Expert Buying Guide on Table Saws under 300


Using the best table saw solves the issues of lack of accuracy and clumsiness that accompany the utilization of a circular saw to trim small pieces or rip material. A table saw can miter, rip, crosscut and bevel stock from a 1x stock to 4×4’s right on the layout line. Here’s how to make sure you’ve got a great table saw.

Best table saw under 300

Reliable Cutting Power

The motor of the best table saw under 300 should provide ample cutting power. Measured in amps, the cutting power of the saw motor should be high enough to handle various ripping applications. With higher amps, you can have more cutting power.


Stable Work Table

The best table saw under 300 should come with an extension support or table mounted to its side to provide a larger and more stable work surface when you have to rip wide material. Most models have a heavy duty work surface for this purpose, which mounts effortlessly.



The blade and shaft can be immobilized with shaft or arbor locks to facilitate blade changing. To help move sawdust from the work area, the saw should preferably come with blowers or dust chutes. For fine control over what you’re working on, micro-adjust rip fences are useful. With extendable rip fences, you can get expanded rip cutting capability when needed.



The operator is protected from debris and dust with blade guards, which also shield the user from accidental contact with the blade as well as kickback. Anti-kickback pawls keep the work piece from moving backward. If the kerf starts to close up, a riving knife/splitter behind the blade keeps the blade from getting stuck on the work piece.


Most Reliable Table Saws under 300


When you have to do a lot of ripping and cutting, it pays to have a premium table saw in your workshop. There are plenty of models and brands available, which means you have to do a bit of research to ensure you’re getting a great unit. These three products should be in your short list.


Dewalt DW745


1.DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table SawLightweight at just 45 pounds, the Dewalt DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw is easy to assemble and take apart thanks to its folding stand. Outfitted with a very capable 15-amp motor, the table saw has a large 20-inch rip capacity. The high-torque motor, which has a no-load speed of 3,850 rpm, delivers the exact power you need to make quick, clean cuts and handle tough jobs including cutting pressure-treated lumber and cutting hardwood. The table saw’s portable design allows use anywhere, as the tool is easy to transport. The innovative Site-Pro Modular Guarding System makes the table saw easy to set up for various applications.

The table saw allows tool-free adjustment of its guarding components so you can get on with your ripping tasks immediately. The Dewalt DW745 has rack and pinion fence rails that enable smooth, fast and accurate fence adjustments. The telescoping design of the fence allows moving out of the rails to 20 inches to enable cutting of full sheets of stock. The saw boasts a maximum cutting depth of 3 1/8 inches at 90 degrees, as well as 2 ¼ inches at 45 degrees, for superior flexibility.

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Skil 3410-02


2.SKIL 3410-02 120-Volt 10-Inch Table SawThe Skil 3410-02 120-Volt 10-Inch Table Saw is outfitted with a 15-amp motor that makes the tool capable of ripping through a variety of wood materials. This table saw is useful for tackling bigger projects for DIY woodworkers. It can rip long boards to width, bevel, miter and cross cut smaller pieces, thanks to the 3.5-inch cutting height capacity that slices through 4X material. The self-aligning rip fence works well with the EZ View measurement system to help ensure accurate cuts. The table saw comes with a Quick-Mount system that enables quick set up on the heavy-duty steel stand, as well as problem-free storage.

The Skil 3410-02 comes with a self-aligning rip fence that ensures accurate measurements. The large 20- x 26-inch aluminum table serves as a stable work surface. The table supports the entire device to give you the right height for comfortable use. The ten-inch blade cuts through various materials easily, thanks to its carbide tooth construction. Accurate settings are ensured for uniform cutting with the EZ View Measurement system.

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Ryobi ZRRTS10G


3.Ryobi ZRRTS10G 15 Amp 10 in. Table SawBuilt with a large 25-inch x 17-inch table, the Ryobi ZRRTS10G Table Saw can handle large ripping operations with ease. The heavy-duty steel stand not only supports the entire device but is also built solid to ensure extra durability and lasting use. The table saw is outfitted with a beefy 15-amp heavy-duty motor that generates up to a maximum of 3,000 rpm to let you handle a variety of projects requiring ripping and cross cutting. The Ryobi ZRRTS10G Table Saw ensures that you can make accurate cross cuts thanks to the integrated adjustable miter gauge. You’ll love working with this table saw geared with a ten-inch blade that rips through a variety of materials effortlessly.

The Ryobi ZRRTS10G Table Saw is superbly lightweight in design so you can transport it from the workshop to the jobsite easily. The compact design means the machine has a small footprint so it won’t take up too much space in your shop. The rack and pinion blade height adjustment ensures accurate depth control. The rip fence guides the material during rip cuts for on-the-spot cutting.

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