Top rated ATV winches from Superwinch


The models that will be mentioned below are some of the products that are often recommended in the best ATV winch reviews. They have been given favorable ratings by the people who have held their hands in such in the past. By the time that you have known some of their most notable features, you will find it a lot easier to end up with a well-informed decision.


Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 ATV Winch


Best Superwinch ATV Winches ReviewsThis specific product has been designed with the toughest terrains in mind, which explains its capability to deliver superior performance. Aside from the superb performance that can be expected from the motor, it is also weather-sealed, making it more excellent with regards to long term functionality. Many of the best Superwinch ATV winches reviews have also highlighted that it has numerous safety features, including dynamic braking and rubberized remote switch, among others.

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“I have used this winch a couple of times when I got stuck in the mud around the farm and it has proven to be very resourceful. The breaking system works properly and I can easily activate the remote switch. All in all I strongly believe it’s the best Superwinch ATV winch 2018.” – Billy Hernandez


Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 ATV Winch


When looking for an ATV winch that will prove to be superior when it comes to safety, this model is perhaps one of the best choices that can be taken into account. For instance, it has circuit breaker protection, which is essential in giving an assurance of having it protected regardless of the weather. It is also lauded because of the provision of instructions that are comprehensive, making it a snap to accomplish the entire installation process.

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“I was in need of a winch because I got stuck once or twice with my ATV and I needed to call someone else to rescue me. Since I have bought this winch from Superwinc,h I can take care of things on my own and can even get up inclines which before were impossible to get over.” – S. Williams


Superwinch 1135230 Terra 35 ATV Winch


Many of the best Superwinch ATV winches reviews have highlighted that one thing that makes this model an excellent option is the synthetic rope. The latter is lauded for being easy to use compared to wired cable, which is common in other models. Its ergonomic design, specifically having cam action freespooling clutch, is another thing that should be kept in mind. This ATV winch is able to prove it durability, based on the feedbacks given by other people who have used such in the past.

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“I put this winch to the test and it passed with top marks, getting my ATV up any incline, without breaking or jamming. The best Superwinch ATV winch reviews were praising its durability, making me sure that I bought a top model.” – Anthony A. Peters


Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 ATV Winch


Regardless of the utility vehicle that you own, this winch will surely prove to be an option that you will not regret, which is also the same sentiments shared by people who have purchased this model in the past. One good feature of this model is the freespooling clutch, which is the reason on why users will be able to have the motor quickly disengaged when there is a need to do so. It is also worth noting that it has limited lifetime warranty, giving you the assurance that superior customer support will be provided for a long time.

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“I’ve been quite impressed by how well this winch from Superwinch works and I’m glad I took the advice of the top reviews that I’ve read. So far, I haven’t had one problem with the way this model operates and I do recommend it if someone is in need of one.” – Mark Cleary


Superwinch 1125230 Terra 25 ATV Winch


The high efficiency motor of this product is primarily responsible for the provision of the guarantee that it will function based on expectations. Its powerful motor has been credited as one of the major reasons on why it remains to be a favorite in the market, in spite of the introduction of newer brands and models. The all-steel planetary gear that is incorporated in the ATV winch is also worth giving emphasis, especially the fact that it has twice the width than those that are used in other models within the competitive landscape.

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“My old winch was a Superwinch and because it worked flawlessly for more than 5 years, I decided to go for a better model, Superwinch 1125230 Terra 25. This model is quite the upgrade and works better than my other winch. I think the steel planetary is the main reason for the better performance level.” – Kevin G. Simmers