Tips for Buying a Reliable Stud Sensor


When you need to drill, hammer or screw into a wall or joist, you will need a product from among those featured in the best stud sensor reviews to ensure you are driving into a stud or another framing member. It is best to know what makes the top selling tools of this type stand out among others on the market so you can bag a good product.

Best Stud Sensor


Magnetic stud sensors are the earliest units to be used by carpenters and electricians. A magnetic model will not detect the stud itself. Instead, it senses the nails that secure the drywall to the stud. If the magnet element is not really strong and because the stud isn’t likely to have a continuous line of nails in it, the user may have to sweep up and down the wall several times before being able to locate a nail, and then again move above and below to ensure it’s an actual nail in a stud. Cheap but unreliable!

Metal-detecting models do the same thing as magnetic models. They really don’t detect the stud but only the nails and other metal in the wall. Working on the same principle as a treasure hunter’s metal detector, this type is outfitted with an electromagnet to induce a small current in adjacent electrical conductors and to detect the magnetic fields produced. Although this type is much more sensitive compared to regular magnetic models as you won’t have to be directly over a nail to locate a stud, it is rather prone to making false positive detections.

Ultrasound units are the only types that actually perform fine compared to doing a tap-and-listen routine. An ultrasound model directly senses the stud or maybe its edges by ‘seeing’ a change in the wall density. Use a known void to calibrate the device to zero, and then slide the tool along the wall and wait for it to beep or flash, signifying it has detected an edge. Ultrasound models are basically the ones typically found in the best stud sensor reviews.



The top rated stud sensors 2018 offer reliable stud locating performance at a consistent level. They won’t issue false positive readings when the drywall screw detected is not really placed in the stud. A good stud finder should not fail to detect the stud just because you have a thicker drywall than expected or the drywall was secured using non-magnetic items. Moreover, a good quality stud sensor should be able to give you a full assessment of the size of the stud.


Useful Features

The best stud sensor 2018 employs deep scanning technology so as not to provide false readings, as it locates the actual stud components and not simply tries to sense them. Some models work best on sheetrock but they do work on other materials also. Others come with an LCD display that’s easy to read, plus an audio tone and a unique pointing system that indicates the center of the stud. A Wire Warning feature ensures operator safety. A few models are able to provide simultaneous location identification of studs.


Top Rated Stud Sensors in 2018


Investing in a premium quality stud sensor helps you complete your DIY job more efficiently, quickly and safely. To ensure you are truly making a great buy, check out what key features to look for in this type of product. Three products are described below from which you can choose the best one that fits your needs.


Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710


1.Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 PrecisionLightweight at just 9 ounces, the ProSensor 710 is a tool made in the USA, ensuring you of superior quality and workmanship along with dependable functionality. It utilizes an innovative stud detection technology that enables it to instantly locate studs without requiring repeated sliding on the wall. The device is outfitted with a patent-pending sensor that handles the wall in thirteen different locations all at the same time, and then promptly lights up the display elements located next to or in front of a stud.

This device is a faster device that is less prone to making false readings. It is engineered to be more accurate compared to competing products on the market. The Advanced Multi-Sense Technology works in conjunction with the bright LED lights that function to point out the position of hidden objects, enabling the operator to effectively visualize the position of hidden objects. By defining the width of hidden objects, the stud finder helps you know their position along with their size.

The tool uses Deep Scanning that is kept active up to 1.5 inches so you won’t miss anything. The stud sensor has an ergonomic soft plastic handle so you can keep working with it without feeling hand fatigue very easily.

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Zircon MultiScanner i520


2.Zircon MultiScanner i520The Zircon MultiScanner i520 is able to locate the center and edges of metal or wood studs up to 1 ½ inches deep when on the Stud Scan mode. The patented SpotLite Pointing System defines the center of the stud. This device boasts a DEEPSCAN mode that pushes the scanning depth to two times the original for walls up to 1 ½ inches deep, enabling the tool to search for joists in floors and ceilings.

The METALSCAN mode senses non-ferrous metal including copper pipes up to 1 ½ inches deep, along with ferrous metal such as rebars up to 3 inches deep. The revolutionary AC SCAN mode detects and traces live, naked electrical wiring up to a couple of inches deep. This ensures the safety of the operator. The device has an easy-to-read LCD display as well as an audio tone to enable you to have a visual and audible element to what the device ‘sees’.

The Wire Warning Detection system defines the presence of live AC wires so the user is promptly alerted not to screw, drill or hammer into those areas. The Auto Correcting Technology corrects typical operator errors including scanning that begins over a stud. This device automatically scans nearby areas to its position and then recalibrates itself as needed.

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Stanley STHT77404


3.Stanley STHT77404Lightweight at 4.2 ounces, the Stanley STHT77404 provides wood and metal stud detection up to 1 ½ inches deep beneath surface material. It helps you avoid making unnecessary holes on your wall and ruining the surface material. The Stanley STHT77404 comes with AC detection that ensures operator safety by identifying live wires located up to two inches deep beneath, so you don’t make the horrible mistake of drilling, screwing or hammering there. Geared with a series of LED light indicators, the device gives a visual cue when it senses studs and also emits audible beeps to indicate its reading.

The Stanley STHT77404 provides a marking channel with LED that points to the target and enables you to easily and accurately mark surfaces. Thanks to the new ergonomic design, the stud sensor is easy to hold and maneuver all over the surface. The soft grip buttons ensure comfort and dependable control of the metal stud detection tool. This tool offers an effective means of seeing through walls so you won’t have to make costly mistakes on your DIY project. The Stanley STHT77404 is designed for use by DIYers and professionals, for both small and large projects.

It is the perfect tool to use when hanging shelves or heavy objects around the home or office.

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