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Just as popular as smartphones, tablet shave quickly gained lots of fans that use them for internet research, for reading, gaming, shopping and social media. Scanning through more than 60 pages on tablet reviews and recommendation for the past 2 days has given me enough insight to recommend the best tablet 2018. What makes a good tablet? Is it reliability, elegant and futuristic design or multi-taskingcapacity? Here are the most popular models that come up at each review.


How to choose a good tablet – Buying tips


Ever since the release of the first tablet people were hooked. Now, even little children are using tablets to view photos, play interactive games or simply browse the internet. Some adults even use tablets in their business projects. It is probably not surprising to see so many people search for the highest rated product from the ones available on the market. And there are a lot of models. Giant companies like Apple or Samsung are the primary competitors for people’s attention. Yet, in recent years due to the development of products with cheaper materials new players have entered the race. Tablets from Lenovo, Microsoft, Toshiba or Asus have thousands of satisfied customers around the world.  If you are currently trying to find a reliable tablet, this buying guide will definitely ease up the selection process.

We decided to find out what is the best tablet by going through professional reviews. After one week of intense research we managed to identify the traits that make a tablet work. Why are tablets so popular among people of all ages? Well, this is not a tough question. Tablets are portable, easy to use, fun and start instantly. Wherever you are the tablet follows, bringing a world of media entertainment without the weight of a laptop. Accessing a virtually unlimited source of entertainment through a tablet is a unique experience that never gets old. It can be used to browse the internet, check emails, watch movies, play games and even create documents. Not to mention the photo taking and video recording, accessible with a simple swipe. In the last year alone the quality level of tablet design and utility impressed a lot.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Screen Size Price Processor Screen Resolution Our Rating Where to buy

Apple iPad Air MD785LL/A

9.7 inch $$$$ Apple A4 2048 x 1536 A++ AMAZON

Kindle Fire HDX

7 inch $$$ 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 1920 x 1200 A+ AMAZON

Google Nexus 7

7 inch $$$ 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 1920 x 1200 B+ AMAZON

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

7 inch $$ 1.2 GHz Tablet Processor 1024 x 600 B+ AMAZON

Dell Venue 8 Pro

8 inch $$$ 1.8 GHz Intel Atom 1280 x 800 B AMAZON


There are affordable tablets and expensive ones. Every budget is met and thus nobody escapes the tablet mania. There three major categories when it comes to tablets: 10-inch models, 7-8 inch and kids. In the last couple of months 12-inch tablets started to fill the market’s ranks. Such portable devices are designed for business men and women that need to do graphs and presentations. Still, most users prefer the 10 inch tablet. As a best rated product, the 10 inch tablet is perfect for home use. The wide screen makes it ideal for watching movies, reading eBooks, magazines, comic books or simply accessing different websites.

The Black Friday deals on tablets will leave your mouth wide open. Prices will drop significantly and anyone will be able to purchase their much desired tablet. It appears that more and more people use tablets with keyboards. In a lot of ways such models become a slimmer and easier to carry replacement for laptops. The 7-8 inch tablets are great for travels and vacations. Due to the smaller format such devices are easier to handle. If you intend to purchase a product for Christmas that will impress, a tablet is the way to go.


Things to consider:

–         Screen size, 12, 10, 7-8 and smaller versions for children

–         Operating system, which can be one of the following iOS, Android or Windows, each with their unique way of interaction and control

–         A high storage, so you will be able to memorize all your favourite songs, movies and games without problems

–         Wireless connectivity which can be solely Wi-Fi, cellular provider or both



Apple iPad Air MD785LL/A


Best tablet 2018Tired of the heavy and robust figure of regular laptops and computers, most buyers have found comfort in the slim, elegant Apple iPad Air model. With a battery good for a full day at the office or at home, the tablet has impressed with its fast internet connectivity, film recording and entertainment capabilities. The multi-tasking flexibility has turned most people around from buying a same price Mac Air laptop, just because it’s more compact, easy to transport and pretty much all the functions required in the very modern business environment.



For people trying to find a reliable tablet “who makes the best product” represents a serious question. To this end, we recommend Apple products, more precisely the MD785LL/A IPad Air which delights with its interactive interface and amazing multimedia functions

This sleek tablet is fitted with 9.7” Retina display that can render 2048 x 1536 resolution, needed for vibrant gaming experiences

Powered by A7 chip with M7 motion coprocessor, capable of improving the tablet’s capacity to handle multitasking

Due to the 5MP iSight camera, users will be able to take photos or even record videos with amazing 1080p high definition resolution



Some users don’t like the fact that the speakers are located at the bottom but they render smooth sounds

The tablet does not come with a viewing stand (sold separately)


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Kindle Fire HDX Tablet


Buyers understood that tablets are nothing more than the diplomatic agreement and compromise between laptops and mobile phones. They can perform almost all the functions of a computer while still being faster and more convenient to use than the smaller sized smartphones. The Kindle Fire HDX 7” has impressed users with its multi-purpose features that make it great to use either at home for leisure or at the office for business.From educational games to professional graphics and high speed processing power, this model ranks as one of the top tablets 2016.



Present among the top ten tablet models from Kindle, the Fire HDX 7 inch model is built for both fun and work, allowing users to enjoy a vivid mobile entertainment anywhere anytime

Features a durable 7” HDX display with high pixel density that ensures vivid and sharp images, optimal for gaming and movie streaming

Due to the built-in OfficeSuite and over 100.000 applications and games, users will never get bored while also managing various business projects

This powerful tablet is fitted with a powerful  2.2 GHz Quad-Core processor with 2 GB RAM that permits people to play games or access various programs without worrying about lag



Does not come with USB 3.0 ports but it comes with USB 2.0

It doesn’t come with a microSD slot but offers instead cloud services


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Google Nexus 7


For those who argue that tablets are just for fun or social status, the Google Nexus 7 by Asus is a relevant example that tablets are useful devices that deserve more than the pretty face treatment. The combination of serious black design and high performance make this model excellent for a wide variety of activities. Whether it is an urgent task that needs to be revised on the run or watching movies between flights, people have reported high working speed, reliability and great battery life, making it a perfect fit among the top tablets 2018.



Which product is the best from the many tablets available on the market? According to the latest reviews it seems that Nexus 7 from Asus represents a great option to consider

Being a thin and light tablet which impresses with its media functions this tablet features a 7 inch display with 2.3 million pixels which makes it optimal for movie streaming

Features the most popular Google applications like Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Google Now, Hangouts which permits users to browse through websites, clips, movies and games

Weighing only 0.64 lbs this tablet is perfect to take around trips, resisting up to 9 hours of movie streaming or 10 hours of web surfing



Comes with only one AC adapter

Does not include a microSD card for additional memory (sold separately)


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


The affordable, extended replication of Samsung Galaxy Phones has proven that familiar, easy to use tablets are a first choice when considering one. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is one of the best tablets 2018 and it has received high praise from many reviewers.The most appreciated features include the great storage capacity, simple functionality and an elegant design that gives the pricy iPad a run for its money. The 3 in 1 marketing strategy paid off for Samsung, as most people have purchased it along with the Galaxy Smartphone models for laptop related tasks.



Regarded by many people as the tablet under $500, the Galaxy Tab 3 from Samsung runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system which makes it easy for users to go from one application to another

Powered by 1.2 GHz Dual-Core processor this tablet offers users the chance to enjoy lag-free multitasking and gaming

This powerful tablet incorporates a 3 MP rear-facing autofocus camera and 1.3 MP front facing camera which people can use to place video calls, take photos or record videos

Due to the 8 GB flash memory and 1 GB RAM memory, people can easily store videos, photos, music and documents



Does not come equipped with Reading mode

It doesn’t offer Multi-Window viewing


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Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet


This classic model replicating laptop operational systems has been a hit among the more old fashioned users. The Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet runs the Windows 8.1 operating system, making it highly compatible with all the business applications normally present in an office environment.Gaming and reading are just a bonus for those who consider tablets working instruments. Most users recommend it for the easy to use interface that helps speedup your work.



Considered by thousands of people as the best tablet for the money, the Venue 8 Pro model from Dell comes equipped with Windows 8.1 operating system and Office Home & Student 2018 suite for easy management of various contents

Fitted with a high resolution 8” IPS HD display this tablet allows users to easily swipe, tap and slide in order to access movies, games, applications and photos

As the best rated product from Dell, the model incorporates a powerful 5 MP rear-facing camera and 1.2 MP front facing camera ideal for recording videos or taking photos

Features Intel Atom processor Z3740D 1.8 Ghz Quad-Core processor that allows users to multitask without worrying about frames



Does not come with a microSD card (this is an accessory sold separately)


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