If you’re here just to find the best surge protector and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. To find the best product in this category on the market, we consulted various expert review sites for electronic gear and also referred to the reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback. Thankfully, all that exhaustive product research and comparison have helped us find what we believe is the best product in this category, the Belkin BP112230-08. Using essential power filtration, this device reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference to elicit better performance from your various electronic equipment. This model also helps protect from equipment lockups in addition to blocking undesirable line noise. This 12-outlet unit protects from fluctuations and spikes using built-in voltage sensing capability in its smart circuitry to respond to every connected device’s power requirements. Boasting a 4320-joule power rating, the device covers essential everyday electronics including broadband modems, printers, workstations, home theatre systems and others. The smart cord management system prevents cord clutter. If the Belkin BP112230-08 is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Be



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Although power surges are unlikely to be an everyday occurrence, people (read: people all over the world) who own more gadgets than the number of wall plugs  in their homes are best advised to get themselves the most reliable surge protector there is. Knowing who makes the best surge protector is not the same as knowing which power strip to get. One device is different from the other.


surge protector



Right Type of Product for Your Needs

Consider the electronic items you will be plugging into your new surge protector. You will require a different kind of surge protector, the heavy-duty kind, when the equipment you’ll use it for is an entire home entertainment center plus a high-end TV. Compare this with a phone charger and a lamp, and you get the drift. Heavy electric guzzlers require a hardy unit, while lighter devices do not require too much robustness. Perhaps you’d be better off getting two different kinds. Or get one with just the right number of ports. Not all products come with six ports or seven, as there are some models built with more than ten ports. Also, ensure that the ports are adequately spaced apart from one another. This ensures that you can really use all of them when needed.


Genuine Surge Suppressing Ability, with Warranty for Devices

The cheap surge protector you’re eyeing may not even be that. As implied in passing above, power strips are sometimes categorized under the same heading as surge protectors. Do not assume that they are the same, as electronics experts caution. Check that the description carries words including ‘transient voltage surge suppression’, or something to that effect. In addition, it should bear certification from Underwriter’s Laboratories, and at least adheres to established UL 1449 standards for products in this category. This ensures that what you buy will really protect the equipment it’s supposed to. Manufacturers should stand by their claims on the product by backing them up with a warranty should the unit not work as stated against a power surge. Check this element out, including coverage and warranty claim processing.


Clamping Voltage and Energy Absorption Rating

Defined as the specific voltage that will activate the unit’s surge suppressing ability, clamping voltage denotes the precise instance when the best rated surge protector you have bought will respond and begin absorbing energy. Clamping voltage that is 400 volts and below is ideal, so the lower the number, the better it is for your equipment. This is in inverse proportion to energy absorption rating, which signifies the load of energy that the device can fully take in before it fails. For this element, a figure of 600 to 700 joules is a benchmark. For this particular element, the higher it is the better. You wouldn’t want your gadgets and household equipment getting damaged just because the surge protector you own easily conked out after it absorbed just a small spurt of energy.

Ascertain which surge protector is the best for your needs by studying specifications and getting expert advice, if possible. Do not go out and buy the first one you come upon just because you simply want to find out if your equipment can really benefit from such a device. The investment you make on a genuine surge protector will go a long way. Remember that power surges, although rare, are not unheard of.



Products for specific needs


Best Surge Protector for TV


Belkin BE112230-08


Outfitted not just to protect telephone lines but coaxial lines as well, the Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector is your ideal choice for the best surge protector for TV. Protect your home from severe power problems caused by stronger storms hitting and the increasing likelihood of power interruptions in more areas. This unit is geared to protect laser printers, professional workstations, everyday household appliances, home theater systems and telephones. Featuring advanced design elements, the Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector offers an ideal solution for keeping sensitive electronic equipment safe from power surges. Employing sophisticated circuitry and premium components, your home is geared with superior protection from spikes, power surges and AC contamination.


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Best Surge Protector for Home Theater


Tripp Lite HT10DBS Home-Theater Isobar


trip liteBuilt to provide top quality surge protection along with enhancement of performance for PCs, Audiovisual components, peripherals and various other electronic devices, the Tripp Lite HT10DBS Home Theater Isobar Surge Protector gives you a total of 10 AC outlets. With color-coded outlets, the Tripp Lite HT10DBS makes it effortless to identify component connections. The 8-ft. cord enables problem-free connection to a distant wall outlet. This is the best surge protector for home theater, as it uses innovative Isobar technology with isolated filter banks to take away interference between connected components. It also boasts of full EMI/RFI line noise filtering for optimization of audio and video performance.



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Best Surge Protector for Gaming PC


CyberPower CSHT1208TNC2 NET


Employing exclusive Signal Scrubber Technology, the CyberPower CSHT1208TNC2 NET Surge Suppressor ensures precise picture quality, enhanced color depth, expansive sound, and dynamic range, which are essential elements for pure entertainment experience. This is the best surge protector for gaming PC due to its data line protection that is provided by RJ45/RJ11 ports for networking and telecommunication devices (phones, modems, faxes, and DSL lines). The RG6 gold-plated coaxial connectors function optimally for broadband modems and cable/satellite TV receivers, so connection remains stable as you lose yourself in your online games. What’s more, this device protects audio/video equipment, including HDTVs, gaming systems, CD/DVD players and Blu-Ray players, by diverting excess voltage away from reactive electronic equipment and connected devices in the event of power spikes, outages or surges.



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Top rated surge protectors in 2019


Your electronic devices that are in your home have been bought with quite an economical effort. It is only normal that you will try to protect your investments the best way you can. One way to do this is by owning a surge protector which will eliminate the chance of your devices getting a short-circuit during a power surge. To help you find only the best surge protectors I have devised a list of qulity devices.



Belkin BP112230-08


Best surge protector reviews

THe Belkin Pivot-Plug is an ideal choice you can make to ensure the safety of your electronics. It comes with a great number of outlets, from which 8 are rotating and 4 stationary. The cord is also long so it can reach wherever you like, having 8 feet. My favorite thing about it is the lifetime warranty and that the manufacturer adds up to 300.000 $ of equipment warranty. No wonder it is regarded as one of the top surge protectors in 2019.



 Has eight rotating plus four fixed outlets that all provide remarkable surge protection with full flexibility and convenience

 Has 1-in and 2-out RJ11 phone and fax surge protection in addition to coaxial protection

 Maximum protection provided by the unit’s 4320 joule energy rating, which makes it a perfect companion to sensitive electronic equipment

 14-gauge, 8-foot long heavy duty cord transmits constant and safe AC power



 Not mentioned in the best surge protector with USB reviews due to absence of USB connectivity

 Power switch may require an upgrade


“I saw this discounted for Black Friday and I say why not buy it, so I protect all my electric kitchen appliances. So far, so good, it has proven why it’s one of the top 10 surge protectors in 2019.” – Ray Clay


Buy from Amazon.com for ($36.1)




NuGiant 31002


Be protected against power surges, spikes and many other things with the 31002 which is equipped with 8 outlets. It will also save you energy because 5 of its outlets will automatically turn on and off when you switch on an electronic device in your home which is plugged into it. This surge protector is fire safe as well, making the best surge protectors reviews recommend it for its superior quality.



 Surge protection device that is built with 8 outlets plus an extra-long 6-foot cord to ensure ready connectivity of a variety of electrical equipment and devices

 Has five energy-economizing outlets that automatically go on/off depending on the current status of electronic device

 Pair of transformer-spaced always-on outlets to ensure uninterruptible power supply

 To ensure maximum safety, unit has built-in exclusive Fireproof X3 metal oxide varistors (MOV)



 Cable and phone inputs may be disused from the onset

 Larger footprint with the larger unit


 “I invested a lot of money in my HDTV, home cinema system and other useful things, which all use electricity. Buying the NuGiant 31002 was a natural step for insuring their protection under all circumstances. Now I feel reassured that they are properly protected” ­– Rick Johnson


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Providing guaranteed surge protection, the APC P11U2 uses intelligent multi-stage suppression circuitry for lifelong safeguarding of your vital everyday electronics. Make sure your essential electronics are plugged into this surge arrest device for consistently optimum performance.




Providing reliable power protection, this surge protector employs revolutionary circuitry to preserve sensitive electronic devices from multiple surge events and dangerous power surges including those due to lightning. Equipped with 2 USB charging ports and 11 outlets, this state-of-the-art device lets you have simultaneous juicing up of diverse electronic equipment while ensuring surge arrest for each one.

It provides transformer block spacing for six outlets for problem-free connection of bulky transformers without inhibiting the use of the other outlets. This makes it ideal for use in both home and office settings where there could be any number of connected devices.

The 180-degree rotating power cord is supplemented with a right angle plug to allow positioning of furniture and equipment at a short distance from the wall. The configuration of the power cord and plug also reduces cord clutter while ensuring long life for the surge protector and the power cord.

This surge protector comes with sliding safety shutters on each outlet for safety against accidental contact with outlets not being used. You can get better performance from the connected devices because of the ability of this surge arrest product to reduce interference from radio frequency and electromagnetic sources.



The connected equipment warranty from the manufacturer serves to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and reliable performance and should not be a means to exploit the firm by consumers. It shows how serious the company is in ensuring genuine surge protection for electronics.


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Monster MP AV 750


One of the best surge protectors in 2019 is considered to be the Monster MP AV 750 because it has everything it needs to keep your electronic devices protected in case different scenarios occur that might hamper with their functionality. If you decide to get it you will also get a huge equipment warranty from the manufacturer, going over a couple of hundred thousand dollars.



 Unit integrates a pair of protected RJ11 phone ports outfitted with a splitter

 Provides 1440 joules of surge protection in the event of power surges or sudden power outages

 Engineered with Dual Mode Plus protection technology so power supply is kept constant and equipment is always protected

 Unit uses genuine brass in all its inside components



 Absence of slots for USB connectivity means this is not the best surge protector with USB 2019


 “I wanted to feel secure about my electronic equipment because I put an important financial effort in getting them and with this power surge from Monster, I have done exactly what I intended. Now I feel at ease knowing nothing will happen to them.” – Edward Robson


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Belkin 12 Outlet


The Belkin 12 Outlet is one of the most popular surge protectors around the US, according to the best surge protector reviews, because it offers safety for your elctronics above all and doesn`t fail one bit in its task. The 12 outlets are more than enough for all your electronics and all have a safety cover which doesn`t allow little children to stick their fingers in there, a very good design feature that I liked very much. The 8 feet cord is also helpful in different situations.



 Provides all around surge protection with outlets for telephone and coaxial protection

 Surge protector with 12 outlets made for laser printers, computers and home theater systems

 Outlets are built with sliding safety covers and there’s a detachable cord management clip so connected cables do not get tangled with each other

 Plug is at right angle position so the cord lies close to the wall when unit is in use



 Only one switch for the entire surge protector unit, not for each individual outlet

 Warranty statement can be a tad unrealistic


Belkin 12 Outlet Surge Protector is in my opinion one of the highest rated surge protectors. The product has a very nice design which makes it one of a kind and outstanding compared to other products from the market. I have been using it for the whole year and nothing happened to my devices. ” Joshua Gracia


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Belkin SurgeMaster 6 Outlet


This Belkin model is small and effective, doing exactly what it is made for and that is to keep your electronics safe from short-circuits. It is great for small apartments to place in your kitchen or in any other rooms. I was impressed to see it even had a phone line splitter which I found to be very useful. Also there is a lifetime warranty as well.




 Suitable for entry-level computers and peripherals, kitchen appliances and various other standard-grade equipment

 1045 Joule energy rating intended for average or standard protection for the most basic electronic devices

 Get protection for up to six standard home appliances

 LEDs are illuminated to signify that devices are sufficiently grounded and protected



 Not meant for heavy-duty industrial and office usage where sensitive devices abound

 Unrealistic connected equipment warranty from manufacturer can discourage buyers instead


I received Belkin SurgeMaster 6 Outlet Surge Protector for Xmas. At first, I thought what an odd gift, but the more I thought about it, I realized it’s extremely useful. I know that my electronics are 100% safe if there are short circuits or fluctuations. I don’t know what is the best surge protector on the market, but I do know this model is reliable.” Sarah Fields


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Monster Cable MP HTS850


The best surge protector reviews have pointed ou that the Monstre Cable MP HTS850 can be the perfect option for your electronics safety. It can easily be mounted on any wall so you can avoid cable entanglements which can be really annoying. The most sensitive electronic devices will have no trouble with the power intake so they will live their full life-span. And when I saw that there is a warranty for the equipment connected to it of 150.000 $, I knew it was a quality product.



 Unit has built-in indicators for easy connectivity with a variety of electronic equipment

 Carries Monster Clean Power Stage 1 filter that offers noiseless power to sensitive electronic devices

 2590 Joule rating to guarantee highest degree of surge absorption and protection

 With side-entry design and bracket meant for wall-mounting to minimize cable clutter



 Connected Equipment Warranty can appear incredible and unreliable for highly-informed buyers

 2- to 3-feet length of the surge protector cord can be a bit short


“I don’t want anything happening to my OLED or to my home theater system and this is why I bought this surge protector, which I got for under $40. Hopefully I never get the chance to test its resourcefulness, but this is a necessary precaution measure.” – Louis K. Caldwell


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Kensington 62634 6-Outlet


A surge protecter with a great reputation is the Kensington 62634 with all its useful features. The different color-coded rings are not there just for design, it also helped me keep track of which device went to what outlet. The power cord is amongst the largest I have seen, being 16 feet long and managing to work ideally in any room no matter how large. These are just a few of its characteristics and this is why it is regarded one of the top surge protectors in 2019.



 Color coded circular tabletop surge protector makes it easy to identify connections

 Get premium protection with 1500 Joule rating in addition to 330 clamping voltage

 Circular design allows less clutter in meetings and conferences, with generous room to allow up to 6 AC adapters

 Lengthy 16-foot power cord extends to the center of the room while minimizing cord tangles



 Connected warranty equipment is quite unrealistic considering the price of the surge protector unit

 Only a single on/off switch for the entire surge protector, not for each outlet


 Kensington 62634 6-Outlet Surge Protector was the best choice for the money I was prepared to spend. I can say that it works perfectly and my kitchen equipment is protected in case power fluctuation do occur. I recommend it to all the customers out there. ” John Weaver


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Surge Protectors – What to Look for:


surgeEvery home needs a high quality surge protector capable of improving the electrical “health”, protecting every device from unwanted problems. It is very important to ensure that the whole electrical system works well and without having to worry about spikes. As thousands of people pointed out, surge control can limit the appearance of spikes that can destroy head on the performance of various home equipment that includes phones, computers, TVs, microwaves, stereos and other devices. The market is more than generous when it comes to surge protectors, given the need for safe electrical wiring. How can you find the most efficient product given the wide range of models out there? Consult the best surge protector reviews, written by technicians and electricians, and use the information wisely.

It is very important to use the best surge protector in 2019 and thus protect every electronic device in your home. As you know, damage can appear in an instance or even as time goes by, given that small surges can cause significant problems to the internal circuitry. Technicians and specialists underline one important fact: the day to day use of microprocessors (commonly known as chips) has raised the need to precise surge protection. You should know that such microprocessors are very sensitive to fluctuant voltage takes, diminishing their functionality. Normally, spikes and surges are present in regular electrical line voltage, usually caused by a sudden change or high demand for electricity.

As more electricity is drawn, electrical wiring becomes vulnerable under the growing pressure. For example when you have turned on in your home garbage disposal, air conditioner, washer, TV, dryer and so on the need for more power keeps on growing.

Still, once you find the best surge protector in 2019, you will be able to ensure heightened protection to every appliance present in your home. Well, a normal surge measure around 500 volts and lasts only 2 or 3 seconds. This particularity makes it very dangerous. A high quality surge protector will work in the following manner: it acts with precision as an advanced electrical sponge which safely absorbs dangerous excess voltage. With no more extra voltage, surge protectors manage to protect sensitive equipment, every day and night.

Still, because it acts as a sponge, you should know that surge protectors have a limited capacity to absorb the respective electrical wiring. Once the device reaches the respective limit, it won’t be able to protect the respective electronic devices system and then you need to look for another one. There are powerful surge protectors with the capacity to deliver assistance during high voltage out takes.

Well, a surge protector needs to include the following components: UL 1449 clamping voltage, 3-Line protection, circuit breaker, ground indicator light, response time, indicator light, cable line protection, power shut-down protection, digital satellite line protection, phone line protection, EMI/RFI, joule rating, alarm and also an exclusive guarantee. These are some of the most important components, which make a surge protector great, ideal to have around the house with complete confidence.


Things to consider:

–    Surge protectors deliver heightened protection to every electronic device present in your home.

–   Surge protectors absorb additional voltages which compromise the “health” of your electrical wiring.

–   The devices require to be installed with care, in order to ensure maximum protection during everyday tasks.