Best Table Tennis Tables under $400


Cheap Table Tennis Tables prices


If you are looking for the best table tennis tables under $400, some of the models that will be mentioned below are among the choices that can be taken into account. With these products, you can choose one that is perfect for your house and allow you to play table tennis anytime you want.


Joola Inside Table Tennis Table


Best Table Tennis Tables under $400

If your idea of having fun and bonding with other members of the family is through table tennis, this table from our best Joola tennis tables reviews will prove to be an excellent product to have, which has been reported as being perfect for friendly competitions held at home. This model is easy to store, as the model is divided into two and can be folded so that it would not consumer too much space. Lastly, many of those who have bought such had it commended because of its practical price.

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“I love playing table tennis and so that I could play in the comfort of my own home with my friends I got the Joola tennis table. I made a wonderful investment which didn’t require that much amount of money, but which allows me to have a lot of fun.” Ken Jones


Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table


Among the best table tennis tables under $400 from Joola, this is one of the bestsellers. This can serve as an assurance that you will be highly satisfied when such is chosen, as many of its users have reported high level of satisfaction. If there is only a small space inside the house, you have another good reason to choose this model. It is designed specifically for constrained spaces. One thing that makes this possible is the incorporation of scaled-down frames.

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“This is such an affordable tennis table which at the same time has some excellent features to make my time playing tabel tennis even more enjoyable. I like most about it the fact that it is so easy to set up and then fold when I’m done playing.” George Cole


Stiga Legacy Indoor Table Tennis Table


For many people, this is one of the sturdiest table tennis tables in the market, which makes it excellent with regards to durability. Additionally, it is also a good choice when evaluated with regards to portability. It has caster wheels that will allow you to roll it smoothly from one room to another. The fiberboard surface should also be highlighted. This makes it possible for the table to offer maximum playability. Lastly, it includes side protection pads that are helpful in the promotion of the safety of the users.

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“It doesn’t cost that much, it is easy to set up and has casters so it can easily be moved. These qualities meant I just had to buy it. Playing at home was a great idea, especially when my friends come over and we have loads of fun.” Michael Martin


Park & Sun MTT Mini Table Tennis Table


As the name implies, this model has a smaller size compared to the traditional models that one can find in the market. However, although it is limited in terms of size, such is not the case when it comes to its performance as it is designed to function just like the regulation tables. The only difference is that this model is smaller, which is ideal for places that are challenged in terms of space availability. Lastly, many have also liked the laminated blue top, which veers away from the normal color of the traditional table tennis tables.

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“I bought this smaller table tennis table because I didn’t have enough room in the garage to place the normal size one. Even though it is smaller it still allows me to play a game which I like and I am very good at, winning over my friends repeatedly.” Lance Chamberlain


Prince PT200 Table Tennis Table


This is another model that is commonly included in the list of the best table tennis tables under $400. It has durable MDF construction, which will provide you with the guarantee that it can be functional for a longer period of time. More so, it is also designed with smooth-rolling wheels that will make it a snap for you to have such transferred from one location to another. Lastly, it can also be folded in an easy manner so that it is easy to keep such after its use.

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“I bought the Stiga Legacy Indoor table tennis table for the fact that it is portable, a trait ensured by its casters. The surface is very good and ensures the ball bounces like it should. All this quality comes at a very decent price as well.” Matt Boyd