household chores every once in a while.

It is incredibly compact, managing to weigh in just 15 pounds which is amazing if you look at how powerful this tile cutter is.

Despite being affordable, it is also one of the most durable devices out there. The reservoir will not rust and will not peel due to its high-impact thermoplastic structure.

It comes with a 1 year warranty.



It could be more versatile when it comes to its cuts. If you plan on making semicircles or other round shapes this is not the device to buy.

The tightening process might be difficult while wearing gloves due to its small size.


This model has a very compact and stable structure, making it resilient and safe to use. I can’t complain about the cut precision of all sorts of materials and it definitely helps me get the job done professionally. I’m sure this compact model is one of the top 10 tile saws in 2019 and it’s not even very expensive. I got it for under $220. ” Willie Barnett


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SKIL 3540-02 Tile Saw


Best tile saw reviewsThis tile saw, which was highly commended by many best tile saw reviews, has a blade that is made out of stainless steel which really prevents the corrosion of the blades which in turn extends the longevity of the tile saw. It also has a blade cooling water reservoir which prevents the overheating of the tile saw for better construction performance. This tile saw’s durability is one of the main reasons I enjoyed using this tile saw. With its low maintenance cost, I really think that it’s perfect for your extra heavy-duty construction.



This is currently Amazon’s best-selling power tile, mostly because of the great value for money it is capable of offering.

It is extremely accurate and offers users the possibility to adjust the cutting angle from 0 to up to 45degrees.

The blade cooling water reservoir not only keeps the blade cool but it also handles debris which is a nightmare to clean.



The fence is hard to set up and also hard to use.

The water reservoir is not removable so you will have to have a bucket around.


I don’t have to worry accurate cutting because of my new SKIL 3540-02 . I have cut a lot of different materials of all shapes and sized. It has coped very well with all my work and I’m glad I got it for sale on Christmas.” Gregg Rodriguez


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