What to Consider When Buying a Top Sunforce Solar Charging Kit


Whether you’re preparing for intermittent power outages caused by storms or an unprecedented apocalypse, or simply trying to save your money and the environment by switching to a renewable energy source, Sunforce offers a wide variety of solar charging kits to help you harness the abundant but tragically underused solar energy. The kits are almost plug-and-play and can take quite a lot of beating. However, there are still plenty of technical aspects you have to consider in choosing the type of charging kit that is best for different situations. In this buying guide, we shall talk about aspects you should look into when looking for the best Sunforce solar charging kit for your home so that the one you buy supplies the right amount of power you need at the right price.

Sunforce Solar Battery Charging Kit


Depending on where you live, you’ll want a charging kit that can withstand lightning storms, hailstorms, and other destructive elements. If you’re buying a solar charging kit as a backup for storm power outages, then it makes no sense to purchase a solar charging kit that isn’t any more durable than the power transmission lines from your electric company.


Discharge Protection

High quality solar charging kits often have built-in blocking diodes that prevent the battery from discharging when solar energy is no longer present (night time, cloudy day, etc.). Without a blocking diode, then you’re going to run out of power quickly, forcing you to rely on other sources of electricity during periods of darkness.


Power Rating

Depending on which types of items you want to use with the solar charging kit, your needs could range from a modest 15 watt single solar charging kit to an extravagant 1000+ watt array of solar charging kits! It helps to get the solar charging kit with the highest wattage you can afford since you’re harnessing renewable energy anyway; therefore, the solar charging kits pretty much pay for themselves in the long run.


Most Reliable Sunforce Solar Charging Kits in 2019


Choosing among the types of charging kits by Sunforce may prove to be a difficult task, as there is no single best solar charging kit out there. Instead of looking for the best Sunforce solar charging kit, we’ve instead compiled a list of Sunforce solar charging kits that have received quite a lot of positive reviews and therefore merit taking closer look into.


Sunforce 50180


1.Sunforce 50180 80W Solar Charging kitThe Sunforce 50180 80W Solar Charging kit is composed of amorphous solar cells that are said to work even on cloudy days. It comes with a 7 ampere charge controller, as well as a 300-watt power inverter. At peak sunlight, it can produce up to 80 watts of power. What a lot of people don’t like about this charging kit is that in immense heat (which is to be expected in sunny days), the current output drops significantly in a short amount of time.

Ironically, in order to achieve the maximum power rating of 80 watts, it has to get as much sunlight as possible without the huge amount of heat that comes with it. If you live in a place that frequently reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit and above, this product may not be cost-effective, as power output quickly declines to about half of the original power rating in just a couple of months when exposed to high temperatures. However, if you live in a place with just the right amount of heat and light, you’ll find that this product invaluable for powering or charging laptops, floodlights, and other not-so-power-hungry devices.

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Sunforce 15 Watt


2.15 Watt Solar Battery Charging KitThe 15 Watt Solar Battery Charging Kit by Sunforce is ideal for recreational activities as well as for backups during power outages. Like most of the charging kits provided by Sunforce, it includes a built-in blocking diode that prevents the battery (not included) from discharging in low-to-zero light conditions, as well as a 7 amp charge controller to protect the battery from overcharging. Take note, however, that this product only has an output rating of 15 watts, which makes it more than capable of charging personal electronics like smartphones but dreadfully lackluster in charging laptops and other bulkier devices. Its charge controller is specifically made to maintain a 12 volt battery, and depending on your configuration, you can connect a bunch of these products together to charge more power-hungry devices, or simply split the power among less power-hungry devices.

What some people don’t like about this charging kit, however, is that some units just seem to randomly die after a couple of months without any sign of degradation. That being said, while this product remains a topnotch choice for simple gadgets, one will have to have a bit of technical know-how to troubleshoot this product in case it breaks down.

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Sunforce 37126 Crystalline


3.Sunforce 37126 260W Crystalline Solar KitFor powering up different gadgets and appliance on a daily basis, the Sunforce 37126 260W Crystalline Solar Kit works extremely well when properly tweaked and calibrated. What a lot of users complain about are the instructions – they’re pretty much useless and therefore force the user to do trial-and-error tinkering of the solar kit in order to install, configure, and get it up and running.

The battery tester, which is basically just wires connected to a diode that lights up, is pretty disappointing for a lot of customers. Also, the power inverter that comes with the charging kit is only good for powering up smartphones, LED lights, and other low power items, which doesn’t really do justice to its 260w output. Fortunately, the solar panels are very well built and can work even in low light situations. This solar kit can harness a lot of solar power for electric fences, high-powered floodlights, and other power hungry devices on a daily basis with minimal output degradation. However, you’ll need to invest in higher quality inverters, batteries, and other accessories to take advantage of its powerful solar panels.

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