Top rated Sweep Sets in 2019


A broom-and-dustpan set may be a small thing for some but for those who have to do cleaning as a regular job, that is not the case. Reading the best Sweep set reviews is helpful so you can bag great deals on such products. Preferably, the broom component has to have frayed or feather-tip bristles so it can collect fine dirt particles. A click-lock dustpan enables no-touch dumping. A built-in comb allows efficient pulling out of dust bunnies and hair from the broom. After interviewing dozens of professional cleaning and maintenance crews all over, I have found five brands that are worth the money.


OXO 1335280 Good Grips Sweep Set


Best Sweep Set ReviewsMake clean-ups a breeze by using the upright sweep set recommended by countless testers in best Sweep set reviews: the OXO 1335280 Good Grips Broom-and-Dustpan Set. The dustpan locks in open position so you can enjoy no-touch easy dumping. The dustpan and broom snap together to enable upright storage. The built-in teeth on the dustpan comb out dust and dirt from the bristles of the broom. The feathery, soft-tipped bristles easily grab dust and dirt. The broom is designed for daily applications around the home.  The entire unit stands upright to deliver comfortable sweeping.

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Libman Co. 00917 Lobby Broom-&-Dust Pan


The Libman Co. 00917 Lobby Broom-&-Dust Pan is a perfect combination of two premium cleaning products to come up with a revolutionary cleaning set. A plastic clip locks the broom in place with the dustpan.  The broom cleaves to the dustpan with ease. The pan only locks in upright position but moves freely. Offering good abrasion resistance and excellent break strength, the flagged polypropylene bristles of the broom are able to collect smaller particles as well as larger debris. Quicker-two-hand sweeping is possible with this best Sweep set in 2019’s dustpan that stands open hands-free.

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Melissa-&-Doug 8600 Let’s Play House! Dust-Sweep-and-Mop


Teach your children all about keeping the house clean with this one-of-a-kind cleaning play set from Melissa and Doug. This is a six-piece cleaning play set that includes all the elements that people in the adult world need to keep a home spic-and-span: a broom, a mop, a duster, a dust pan, a brush and a storage stand. Use the set to train children to clean up after they’ve made a mess or to let them discover for themselves the joy of cleaning. The whole set is made for children, with all pieces durably made and designed in fun children’s size. The dustpan snaps onto all the handles for all-around integration.

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Superior Performance 195 Broom-&-Dust Pan Set


Made of premium quality durable plastic, the Superior Performance 195 Broom-&-Dust Pan Set represents the best Sweep set in 2019 for many happy users. Forget dollar-type brooms with bristles that fall out and are unable to sweep an area thoroughly in one go. The 195 Sweep Set has a dustpan and broom that are built sturdy for long time use. You no longer have to squat or bend over while cleaning. The handle of the pan measures 37 inches long whether in open position, locked into place and flat on the floor. It closes automatically when carried. The broom head has swivel feature for flexibility.

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Casabella 20777 Upright Sweep Set


Keep your house always looking clean and beautiful with the Casabella 20777 Upright Sweep Set, the top Sweep set in 2019 for many cleanliness freaks. The set comes with a long-handle dustpan that has a pivoting handle plus two positions designed to provide ergonomic handling comfort. A foot pedal lets you hold the pan in place while working. The dustpan measures 35.5 inches long and 11.5 inches wide. The broom is 35.5 inches long, which means you do not have to suffer from back pain caused by stooping low every time you do the cleaning. The dustpan and broom snap together easily for less storage space.

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