What to Consider When Buying a Reliable Stun Gun


If you have decided to look for the best stun gun in 2018, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a short list of things you need to pay attention to before deciding on a model over another. Don’t start to read any additional information related to a unit before finding out if stun guns are actually allowed in your state.

If you’re from Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island or Wisconsin, it is outside the law to buy a stun gun. Once you’ve settled that you’re not from one of the aforementioned locations, you can go on by browsing the best stun gun reviews. Here’s what you need to look for if you’re hunting for the best one for the money.

A. Stun gun


Stun guns owners obviously can’t go flashing them around, otherwise their potential attackers might be more careful and might choose some other way of reaching their mischievous purposes. Consequently, the design of these devices has to imitate items which would otherwise be considered ordinary. That’s why some look like perfume spritzers or even flashlights, while some modern alternatives can even pass for smartphones.



Stun guns are usually small-sized. Any unit that goes over 8 inches can be considered a stun baton or a tactical stun flashlight. These last two devices generally can’t be purchased online, and you have to look for them in specialized shops.

Compact or mini stun guns are a great idea for people that don’t have an eager desire to let everyone know they own a unit. Moreover, they’re legal everywhere in the U.S.A aside from the aforementioned states, and they’re so small that they can be placed on a keychain.



Although these devices aren’t particularly expensive, some manufacturers usually offer warranties of up to 20 years. It goes without saying that even in this case it’s always better to pick a relatively well-known brand instead of a newly launched one. Brand reputation is somewhat based on ensuring great customer service.

Although many manufacturers are keen on stating that their devices are better than the ones belonging to other producers, what you need to know here is that voltage doesn’t really matter when buying a stun gun. The whole point of using a unit is to momentarily immobilize a perpetrator, without causing lethal harm.


Top Rated Stun Guns in 2018


We have found that the following three products are trusted and highly acclaimed by the best stun gun reviews. Some have gathered the appreciation of buyers all over the world, while others have been successfully used by individuals in the United States. We recommend you always estimate your needs and preferences before purchasing a certain model.


Vipertek VTS-989 – 38,000,000 V Heavy Duty


1. Vipertek VTS-989This Vipertek model isn’t just a stun gun, it is also a flashlight. It comes with an acceptable size of 6.5” x 2” x 1”. The neat thing about this unit is that it features snatch prevention. Since the device comes with two plates on the side, these can also be charged with voltage and used against an aggressor. Otherwise said, if someone tries to take the stun gun away from you, you’ll be able to electroshock his hand.

Yet another advantage of picking up this model is that it features very sharp spike electrodes. These are known to penetrate clothing so that the electrodes are able to act against the aggressor’s skin. Buyers can efficiently use the stun gun thanks to a safe grip, due to the item’s rubber coating.

As is the case with other units, this one also comes with a rechargeable battery. This is a plus for people who don’t want to spend too much money on supplies.

As we were emphasizing in the buying guide, warranty is quite important when it comes to buying stun guns. This one features lifetime warranty, so you needn’t worry about anything.

With more than 700 5-star ratings, the Vipertek has undoubtedly gathered some of the best stun gun reviews.

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O-Mega Super Stunner SS-150


2. O-Mega SuperOne of the top rated stun guns in 2018, This O-Mega model comes with the highest legal voltage. Unlike its’ previously mentioned Vipertek counterpart, it comes with a larger size, which is why it can be thought of as being medium-industrial. As is the case with other relatively powerful stun guns, this one can also be used for security, animal control and even military missions.

Be advised that the unit can be utilized only with two 9v batteries, which is a reason why the actual model comes with two Duracell ones. You won’t have the convenience of a rechargeable battery with this one.

The model features a spring loaded trigger, so O-Mega obviously meant business when they started producing the line. Although it’s indeed one of the most powerful models on the current market, voltage isn’t necessarily crucial when it comes to stun guns. If you feel safer with a larger-sized unit, don’t hesitate to purchase one.

Keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily the most usable out there, and if you’re in a highly stressful situation, you need to know that you can use your stun gun as quickly as possible.

The device has over time gathered some of the best stun gun reviews, particularly from people looking for high performance.

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Police 37,000,000 V Heavy Duty


3. Police 37,000,000 VThe Police model is by far the best stun gun of 2018 that we have come across. It doesn’t come with the less friendly size of the aforementioned O-Mega model, and is more powerful than the Vipertek one we described in the beginning. It comes with an LED flashlight and two sharp electrodes. To prevent users from hurting themselves, the model even features a safety switch. Its size is 6.5” x 2” x 1.25”.

You must be advised that in order to operate the Police model, you need to both have the safety switch on and press the stun activation button. It seems like a complicated thing to do, but when faced with danger most people will use the unit efficiently and quickly.

Aside from its convenient features and its downright frightening sound, the model also comes with a built-in charger. On the one hand, this means that you won’t be forced to spend any money on batteries. On the other hand, you’ll be able to charge the unit simply by plugging it into a wall outlet. It just couldn’t get easier than that.

Customers speak highly of the device’s siren and state that it’s so loud that it manages to scare potential aggressors with its sound alone.

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