Key Features for TDK Boomboxes


Are you looking for the best TDK boombox available on the market? The following buying guide will help you identify the models capable of yielding the best sound performance and features. Knowing more about TDK boomboxes in general, and the most popular models in particular can save you quite a bit of money. Plus, you will not have to shop again for a different model and spend more money, as you will have the best boombox for your needs. Read through the following information to make a good informed choice next time you go shopping for a reliable and stylish boombox.


What to look for when buying a TDK boombox


Sound quality

Many people may argue that boomboxes in general are more of a statement, rather than competitive gear for audiophiles. However, TDK, along with other manufacturers, has invested over the years in making good, reliable boomboxes, capable of rendering high quality sound, even for portable devices. Since you will be using your boombox to listen to music, the sound delivered must be crisp, precise and accurate. New technologies are employed to make better speakers and the inside components can also contribute to better sound performance.

Terms such as treble and bass equalization should become part of your vocabulary, if you want a good boombox capable of delivering superior sound quality. Who said you are supposed to settle for subpar sound performance as a trade off for having a portable boombox? We highly recommend basing your research for the next boombox you intend to purchase on sound quality, as well.

The presence of a subwoofer can help with bass response, and it is a good idea to search for a model that comes equipped with this type of hardware. Sound that is free of any distortion and other artifacts is to be desired and you will find that the latest TDK boomboxes launched on the market are capable of rendering the desired level of quality.



Even if the boombox style is reminiscent of the hip hop revolution as it happened in the beginning, this does not mean that your device should be lagging behind in terms of connectivity. Bluetooth support, for instance, is a must in this day and age, when everyone wants all their electronic devices to be connected over a wireless network. Also, you need to be able to hook your boombox with your MP3 player, or your smartphone. For the best boombox money can buy, always look for one with great connectivity options included in the same package.



Generally speaking, the best products on the market are more expensive than the rest of the crowd, but this does not always have to be the case. If you are looking for a good boombox under 200, you will find plenty of options on the market. The sole recommendation we want to make is that you do not compromise on quality too much, when you are looking for a good deal. Another option is to search for good deals, as discounts and promotions are offered by manufacturers and sellers on a regular basis. Try getting as many features and add-ons for the same price.


Top Rated TDK Boomboxes in 2022



TDK Life on Record A73


If you are looking for the best TDK boombox on the market right now, we recommend the TDK Life on Record A73, a model that comes equipped with everything you need an want in such a device. This wireless boombox comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and its sound quality is truly something to write home about. The vintage design makes it an absolute must have, and overall, the TDK Life on Record A73 is a good choice for any audiophile with their own set of requirements when it comes to sound performance and general capabilities.

First things first, a lot of attention to detail was invested in the creation of this boombox model. Besides a stylish exterior, the interior of the TDK model reviewed here is made of high grade components, a must for rendering outstanding sound quality. Its 2-inch drivers and 5.25-inch passive radiators bring their important contribution to delivering superior sound performance, and every note you will hear coming from your boombox will be crystal clear.

In case you are looking for more bass response, the built in subwoofer ensures that the sound created by the machine is free of any artifacts. You will notice no trace of artificial tuning, either.

Wireless connection makes this boombox even more appealing, besides its hip design and compact size. Bluetooth support is provided, and you can hook up your boombox with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Its reliable connectivity is rounded up by a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input for MP3 players and other devices. In case you want to charge your iPhone using the Boombox, the USB port present will make this a breeze.

This great wireless boombox comes with a built in radio and programmable presets, so you can listen to your favorite station everywhere you go. As expected, its portability makes the TDK Life on Record A73 boombox among the most popular on the market at the moment, and many users appreciate its crisp sound quality, reliable connectivity and vintage design.

The battery lasts up to six hours and one year warranty is offered on the product.

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TDK Life on Record 77000015360


2This is the type of boombox you should get in case you are a musician looking for a helping piece of equipment to mix your music. The TDK Life on Record 77000015360 boombox features input options that allow mixing the sound delivered with an instrument. While this makes this TDK three speaker boombox rise head and shoulders above most similar models on the market, there is more than meets the eye in this neat looking machine. Sound quality, good connectivity and intuitive controls make it a favorite with many audiophiles and musicians.

Full range sound is delivered by the powerful subwoofer and the reliable speakers. Equipped with digital data streaming components, it is capable of yielding impressive output in terms of sound performance. While you may hear many people complain that using a boombox means sacrificing quality for style, this is not a problem you will encounter with most TDK boomboxes. The manufacturer has constantly invested in new technologies to improve sound quality in its devices, and so far, they have yet to disappoint their fan base.

In terms of practical design, you will most probably fall in love with the front display and its intuitive and easy to use controls. The two rotary dials let you adjust volume, toggle through your favorite radio stations, and customize settings as you see fit. Navigating the controls is done with ease, thanks to the front facing screen, and all the buttons are touch sensitive, and very responsive.

In terms of connectivity, you can basically connect anything you want with your boombox. Besides the usual USB port and 3.5-millimeter jack, that make it easy for you to hook up your MP3 player, smartphone, flash drives and hard drives, you can also plug in a microphone or your guitar to enhance your very personal music experience.

The built in radio comes with five programmable presets, so reaching for your favorite station becomes a breeze. The USB to 30 pin Apple cable is a nice touch, allowing you to play your favorite tunes from your iPhone or iPad without the need for any extras.

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TDK Life on Record 77000015402


This TDK 2 speaker boombox is a slightly toned down version of the model reviewed earlier. This basically means that you will get to enjoy the same sound quality, performance and features, but in a more compact package and for a more competitive price. Hooking your boombox with other devices is simple, and connecting the machine with a mike or an instrument is also made easy. As an entertainment option, the TDK Life on Record 77000015402 is geared towards aspiring musicians looking for a boombox with nice extras like this type of connectivity.

Talking about sound performance, it is obvious that TDK does nothing in half measures. Basically, this specific boombox is equipped with everything needed for delivering crisp, high quality sound performance. The machine outputs 20 watts of full range sound, which is well under the capabilities of the above mentioned model. Nonetheless, for its compact size, the sound output is powerful enough and the digital decoding used is of the highest quality.

If there is something this TDK boombox stands out with is its 80s style, with rotary dials made of aluminum. A nice touch is the shoulder strap that comes in the same box; made of leather, the strap complements the classic design, while also making the boombox even more portable. If you are planning a trip with your friends, bringing your boombox along is totally doable, thanks to the compact size of the machine and the shoulder strap in equal measures.

The auxiliary ports, the USB port and the 3.5 mm jack let you connect your Boombox with all your other devices. If you want to play music from your MP3 player, or hook up your iPhone, you have all the connectivity options you need to make it happen. USB flash drives and hard drives can also be connected to the machine, so there is nothing much left to be desired in this TDK boombox. When you want to listen to your favorite radio station, the five programmable presets for the built in radio come in handy, as well.

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From time to time, manufacturers prefer launching products that are made specifically for a certain geographical area. The TDK SP-XA6803, geared towards the Japanese market, unites all the features and capabilities of any good and reliable TDK boombox. The three speakers, the powerful subwoofer, and its sound quality in general make this boombox a great buy for any audiophile.

Its hip design will be, most probably, the first thing that you will notice about this TDK boombox. The model is made to fit the good old vintage style of the 80s with aluminum rotary dials, and rectangular shape. For hipsters and audiophiles, the TDK SP-XA6803 is a boombox that brings together sound performance, classic design and good connectivity.

Do not underestimate this boombox when it comes to its portability. According to consumers, the model is quite heavy, so you may not easily pull out that retro style swag trying to place the boombox on your left shoulder and walking about. The pricing, again, may be something that will put off many consumers on the lookout for a good boombox, but with so many TDK models to choose from, you will definitely find one to suit your needs, in case this one just does not do it for you.

Be aware that the model does not come with wireless capabilities either. Still, there are plenty of connectivity options for you to hook up your MP3 player, or USB flash drive, so you will never run out of options whenever you will want to listen to music. The model also comes with a built in radio, so you can listen to all your favorite stations.

The Japanese release of this TDK boombox is not essentially different from other boomboxes created by the same manufacturer, but there are consumers who prefer it because of its sturdy and impressive design. You may want to consider other options, though, if you are looking for a less expensive model, and keep the same features and capabilities.

As expected from a TDK product of this caliber, sound quality is superior, and looks definitely meet performance in this particular boombox.

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Boomboxes are highly appreciated by audiophiles and aspiring musicians, because of their retro feel and dependable connectivity options. In this buying guide, we offered you all the info you need to pick the right TDK boombox from the pile and enjoy its performance. We strongly recommend the TDK Life on Record A73, as the best wireless boombox you will find out there. The model comes with the best connectivity options around, and its price is also convenient. Another great option is the TDK Life on Record 77000015360, ideal for musicians who want to use the boombox to mix its output with an instrument or voice performance.