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If you are not a seasoned swimmer, you may not be familiar with the different types of goggles there are on the market. You may even purchase the cheap swimming goggles that you can pick up at the grocery store, which is fine, except you may experience discomfort while wearing them because they are too tight or they fill up with water. We have created this guide to help you select a new pair of goggles that are comfortable and keep the water out—like they are supposed to.


There are four types of goggles: competition, practice, recreational goggles, and swim masks.

Competition goggles are low profile and fit close to your face, which will reduce drag and will help you glide through the water. Because they are so close to your eye socket, many swimmers find these uncomfortable for everyday use.

Practice goggles are intended for everyday usage and they are usually more comfortable. These goggles have more soft rubber that surrounds the edges of the goggles that create a watertight seal around your eyes.

Recreational goggles are your standard fare. Some goggles have an anti-fog coating, but sometimes the coating can wear off quickly. These goggles are good for people who intend to wear them for brief periods and do not intend to do any extensive swimming.

Swim masks are designed for scuba diving and snorkeling. These are much larger than the most popular swimming goggles but they are quite comfortable and many recreational swimmers prefer these.

When you are looking for goggles, the type you choose is important, but so is the type of lenses. Metallic lenses are suitable for frequent swimmers who are either in brightly lit pools or outside in full sunshine. These dark-tinted lenses lens’ can dim the brightness and make it easier on your eyes.

If you prefer to swim indoors or in the early hours of the morning, you will want light to clear colored lenses. These will let more light in and enhance the light around you, making it easier to see while under the water. Orange lenses, however, brighten things much more than pink, purple, and green lenses. Just remember that if you are swimming in bright areas, these light/clear lenses will do more harm than good because you will be squinting.

The comfort and fit are also important aspects of goggles that you need to pay attention to. The best rated swimming goggles feature adjustable straps and many have a rubber gasket that go around the goggle to form a secure seal that prevents water from seeping in.

If you are a serious swimmer, we recommend that you go to a brick and mortar store and try the goggles on so that you can find the proper fit.


Things to consider:

  • The type of goggle is important. Competition goggles are not good for frequent swimming, and recreational goggles are on the lower end of the goggle pool. Swim masks and practice goggles are a good middle ground.
  • Take into consideration the lighting situation when you swim. If you swim in a brightly lit pool or outside during the brightest part of the day, you will want darker or mirrored lenses. If you swim in the early morning or in a dimly lit pool, you will want light colored lenses—orange brightens the area the most compared to other colors.
  • Make sure the goggles fit your head well and they form a tight seal around your face.



Top rated Swimming goggles in 2021


For millions of Americans swimming is a great way to exercise and relax. Unfortunately nobody wants water in his or her eyes. This is why so many swimmers, casual and professional, are searching for high quality swimming goggles. A good pair can enhance visibility underwater and reduce the amount of water from getting in contact with eyes. The wide selection of products makes it pretty hard for people to settle on a single model. This is why we drafted the best swimming goggles reviews after carefully analysing over 30 top rated models. Swimmers need to use high quality goggles during each swim!



Aqua Sphere Kayenne


Best Swimming goggles reviewsToday’s market on swimming goggles is growing, offering new models to consider with each passing month. One of the best swimming goggles in 2021 comes from Aqua Sphere, Kayenne, a model used by thousands of people. This stunning pair of goggles offers clear visibility underwater which comes in handy during long swimming sessions. Made with high quality Plexisol lens that resist water pressure, the goggles are a great addition to anyone that loves to swim. As some users pointed out, this pair of goggles is comfortable and ultra-light. In addition to the superb one-piece design, Kayenne include lens that are anti-fog proofed and highly resistant to scratch.


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Aqua Sphere Kaiman


Every swimmer wants to experience the most out of each swim and for that to happen proper goggles must be worn. Most of the best swimming goggles reviews underline the sublime design of the Kaiman Swim from Aqua Sphere. The goggles offer 180 degree visibility while the wide-angle vision technology enhances the user’s competitive style. The Kaiman goggles feature an anatomic profile and carefully watertight seal. In addition to the 100% UVA and UVB protection, this swimming piece was designed out of hypoallergenic Softerial material. This particular model is available 2 sizes: small for children and large for adults or teenagers with wider faces.


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TYR Nest Pro


There are many goggles out there from which you can choose. Still, one model in particular seems to be the favourite choice for swimmers of intermediary and advanced levels: TYR Nest Pro Goggle. These goggles have embedded anti-fog layers which help users enjoy high clarity every moment of the swim. They come with a durable unibody design that respects the face’s circumference. In addition to the modern look, Nest Pro goggles feature a double VTS headstrap which delivers a secure fit. With these goggles on, people can swim their hearts out for hours without worrying about lack of visibility or water in their eyes.


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Speedo Vanquisher 2.0


Every swim can be a whole lot better with a great pair of goggles on. The latest top swimming goggles reviews underline the efficiency of Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored. Anyone wearing the goggles will enjoy enhanced visibility while swimming. These goggles were designed for swimmers that participate in competitions or regular individuals that simply want to have fun. Why is this pair so special? Well, Vanquisher includes a pearlescent mirrored filter which significantly minimizes glare and improves field of view. It is also good to know that the goggles offer 95+ UV protection and don’t contain PVC or latex materials.


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Aqua Sphere Seal Kid – Currently Unavailable


Children absolutely adore swimming especially after they’ve managed to overcome that initial fear of water. So, it’s not surprising to see so many parents search for the best swimming goggles in 2021, designed to match the sensitive needs of kids. One product seems to impresses through its unique comfort and protective layers: Aqua Sphere Seal Kid. These goggles have slim silicone skirt linings which contours the face and maintains proper fit. In addition to the adjustable strap, the goggles offer high 100% UVA and UVB protection. They are suited for young swimmers that want to have fun in outdoor or indoor pools.