Best thermostats for the money


In your house it is only normal that you would want the best environment you could have. For the overall temperature of your home the thermostat is an ideal device. You will be able to control it to the last detail aiming towards your prefered value. A thermostat is not a very expensive investment but you still need to know which ones offer the most. The best thermostats under $50 are listed below for you to purchase them.


Lux TX1500E Programmable Thermostat


Best thermostats under $50

The Lux TX1500E is just the thing to help you control the air temperature of your home in the most accurate way possible. You can program it for the whole week, but at the same time have special settings for the weekend. Its display will automatically shut off if it hasn`t been used in a while and illuminate once you push one of its buttons. Programming it is simple and no complications will occur.

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“I am looking for an effective thermostat in just affordable price and I found about the Lux TX1500E Programmable Thermostat which helps me to maintain a sound aura in my home. I am happy that helps me to maintain a better room condition without too much effort.” Claudia Tiffany Andrews


Lux WIN100 Thermostat


One of the best thermostats under $50 is without a doubt the Lux WIN100 because it is so accurate in fulfilling your commands. You have a very big temperature range to choose from, as low as 45 degrees F and as high as 90 degrees F. Separate different programs for weekdays and weekends alike. It is pin point accurate and for showing the temperature`s value it does`t require mercury. It is also energy efficient cutting down on your yearly electricity bill.

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“I already used a lot of thermostat but all of those got damaged after several months. I buy a new thermostat and it was the Lux WIN100 Thermostat from Amazon. The product is ideally the best because it really pays the performance.”  Tonya Grace Kinney


Honeywell TL8230A1003 Thermostat


The Honwywell TL8230A1003 can do wonders for your home environment keeping the temperature just the way you like it. Pre-set it for 7 days and also save up 20% of its energy consumption, which is not that much to begin with. The backlit display shows the data in a very visible manner so you don`t have to make any extra effort to view it. Your heating bill will get lower once you start to use itas well. This thermostat easily enters in the list of the best Honeywell thermostats reviews.

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“I never have to pay much higher bills even I am using the Honeywell TL8230A1003 Thermostat. This thermostat makes difference form the other thermostat I have. In terms of functionality, the product is very effective and outstanding. I will never look for another thermostat.” Irma Castro


Lux TX9100E Programmable Thermostat


With the Lux TX9100E you will have full control of your house`s temperature and save some money in the process too. To set it up, nothing fancy is required, just follow the instructions that come with it. After it is in place you will be able to set programs seven days in advance and then go above your business untill this time has passed. The display is lighted so that it shows you the data clearly.

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“The clear screen of the Lux TX9100E Programmable Thermostat allows me to see what the status of my thermostat is even at night. I never have problems with it because the product is made of good materials that are durable and sturdy at all times.”  Trinidad Barrett


Honeywell RTH2300B1012/A Thermostat


A lot of users all around the US have pointed out the the Honeywell RTH2300B1012/A thermostat is a great option for the comfort of your household. Heat up or cool down your room temperature with its different types of settings. It is accurate to just 1 -/+ degree F, so you are completely aware at all times of its value. Differentiate from programs for your weekdays and ones for the weekends when you are not that much at home. The controls are easy to learn and you will master them straight away.

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“The Honeywell RTH2300B1012/A Thermostat is a simple product you can have in just affordable price. Even it is simple, the function is complex and ideal. I never feel any worry with this product because it can manage itself even in a long week. I can also adjust in a way I prefer it to be.” Patricia Chan Huff