Best surveillance cameras under $75


Cheap surveillance cameras for sale


Security for your private property or your business is of vital importance and thus you need to look for the best surveillance system possible. Cameras are a central part of this system, but it is not too easy to make up your mind which one to get, because there are so many different models which can be bought. The best surveillance cameras under $75 have been selected below so you know which ones are top of their class type.


VideoSecu IR24W CCTV Security Camera


This model from the best VideoSecu surveillance cameras reviews is a quality choice which will protect your property againsed unwanted visitors. It gives you a clear color picture of the perimeter you set it in because it has a powerful CCD image sensor. For night time it is equipped with 24 infrared LEDs which allow it to see clearly and pick up any moving objects. The camera housing is waterproof so it resists to the most torential rain.

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“ With so many surveillance camera sold in the market, the VideoSecu IR24W CCTV Security Camera is my one and only choice. This product is the one being preferred by many people because of its reliability and clarity. You will feel safe with this product no matter what happened.”  Tom Atkinson


Uniden UDWC25 Surveillance Camera


The Uniden UDWC25 can be considered as one of the best surveillance cameras under $75 because it performs in just the right way in order to keep your home safe againsed thieves. It can either be installed on a wall or on any ceiling and it is able to resist to water. At night it is able to make out clear shapes to a distance of up to 25 yards. An Uniden sureveillance system is also required so that the UDWC25 camera works.

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“ I easily install the Uniden UDWC25 Surveillance Camera at home. Installing it doesn’t take too much time because it is just easy to handle. I placed it in the ceiling for a more viewable position. This product provides security at home that’s why I feel safe even at night.”  Fritz Aguilar


Zmodo CM-I11123BK Camera


Another camera you can use for the protection of your business or home is the ZModo CM-I11123BK, which has received great reviews from many satisfied users. Its great quality picture is due to the high powered ¼ inch color CMOS image sensor. You even have the option to connect it directly to your iPhone or Android smart phone. The infrared vision will be able to show you objects up to 30 feet at night.

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“I can connect my new Zmodo CM-I11123BK Camera in my smartphone for a better access even at night. With this camera, I assured the protection of my home even I am asleep. I can record and tract all the times that I can’t see my home especially at night time.” Darcy Burch


VideoSecu A71 Security Camera


The VideoSecu A71 will be able to allow you to have a clear view of what is going on around and in your office, home, etc. A clear night picture is assured by the 28 infrared LED which surround the actual camera. Also the camera is covered by a housing made from metal which is waterproof. The glass which coveres the camera can resist to dust and water allowing you a clear picture in any condition.

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“The clarity of the VideoSecu A71 Security Camera is one thing I like the most about it. This is because the camera lens is covered with glass that protects it from dusts and water so there is the clear picture produced. This product is also waterproof so it will not get damaged easily.”  Gail Sullivan


LOFTEK Beacon Security Camera


A lot of satisfied clients have named the LOFTEK Beacon as one of the best surveillance cameras under $75. While it has great video capabilities, it also has top audio qualities, recreating the ambient sound to a superior level. This is excellent for the entrace of your residance because it has a two way audio with integrated speakers as well. Night vision is assured by 12 infrared LEDs so the picture is clear and shows you any object that moves in front of it. The manufacturer also throws in a one year warranty for its product.

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“Aside from recording the video in my home vicinity, the LOFTEK Beacon Security Camera also records the voices with clarity and vibrancy. I feel happy with this product because it is durable which makes it last so long with me. For almost 2 years. This product never malfunctions. “ Burl Emery Mayo