Expert Buying Advice on Tile Floor Cleaning Machines


A tile floor cleaning machine makes the process of cleaning various hard surfaces easier. They basically work by using motorized brushes to scrub floors in order to provide a more deep-seated cleaning than could be achieved by manual means. However, these cleaning machines may add other features such as water tanks that apply water to the surface to be cleaned and vacuums for suctioning up excess water as well as dirt and debris.

It is easier to find the best tile floor cleaning machine if you know the features you should consider. These include:

Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machine

Cleaning heads

What cleaning attachments are available? If you have to clean a variety of surfaces, make sure that the cleaning machine can support multiple cleaning heads designed to handle specific surfaces.


Weight and portability

Since you will be carrying around the machine, you don’t want to buy a model that weighs too much since this will result in user fatigue. In addition, portability features such as casters will make it easier to use.


Integrated vacuum

This feature adds versatility to the cleaner since it not only allows you to pick up debris from the floor but also suction up excess moisture to dry the floor faster.

Now that you know how to find the best home cleaner, you can go on to Amazon or any other favorite online shopping site to start looking for the one that fits your needs.


Most Reliable Tile Floor Cleaning Machines in 2019


If you still need more help, here are our recommendations for the best tile floor cleaning machine.


Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate


1.Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate Hard Floor CleanerThe FloorMate uses SpinScrub brushes to provide a superior cleaning job while still being gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces such as vinyl and sealed wood. The SpinScrub technology uses exclusive counter-rotating brush heads to provide a thorough but gentle cleaning. And the brushes can be removed from the head for easy cleaning. The removable 11.5-inch vacuum head also has a built-in squeegee to easily dry floors.

The FloorMate has dual Wash/Dry cleaning modes with brushes in Wash mode cleaning floors while water is applied for better cleaning. On the other hand, the Dry mode vacuums up excess water to quickly dry the floor. When you encounter tough stains, the Clean Boost Control applies additional detergent to the affected area. The cleaner has two tanks for clean and dirty water and you can easily remove each tank individually so you can refill and clean them. Each tank has a capacity of 1.5-quarts so that you won’t have to constantly make trips to the sink to throw out dirty water and replenish the tanks.

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Oreck ORB550MC


2.Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor MachineThis commercial-quality floor cleaner allows you to clean not only hard floor surfaces but deep-clean thick carpets as well. The Orbiter can handle a variety of surfaces including hard wood, concrete, ceramic tile and grout and can also clean up tough stains such as oil slicks. The Orbiter not only cleans but also polishes and buffs as well to revitalize the surface and make it as good as new. Even high-traffic surfaces will be restored to their former condition.

To make it easier to use, the Orbiter has a brush head that rotates in a random orbit, with no gauging or torque to ensure a gentle but thorough cleaning whilst avoiding scratches and other damages. You can also easily move the cleaner around with less effort since it glides smoothly across surfaces. The brushes have a 13-inch cleaning path, allowing you to cover a lot more floor space in a shorter time and with less effort. It also comes with a fifty-inch electrical cord so that you clean a larger area.

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Bissell Total Floors Wet & Dry 2949


3.Bissell Total Floors Wet & Dry Hard Floor CleanerThis all-in-one cleaning solution not only mops and vacuums floors, but dries them as well, for a quicker and more thorough job. One side of the Bissell contains a powerful vacuum for suctioning up dirt and debris before you start wet cleaning. Once you’re done, simply flip over the unit and the Gentle Clean Brush is lowered. Squeeze the trigger to dispense cleaning solution and water to the floor, and then the brush does its job while the built-in squeegee and suction head dry the surface. You can shift between the two modes simply by flicking a switch with no need to manually change attachments.

The wet cleaning side features two water tanks so that you won’t have to replenish them as often, and you can easily shift between the interchangeable Microfiber Mop Pad and Gentle Cleaning Brush with minimal effort. The whole unit weighs just ten pounds so that you can use it for longer without fatigue and the compact size means you can reach hard-to-clean areas and tight spaces.

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