Best tennis rackets under $25


Cheap tennis rackets for sale


Tennis is a wonderful leisure activity for those of us who want to live a action packed life after we get off work. To practice this great sport we just need to rent a court, dress accordingly, have a racquet and some tennis balls. Your racquet doesn`t actually need to be expensive in order to have great features and to help your game. The list below is made up of the best tennis rackets under $25.


Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racquet


Best tennis rackets under $25

Wilson is a recognized tennis racket brand, with many professionals playing with their creations. The Wilson Energy Extra Large model from our best Wilson tennis rackets reviews is a great one for people who occasionally play in their spare time. It is equipped with a Power String to allow you to give the balls greater speeds. Actually it is built mostly for power shots but in the same time it doesn`t neglect accuracy.

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“ I never plan of buying an expensive tennis racket so I decided to buy the Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racquet. This tennis racket even just affordable has the capacity and abilities that expensive brands do have. This is very accurate in hitting the ball which makes the game enjoyable.”  Shaun Tracy Cummings


Le Petit Tennis Racquet


If you want to introduce your little one to the sport of tennis than there isn`t a better racquet than the Le Petit. This racquet is for kids from the age of 2 up to 4 years old. It weighs virtually nothing so that your child doesn`t get any hand fatigue if he uses it for a longer period of times and enjoys his playing time for a bit more. In Europe and also in the US this is viewed as the perfect first child racquet money can buy.

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“ My child always plays the Le Petit Tennis Racquet which is my gift in her birthday. She is always happy using the racket because it is just lightweight that makes her feel comfortable of using it. The product is highly recommended for children 4 years above.”  Corey Jerrod Franklin


Wilson Triumph Strung Tennis Racquet


One of the best tennis rackets under $25 for those who like to hit the tennis court when they have the chance is the Wilso Triumph. For its affordable price it offers excellent performances which definitely will help your game and you will be able to win constantly over your friends. The sweet spot for it is larger than other racquets of the same class because it has V-Matrix technology. The large headsize combined with the extra length resut in more power.

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”I always won the game with my friends because of the help of the Wilson Triumph Strung Tennis Racquet. This racket is ideal for all persons who want to have a very nice game. The grip is very relaxing to the hand so I never feel any pain even if I put effort in hitting the ball.”  Terry Burns


Wilson US Open Junior Racquet


The Wilson US Open Junior is a great choice for your child and it will help him learn more and more about the actual game and improve over time. As a nice bonus after you buy it you also receive a booklet which teaches you techniques to help your child learn faster. It is recommended for children under 10 years. The design is also very nice so your child feels even more comfortable when he uses it. All these features and more make it one of the best tennis rackets under 25$.

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“ The Wilson US Open Junior Racquet was intended for kids 10 years above. It is an impressive invention that will make your kid play safely and enjoyable. It also comes with a booklet that helps your baby learn the game easily because it explains how the game goes. “ Rita Neal


Wilson Roger Federer Junior Racquet


This racquet has been approved by the great champion Roger Federer himself and will allow your child to get better and better at tennis as he uses it more and more. Its two main strong points are power and stability, which are granted by the quality materials from which it is built from. Lightweight as well so prolonged use doesn`t result in hand fatigue at all.

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“The Wilson Roger Federer Junior Racquet is already with my child for almost 2 years and it doesn’t get any damaged even it used for so long. The product is a great tool for making my child paly the tennis effectively. There is always a time for my child to feel happy with this racket.”  Corina Rush