Expert Buying Advice for Studio Headphones under 50


It is possible to find a high quality pair of studio headphones at an affordable price, if you know what to look. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the best studio headphones without sacrificing quality for a lower price.

Best studio headphones under 50


The best studio headphones under 50 feature a closed or open design. Closed back headphones are capable of blocking out all background noise, which makes it easier for you to hear and edit each section of the tract. Open back headphones provide cooling air flow, and since a little outside noise is allowed in you can easily hear any interference that might occur in the lines.



You also want the headphones to be comfortable to wear, especially if you plan on long studio sessions. A lightweight construction and foam padded ear cups are generally more comfortable to wear, and adjustable headbands are always appreciated. You also want to ensure that the cable is long enough for you to easily more around, without becoming tangled or unplugged.



It is possible to find affordable studio headphones that are capable of producing high quality sound. 40mm drivers will produce a well balanced sound, while headphones with a wide frequency range ensure that you can clearly hear bass and treble notes. Aluminum and copper wires will enhance vocals, and studio headphones that are compatible with the rest of your equipment will deliver consistent high quality sound.


Most Popular Studio headphones under 50


While we can’t choose the right pair for you, we can show you the best studio headphones under 50. Affordably priced and designed to produce high quality sound in the studio, maybe one of these headphones is exactly what you need to mix and edit great sounding tracks.


Sony MDR-V55/BR


1.Sony MDR-V55-BR Studio HeadphonesThese sleek black headphones look and sound professional, and the closed back design is perfect for use in the studio. The foam padded ear cups are comfortable to wear, and seal tightly to block outside noise. This allows you to hear every section of the track and make edits whenever necessary. You will also appreciate the lightweight 7.05 oz construction, especially during longer studio sessions. The long cable is designed to let you move freely around, and it also won’t affect the sound quality of the recording. The powerful drivers will ensure a well balanced sound, and you will also appreciate the wide frequency range. You can easily hear low bass, along with higher treble tones and the gold plated connector ensures a smooth listening experience. With the adjustable headband and its lightweight construction, it’s easy to see why these studio headphones are a consumer favorite.

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Samson SR850


2.Samson SR850 Studio HeadphonesFeaturing a lightweight and comfortable design, these open back headphones are perfect for mixing and playing back tracts in the studio. The adjustable headband makes it easy for you to find a comfortable fit, and the foam padded ear cups prevent painful rubbing. The open back design also provides plenty of cooling airflow, which is always an advantage when you are stuck in a closed studio for long periods of time. The open design also makes it easier for you to hear any interference in the lines, along with letting you hear how the track will sound in a larger area. These headphones feature 50 mm drivers which are capable of producing smooth, balanced sounds, and with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 30 kHz you can easily hear low bass and high treble tones. Designed to be comfortable to wear and able to produce high quality sounds these headphones might be what you need to mix and edit studio tracks, along with listening to music at home.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M20x


3.Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Studio HeadphonesYou will love the professional and comfortable design of these studio headphones. The padded headband is easy to adjust to fit a secure and comfortable fit, and you will also appreciate the lightweight construction. The ear cups are designed to fit securely to block outside noise, and you will appreciate the foam padding which helps to prevent painful rubbing. The included cable provides plenty of room for you to move around, and since it is side exiting you don’t have to worry about it becoming tangled in your gear. The headphones also feature exceptional sound quality, and are specially tuned for enhanced bass. You also have the advantage of the aluminum voice coils that are copper coated for exceptionally smooth vocals, and the 40mm drivers ensure that the headphones are capable of producing smooth and balanced tones over a range of frequencies.

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