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If you like watching the stars and planets at night and you would like to take a closer look than you need a telescope. To get one doesn`t necessarily mean you will have to spend a fortune, there are cheaper models with good features at affordable prices. In this category the best telescopes under $50 fit in and can be your way to have a closer view of the beautiful cosmos.


CELESTRON Powerseeker Telescope


Best telescopes under $50A closer look at the night sky is greatly enhanced by the CELESTRON Powerseeker telescope and its top features. It uses a refractor system which is powerful enough to allow you to see many secrets that lay in our solar system. This particular telescope is recommended by many best Celestron telescopes reviews for people who are beginners, because it is simple to use and has good performances. Many consider it to be one of the best telescopes under $50.

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“ In just a cheaper price, the CELESTRON Powerseeker Telescope allows me to see the beauty of the solar system. The product is very impressive because it shows the celestial body with clarity. I also have the time to manage it because the product is one of a kind.”  Terra Head


Tasco 49TN Refractor Telescope


If you want to buy a gift for a certain young observer, than a good suggestion would be the Tasco 49TN refractor telescope. And as a bonus for the little astronomer he will also get a microscope as well, so he has a view of the macro and micro world too. A small tripod will allow you to place the telescope on your work desk in your room and have a closer view of the night sky.

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“I bought the Tasco 49TN Refractor Telescope for my child so that he will be fond of observing the sky and other celestial bodies, I am happy that he enjoys it because the product allows him to see the nice creations above. This product is like a professional telescope.” Alfred Hatfield


Emerson Refractor Telescope


With the Emerson refractor telescope you will have a lot of options presented to you thanks to its very good construction and number of features. Take it for birdwatching, watch a sporting event from a distance or enjoy what the night sky has to offer, you have a decent number of opportunities. It also comes with a tripod, on which you can mount it in a jiffy and be ready to observe. It weigh just a bit over 2 pounds so you can carry it with ease anywhere.

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“I have the ease bringing the Emerson Refractor Telescope anywhere I want because it is just lightweight and portable. The product also has a tripod that handles the telescope for a much better viewing habit. I find this product very flexible because it can use in other viewing activities.”  Carl Mclean


Vivitar TEL50600 Telescope Refractor


Another reliable entry-level telescope for you to purchase is the Vivitar TEL50600 because for the affordable price it offers quite a lot. A full size tripod is also included in the complete package and you can set it up easily anywhere you like outside. And something extra comes when you order it, a pair of binoculars as well. You will also get a sepcialized Zeikos ZE-CL5 cleaning kit so you take proper care of it. Objects in the sky or on Earth will be located faster with the 3x Finder.

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“In just affordable price, I can have the full package of the Vivitar TEL50600 Telescope Refractor. The package comes with a tripod that provides ease while telescoping. This telescope makes difference from other telescopes so I am happy with this product.”  Tiffany Powell


Celestron Powerseeker 60AZ Eclipse Edition


The Celestron Powerseeker 60AZ due to its excellent qualities is viewed by many to be one of the best telescopes under $50, if not the best. This model has been specially made for an eclipse and with its Safe Solar Filter you will have an excellent view of such a celestial event. While it is very good for astronomical use it is also useful if you want to use it for terrestrial purposes. You will even receive a case in which you can pack it and transport it easily.

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“Aside from using as a celestial telescope, I also make use of the Celestron Powerseeker 60AZ Eclipse Edition as a terrestrial telescope. The product is ideal in any activities because it shows clear subjects even in the farthest distance. You will love the product and its functions.” Alta Susanna Mcclure