Top rated Surfing wetsuits in 2019


Discovering the amazing thrill of riding wave after wave starts by putting on a great surfing wetsuit. Millions of pro and amateurs use wetsuits whenever they surf. There are many models available on the market from which you can choose a high quality wetsuit. We took the liberty of analysing some of the best wetsuit models in order to help surfers identify the ideal product. So after 90 hours of attentive research on 45 products, we managed to draft some of the best Surfing wetsuit reviews. It is important to own a reliable wetsuit, capable of improving your surfing capabilities!


O’Neill Epic II


With the right surfing wetsuit you will be able to control better than every moment of the experience. A top Surfing wetsuit in 2019 comes from O’Neill, Epic II. This model is very popular among American and Canadian surfers. It comes equipped with Blackout Zip offset zipper teeth which safely keep out water from getting in. With a unique Lumbar Seamless design, the wetsuit enhances stretching actions. Furthermore it comes with an ergonomic undersleeve panel which gives you the possibility to move without restrictions on the board. The wetsuit from O’Neill features a lightweight firewall insulation which helps users enjoy heightened warmth.

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O’Neill Reactor


Most of the latest best Surfing wetsuit reviews underline the efficiency of O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor. This powerful wetsuit uses FluidFlex in the sleeves and shoulder. You will enjoy heightened control over all your actions on the board. It has an adjustable Superseal neck for better comfort even during long hours of surf. The unique Krypto Knee Pads will precisely protect your knees and improve the wetsuit’s durability. It has a flat-stitched design and advanced skin chest panel that enhances comfort every time you surf. Furthermore the wetsuit has a fully customizable closure and 360 degree smooth interior for minimal discomfort.

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Hyperflex Men’s Access


If you are looking for the best Surfing wetsuit in 2019 consider learning more about Hyperflex Wetsuits men’s Access. This is a special wetsuit designed from 3mm premium neoprene material. The wetsuit is comfortable and easy to wear, respecting surfer’s need for elegance. Due to the Black Zip design, the wetsuit delivers an easy entry and resistant YKK 10 zipper. This advanced zipper works in all conditions letting you access the wetsuit fast. It features an adjustable collar which enhances your surfing comfort every moment of the surfing experience. You should know that the wetsuit is great for a wide range of sports like surfing, skim boarding and snorkelling.

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U.S. Divers Mercury


It is important to wear a professional wetsuit whenever you decide to surf, dive or snorkel. One of the best wetsuit in 2019 comes from U.S. Divers, Mercury Adult Wetsuit. Made out of high quality materials, the wetsuit combines proper fitting, performance and style. The suit has an advanced titanium-blend 3mm chest panel which manages to retain heat to the body. Even in cold waters the wetsuit will keep you warm. It includes 2mm side panels which allow you to turn and move without problems. Style and high flexibility is what sets this wetsuit apart from other models on the market.

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O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor


Since there are so many surfers out there, proper gear ensures heightened control during each surfing expedition. Now, if you desire to improve your surfing experiences choose without hesitation O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor. This powerful wetsuit comes with a flat and carefully stitched construction. It has a special spring suit which improves surfer’s comfort! Now, the suit features a fluid flex top under arm and also top sleeve for easy management on the board. You should also know that the suit has a smooth skin chest panel! Thousands of surfers already own this professional wetsuit and recommend it to other practitioners.

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