How to purchase the best tent in 2022


With so many products qualifying as the best tents of 2022, the buyer needs to be well-informed on what constitutes a great camping shelter. You don’t just get the first product you stumble upon at the store, whether by virtue of good sales talk or an eloquent description on a website. What it really boils down to is establishing what elements you want the camping tent to carry. Take those elements against what manufacturers offer, and the reliability of reviews. Once you have all the information, try to narrow down your choices to those you genuinely like. Remember: a good tent bought today can pave the way for many opportunities to camp out with family and friends.

3.1 Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person Dome Tent

What to look for when buying a tent?


Sleep Capacity


The first thing you will have to determine before deciding on the best tent in 2022 is its sleep capacity. If you intend to camp alone, a one-person tent should suffice. Camping experts generally recommend that a single person camping alone would be better off using a two-person tent specially when there’s a lot of camping gear to be stored, or the user has to factor in a bigger-than-average build plus the bulk of a sleeping bag and other camping essentials. In the same manner, a three-person tent is perfect for two people to sleep comfortably in, with some space to spare for clothes and camping supplies. When sleeping bags are laid down, there should be no overlap to ensure comfort.

Take that as a guide when choosing family tents or multi-room tents with dividers.


Season Appropriateness


A lightweight summer tent is perfect in warm or hot climates where temperatures do not drop significantly at the end of the day. Tents that are prescribed for the summer season offer a sense of security while protecting you from bugs and insects.

Three-season tents are designed for use from spring to fall. They’re also lightweight and are cooler in hot weather compared to 4-season camping tents. They can withstand rain, wind and perhaps a little snow.

Four-season or all-season tents are geared to stay strong in snow and high-winds during the winter. They can still be usable when weather is fair. They are heavier and more expensive than three-season camping shelters. Since four-season tents tend to heat up easily inside, some people invest in one kind of tent for the winter or mountaineering and another unit for the rest of the seasons.


Design, Materials and Craftsmanship


If you intend to use the tent exclusively for sleeping, overhead clearance is not as important as floor area. But if you want to be able to do more than just sleep, consider floor area as essential as overhead capacity.

Tent poles should be lightweight yet strong and durable. Freestanding tents are popular, as they make set-up easy by eliminating guy lines that have to be staked out.

The canopy, the main part of any tent, is typically made of nylon in robust, ripstop form. Compared to polyester, nylon is more resistant to abrasion and also hardier. Large mesh panels on the canopy contribute to good ventilation and lightweight quality.

Tent floors are also typically of nylon. Bathtub or sandbox floors prevent rain water that pools under the tent from leaking through the tent walls and getting your gear wet.


Top rated tent models:


Coleman Red Canyon Tent

1.1 Coleman Red Canyon TentAwesome in size but not overwhelmingly so, the 8-Person Coleman Red Canyon Tent makes the ideal family tent and is definitely one of the best tents of 2022. It can fit a group of eight campers, offering a high 72-inch center height and a generous floor area of 17 feet by 10 feet. You can create three separate rooms using the included room dividers or privacy walls. A family can thus have a parents’ room, a kids’ room and an extra living space to accommodate the group’s camping gear. The tent is designed with Coleman’s proprietary Weathertec System, which is intended to keep campers dry even when the weather stops being cooperative and it starts raining during the camping adventure.

The shock-corded poles make tent set-up easy and quick. The tent comes with assembly instructions that are easy to follow. The Variflo adjustable ventilation system works together with the built-in Cool-Air port to give adjustable flow of air through the inside of the tent while allowing gear access.

Perfect for weekend camping trips with family and friends, the Coleman Red Canyon Tent lets you enjoy being in the outdoors while staying protected from the elements and unwanted bugs and insects, and also ensuring sufficient living space to keep everyone under one roof.

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person Family Dome Tent

2.1 Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person Family Dome TentThis spacious dome-style tent can accommodate up to ten people with its 170-square-foot usable floor area. The 76-inch center height enables you to stand straight inside, so you won’t need to be constantly bent over. Quick set-up is guaranteed by the shock-corded fiberglass frame with easy-to-use and tool-less pin-and-ring system. The back-to-back “D”-style doors make entry and exit easy and problem-free. The large mesh roof vents and windows provide superb ventilation and good airflow. Keeping the inside of the tent clean is easy, thanks to the welded polyethylene floor that can be wiped clean and the mud matts right outside the D-style doors, where soiled shoes and footwear can be placed on.

The divider curtain can double as a privacy wall to separate the tent into two different rooms for easy segregation and isolating space for tent occupants. The hooped fly frame offers extra stability and protection from the rain. It conveniently detaches to allow stargazing and more ventilation while campers sleep inside. The tent carries the exclusive Stow-n-Go duffel system that makes set-up, take-down and storage effortless. The attached duffel warps around the rolled tent and secures everything via elastic bands. The tent stakes and pole packets unroll with the camping tent.

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Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person Dome Tent

3.Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person Dome TentPerfect for family use, the Suisse Sport Yosemite two-room dome tent sleeps up to five people comfortably. Children and parents can sleep in separate rooms due to the removable room divider/privacy wall. Or you can wall off other campers when sleeping or changing clothes. Take away the room divider and you can share one large room. This 10-foot by 6-foot by 8-foot (W x H x D) tent weighs just 13.65 pounds, allowing just one adult camper to carry it easily. This camping tent is built with a double-D door that lets campers get in and out without effort. The full four-point rainfly keeps you protected from evening dew. Camping in warm, humid climates is not a problem thanks to the three mesh-zippered windows and mesh ceiling, which ensure sufficient ventilation for tent occupants. The mesh ceiling also enables stargazing for everyone.

As a middle-range tent, the Suisse Sport Yosemite 5-person 2-room dome tent comes at a budget-friendly price. Built durably, the tent’s surface is constructed of coated polyester, recognized for strength and resistance to chemicals as well as resilience against shrinking and wrinkling. The material also quickly dries when washed. Set-up and disassembly times are short and easy. The tent stays fairly strong against high winds.

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Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

4.1 Coleman Sundome 4-Person TentWhile many 4-person tents are remarkably tricky to set up, the Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent offers you a great start to your outdoor camping adventure. Coleman knows that campers don’t need complicated assembly procedures that take hours to carry out for erecting their tents. The Coleman Sundome Tent simplifies things with a quick and comfortable solution to putting up a tent. The impressiveness of the Coleman Sundome tent starts with its low assembly time and snag-free poles sleeves. It can be set up easily even in the dark. The 9” x 7” tent is specifically geared to accommodate up to four people at one time. It has a large hooded window that ensures maximum air circulation and good ventilation. The tent also sports a center height of 59 inches, allowing you to stand easily and not be bent over most of the time. The height also ensures that air gets in and out smoothly, providing a good ventilated living area to tent occupants. The rainfly technology employed in the tent lets rain as well as wind and snow shed off easily. The lovely green hue of the fabric is a perfect fit for the natural surroundings of the campsite. The special Variflo system adjusts ventilation to ensure reliable cool comfort inside the tent.

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Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent

5.1 Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Family Cabin Dome TentWhen you want a good family basecamp tent, the Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent easily fits the bill. This two-room tent boasts of one larger area formed by the dome plus one smaller area as an added extension. The latter space has closeable walls that are all-mesh, for full air circulation. The round inner door serves as a full divider between the screened area and the domed space, for easy separation into two rooms. Overhead clearance allows a 5-foot-eight-inch tall individual to move about without bending over, with the screened part of the tent being high enough for shorter individuals. The screened area can be used as a bug-free dining space aside from being a second sleeping room or a storage area. The panels can be zipped up for privacy. Depending on the size of the occupants, the tent can take in as many as 8 people tops, but provides a really comfortable living space for 6 people.

The full mesh roof option lets you sleep while in complete view of the stars. A hook in the dome roof allows hanging of a camping lantern, preferably one that doesn’t heat up. The exterior door leads to the screened area. The main door is an inverted “T” portal for hassle-free entry and exit.

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What is the best tent in 2022? That really depends on your requirements that should be considered vis-à-vis the tent’s own features and qualities. While there are many camping tents worth buying, you should keep in mind your requirements when making your selection. Remember that the tent has to provide what it’s designed to: adequate shelter from the outside elements while being comfortable and efficient at providing ventilation for occupants. The Coleman Red Canyon Tent offers generous floor space, reliable room division and weather-proof material. The Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person Family Dome Tent provides unparalleled sleep capacity with its sizable floor area and superb ventilation for tent occupants.

Please go over the comparison table to find just what features each product has.