Tips for choosing the best tandem kayak in the market:


If you’re here, then you’re on the market for help on choosing from one of the best tandem kayaks of 2018. If you are new to the sport, or you’ve always rented a kayak and finally want to purchase your own, there is a lot to know.

We have scoured the top ten best tandem kayak reviews, and have created this guide to help you understand what you should look for.

When looking at a new tandem kayak, you want to consider how large of a kayak you’ll need to accommodate the two people who will be using it. You also need to be aware that this particular kind of kayak, it will weigh between 75 to 100 pounds, so you will need two people to load and unload the kayak from the vehicle. Along with the size of the kayak, you’ll need to determine what is the best distance in between the riders will be. If you have two tall riders, you will want to make sure that there is plenty of leg room plus have plenty of storage space for items under the covered areas.

Of course, your budget is important when you are looking at the best tandem kayaks of 2018. The cheap tandem kayaks are typically made from plastic and can range from $300 to $1500; whereas, some of the best rated tandem kayaks are made from materials like acrylic fiberglass can cost you up to $3000—carbon fibre even more than that! Also, the longer the kayak, the larger the bill may be.

Speaking of materials, there are several different choices: plastic, fiber glass, Kevlar, carbon, wood, plastic that is inflatable, and a fabric boat with a metal frame. Plastic is durable and is most likely to resist damaging. You must keep in mind though that plastic is heavy, so that is something to consider. Another determining factor when you are choosing the material is where you plan on using the kayak.

If you are going in calm waters that is free of debris, you can get away with a lightweight fiberglass kayak. The fiber glass is stiffer than plastic and it is smoother in the water. If money is of no concern and you want the lightest kayak available, you could go with carbon fiber or Kevlar—even though they are at the top of the pricing list.

If you find that you prefer the excitement of white water, you may want an inflatable kayak that is made of a very strong plastic. These are extremely portable and even are excellent to travel with once you are ashore.

As you look through the best tandem kayak reviews, you will notice other features such as the rigging, rudders, and hatches. These are all personal preference items that are dependent on what kind of water you will be on. If you keep these key things in mind, you will be well on your way to choosing the right kayak for your needs.


Things to consider:

  • Keep in mind that the longer the boat and the type of material you choose will dictate the weight of the boat. Durable plastic boats that are longer are going to be heavy and require more than one person to load and unload it.
  • Budget is important because it is dependent on what kind of material you will choose for your kayak. Plastic is the cheapest, but it is also the heaviest. Kevlar and Carbon fiber are the most expensive, but they are the lightest.
  • Determine what kind of water you will be going out on. Along with your budget, this will help determine the material. Inflatable kayaks are ideal because they are lightweight, easy to transport, and they can take a beating.


Top rated Tandem Kayaks in 2018


Malibu Two XL Angler Tandem Fishing Kayak


The Malibu Angler Tandem Kayak allows you to sit on top of the vessel for easy fishing. Because of the construction and the long center keel of the kayak, you will be able to paddle and coast in a nearly perfect line. The wide shoulders on the hull sit high on the water’s surface while still maintaining speed during moderate paddling conditions—while still giving you excellent support when needed. This vessel can hold up to 500 pounds which is an excellent choice for two passengers and their gear.

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Old Town Twin Heron Kayak


This kayak is built for two paddlers, but it can still be a perfect vessel for a single paddler if they so choose, thanks to the auto trim hull. This prevents the bow from rising up while you’re sitting in the stern seat, paddling away. For additional space for a pet or extra gear, the front seat can be removed. Speaking of the seats, each seat is adjustable and is made of Comfort Flex technology which makes the seats incredibly comfortable.

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Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak


This sit on top kayak has plenty of room for three passengers. The kayak can be used for multiple activities such as fishing, surfing and even sailing. It is made from a polyethylene plastic, which is durable but still relatively lightweight—weighing in at 70 pounds. Because it is lightweight, transportation, loading, and unloading this kayak is a breeze. Some innovative features for this kayak include built in paddle rests, fishing pole holder, forward cargo storage, and deep foot wells for comfort and leverage.

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Ocean Kayak Malibu Tandem Recreational Kayak


If you want to go out on the water with a child and another adult passenger, this sit on top kayak is a good choice. It features two Comfort Plus seats as well as a third molded in seat well. This particular kayak also features overlapping foot wells, bow and stern carry handles, and skid plating. You don’t need a second adult passenger if you want to take this kayak out, as you can paddle solo with it and be just fine.

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Intex Challenger K2 Kayak


For a sleep design that glides through the water with ease, this kayak can be used on calm waters like lakes and rivers. The kayak utilizes a rugged vinyl that can resist UV-rays as well as the possibility of getting a rip or tear from regular usage. These qualities allow for users to get plenty of use out of the kayak. In order to maintain safety in the water, the bright colors are sure to stand out and catch passers-by eye before an accident occurs.

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