Top rated swimming backpacks in 2019


Thousands of professional swimmers and trainers use specially designed backpacks whenever they go to the beach or local pools. The backpack models evolved quite a lot in the last couple of years offering people the chance to choose a sturdy one, close to their needs.The wide range of high quality swimming backpacks makes it possible for anyone to carry wet items with dry ones without mixing them up. We went through the best swimming backpack reviews and also user testimonials in order to help people discover the right product. During our research we found five models worthy of swimmer’s attention.


Speedo Performance Pro Backpack


Best swimming backpack reviewsWhen it comes to swimming related equipment Speedo always managed to impress with their products. This is why among the best swimming backpacks in 2019 we find Performance Pro, a model very popular among professional athletes. With an ergonomic lightweight design and comfortable shoulder straps this backpack is easy to wear. The model features a durable rubberized bottom which resists well to moisture and water. In addition to the sleek finish the backpack incorporates an internal pocket which keeps wet and dry items separated. It also features a front zippered pocket and side pocket for more delicate accessories (goggles or smartphones).

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TYR Alliance Team II Backpack


There are many people that want to invest in a versatile and comfortable swimming backpack. For them we recommend the Alliance Team II backpack from TYR, a model designed with 2 large separated compartments for dry and wet equipment pieces. Designed especially for people that swim or undergo different activities near water, this backpack measures 13.25 by 18.5 by 9.75 inches. Due to its lightweight design (2 pounds and 12 ounces) this backpack features a special zippered pocket which accommodates swimming goggles. Furthermore it incorporates an MP3 player pocket and solid inner pockets for delicate items like smartphones and swim trunks.

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Speedo Team Medium Pro Backpack


Most of the current best swimming backpack reviews that we read underline the superb design of the Team Medium Pro from Speedo. Measuring 10.7” x 16.5” x 8.5” the backpack is comfortable and easily matches the user’s needs. With a durable water resistant rubberized bottom the product keeps different wet and dry items separated. Furthermore the backpack includes carefully designed media, cell phone and wet pockets which swimmers can use to organize better. In addition to the solid construction this backpack features special shaped shoulder straps for proper comfort. Preferred by beginner and intermediate swimmers this backpack can easily store different swimming items.

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TYR Alliance Team Mini Backpack


For recreational swimmers we recommend the Alliance Team Mini backpack from TYR, a model which safely holds various swimming items. The backpack measures 16.5” x 11.25” x 9.75” and incorporates internal pockets. It features a special internal pocket for swimming goggles, media pocket for smartphones and also durable inner pockets for other things. Versatile and with durable construction this backpack includes special wet and dry compartments. Due to the adjustable shoulder straps people can find the most comfortable position. As the best swimming backpack in 2019 this model features enhanced zipper function makes it possible for swimmers to accomplish their objectives faster and comfortably.

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JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack


In our research for the best swimming backpack in 2019 we came across the Mesh Pack model from JanSport. This high quality backpack combines functionality with versatility in order to help people easily carry different wet and dry items. Backed by a durable lifetime manufacturer warranty the backpack includes a large compartment which safely accommodates swimming goggles, towels and many other items. It features padded and durable shoulders straps which allow people to easily carry the backpack from one spot to the next. With a 2000 cu in capacity and made of polyester mesh materials this model handles very well swimming applications.

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