Expert Buying Advice on Telescopes under 500


You really can find a powerful telescope that is also affordable, if you know exactly what you are looking for. Buying a telescope can be confusing, and most experts recommend doing your homework before making a purchase. With the informative tips included in this buying guide, you will be able to confidently choose the best telescope under 500.

A.Best telescope under 500


One of the most important aspects to consider is the aperture, or diameter of the optical lens or mirror. The aperture of the telescope refers to how bright and clearly defined an object is, and you want to choose a model with a higher number. This means that a six inch telescope will be more powerful than a three inch model, and objects that you are viewing in the nighttime sky will be more clearly visible. While higher aperture numbers may mean an increase in price, for some amateur astronomers it is worth the extra cost.



You want to consider the magnification capabilities of the telescope, and this can also be affected by the aperture. While you can adjust the magnification on most telescopes simply by adding a different eye piece, if the aperture is not large enough the images will still appear distorted and blurry. When you are considering the magnification of a telescope it is important to remember that this is measured by the size of the aperture. For the best results most experts recommend using a telescope with 50x magnification compared to the aperture’s measurements in inches. This will let you clearly see smaller objects that are far away, along with closer and brighter images.


Focal Length

The focal length of the telescope is almost as important as the size of the aperture, and it can affect your ability to comfortably and clearly see distant objects. The focal length or f/ratio is simple the focal length divided by the size of the aperture. Longer focal lengths are generally preferred over shorter ratios. Not only does this make it more comfortable for viewers with glasses to use, higher focal ratios are generally better made and less expensive. While there are telescopes with high quality low f/ratios, these models are best suited for viewing fast moving objects.


What Are the Best Telescopes Under 500?


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you some of the best telescopes under 500. Affordably priced and capable of displaying bright clear images, maybe one of these telescopes is exactly what you need to view stars, planets, and even distant galaxies in the nighttime sky.


Orion 09007


1.Orion 09007 TelescopeInexpensively priced and designed to be easily portable, this is considered one of the best telescopes. It arrives already assembled so you can immediately start watching the sky, and since it only weighs 27 pounds you can easily take the telescope with you to different vantage points. With the included mount and instructive astronomy software you are ready to start viewing and indentifying constellations, stars and galaxies.

The mount attaches easily to the telescope and includes convenient manual controls that let you adjust it to the perfect angle. The included tray makes it easy to keep track of your accessories, and you will love its sturdy and durable design. While the tripod makes it easy to track moving objects, the included eye pieces and 5.1 inch aperture ensures that everything is bright and clearly defined.

The aperture ensures that there is plenty of light for viewing planets and galaxies, while the f/5 ratio gives you the power and performance you need to clearly see. You also have the advantage of the 25mm and 10mm eye pieces, along with the shorter 24 inch optical tube that is easy to carry. Designed to be versatile and powerful, this affordable telescope is also perfect for families.

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Celestron Nex Star 130 SLT


2.Celestron Nex Star 130Whether you are an experienced or amateur star gazer this affordably priced telescope might be exactly what you are looking for. It is designed to be easy to use for beginners and includes all of the features experienced sky watchers need to make sure they don’t miss a thing. The motorized mount ensures that the telescope is always pointed in the right direction, and you will also love the convenience of being able to control this telescope from your computer.

Along with the included software that helps you locate and identify over 4,000 constellations, stars, nebulas, and other celestial objects commonly looked for in the nighttime sky. Not only can you print out educational maps and star charts, you can also control the movement of the telescope via your computer. This makes it easier to align the telescope perfectly.

This reflector telescope also offers exceptional clear and bright wide views so you can easily pan across the sky. You also have the advantage of the fast f5/ratio, along with the 650mm focal length. Comfortable and easy to use, you will love being amazed by what you can see in the sky with this affordable telescope.

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Meade Instruments 209006 Infinity


3.Meade Instruments 209006Not only is this telescope affordably priced, you also have the advantage of the one year limited warranty. Designed to be easy to operate and powerful, you will love being able to clearly see planets, stars, and galaxies with this telescope. You also have the advantage of the included software and DVD that will have you functioning like an experienced astronomer, and pointing out distant nebulas and stars with ease.

This refractor telescope also includes an adjustable mount that will let you track objects as they move across the sky. The included software also features the names and locations of 10,000 commonly viewed objects so you always know exactly what you are looking at.

The three included eye pieces let you adjust the magnification as needed, and the 600mm focal length is comfortable and powerful. See distant objects brightly and clearly without any blurring or distortion, and with a focal ratio of f5 you can keep up with faster moving comets. The telescope also includes a 4 inch aperture, which ensures all of the objects are clearly visible through the lens.

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