If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best stud finders money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best stud finders on the market by looking at feedback and ratings from users, experts’ opinions and information from social media. Out of the products we have looked at, the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 appears to be the best. Due to its advanced Multi-Sense technology, the stud finder can locate multiple studs in a wall at the same time, so you will find this model to be very convenient and efficient. The bright LED lights installed on the stud finder will let you know with great accuracy where the hidden objects are located. Even more, the unit is capable of telling you the width of the hidden studs so you will be able to take measures depending on the situation. A dependable stud finder for floor joists, this is the type of unit you should get. In case you can no longer find the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710, the Zircon MultiScanner i520 is a second great choice.



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With a stud finder you can find wood or metal frame studs thanks to its accurate readings which such a reliable device should have. If you don’t have one at for yourself and you are searching to purchase one you should read the descriptions of the next stud finders which may prove very useful. The models below have been chosen after going through the best stud finders reviews which are very helpful when it comes to making a hierarchy.


A growing number of carpenters are searching for professional stud finders. Thousands of homes have a solid frame of wood joists, studs and beams for proper support. Most of them are usually covered with panelling, drywall, plaster and other materials. Whenever you need to securely hang something from the ceiling or wall it is important to make sure that the fastener is safely driven into a direct stud. You have to find the stud within a short period of time in order to fasten fast different things. There are many stud finder devices on the market, capable of becoming a carpenter’s best friend. From time to time people need to change different things on their walls and this is where professional stud finders can definitely help out.


Desirable features

With the right information you will discover the ideal product, worth using during a wide range of construction projects. We decided to assist you during the selection process by testing 25 of the most popular stud finders. After 80 hours of extensive tests, we were able to safely draft the best stud finder reviews. You need to go through professional reviews on the most popular products in order to determine which one should be in your toolbox. For different home repair projects, good stud finders are more than useful. A professional stud finder incorporates a powerful battery which enhances construction performance. Now, you should know that a reliable stud finder should include 3 major settings: the first one for finding studs beneath regular drywall; the second one is to identify studs placed under thick coverings; the last setting is for discovering fast metal.

With the best stud finder in 2019 you will be able to handle easier different construction tasks. Experienced carpenters know that plaster is denser and also ticker than drywall. This particularity makes finding studs more than difficult. Still, with the right stud finder the task becomes easier than ever. One of the most respected brands in the biz is Zircon. For years now, Zircon was the only manufacturer that made stud finders but now there are also other companies. Price is very important during the selection process. You have to set a budget and take things from there. You should stay away from cheap magnetic stud finders in order to work. Why? Such devices are pretty useless because the magnet is far too weak for proper detection. You have to invest in product that delivers precise results during each construction task.


In conclusion

Investing in the best stud finder in 2019 is not an easy task to perform. The multitude of products available on the market makes it pretty hard for people to narrow things down. Most of the current joists and studs are installed 16 or 24 inches apart. This is a fact that you need to take into account during each read. Most studs and joists are pretty straight and finding the right location involves using a professional finder. In addition to the reading accuracy you must choose a stud finder with an exclusive warranty!



Top rated stud finders in 2019


Now that you know a little bit more about stud finders, it’s time to pick the model that is right for your needs. Just below we have showcased the units you should take a look at as they are some of the most appreciated stud finders.



Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710


The most popular stud finder you can get your hands on is the Franklin Sensors 710 which has a superior precision level compared to other models. This finder is very easy to use, with its 1 button control which you just have to press once and you will be ready to go. The location of different materials is pinpointed by LED lights with which it is equipped with. Deep scanning is also possible, the Franklin Sensors managing to give accurate readings at a maximum depth of 1,5 inches. These capabilities and more make out of it one of the best stud finders in 2019.



Regarded by thousands of woodworkers as the best stud finder for the money, the ProSensor 710 from Franklin Sensors Inc features the exclusive Multi-Sense technology which scans and detects studs located in the wall

This high quality device incorporates bright LEDs which can illuminate the position of different studs, embedded in walls or ceilings

Includes the exclusive Deep Scanning technology that remains active during each moment of the task at hand

Due to its capacity to safely locate the position of multiple studs in the same time this professional tool is a handy addition to any gear


The batteries are not included (requires 2 “AA” batteries in order to run)

The plastic construction might feel a bit cheap but it resists well to prolonged use


Buy from Amazon.com for ($50.04)





Zircon MultiScanner i520


Best Stud Finders reviewsThe top stud findres reviews single out the Zircon i520 as a very reliable model which you can purchase for a very decent price. Wood, metal or wires, it doesn’t matter, the i520 will find them for you so you can perfectly plan the job you are about to do. The display is large enough to offer easy readable graphics, plust it even has an audio tone. It is very simple to operate it as well and it has a large number of satisfied customers all across the country.




As one of the most reliable stud finder from Zircon, the MultiScanner i520 Center-Finding device can be used to accurately pinpoint the location of metal, electrical wiring and obviously studs

Designed to locate studs in the center of metal, wood in standard walls up to 19 mm deep, this useful tool can also detect metal like copper pipes up to 38 mm

Features Auto Correcting technology which efficiently scans and recalibrates itself during each scan

Incorporates a safe display screen and SpotLite Pointing system that indicates the presence of studs during jobsites


Doesn’t work very well with carpets but it does provide some data


Buy from Amazon.com for: See The Price!




Zircon StudSensor e50


For precise readings and for always knowing the location of the wooden and metal frame studs you should invest in the Zircon e50 stud finder, which has all the features necessary to ensure you always make a job professionally. Live wire is also detected by this reliable finder at depths of up to 2 incehs. The display will alwasys alert you when you are close to a stud edge so you never make a mistake when you ar working on some application. The top stud finders reviews are very positive when describing the e50.



As the highest rated product from Zircon, the StudSensor 350 electronic stud finder can be used to accurately pinpoint the presence of metal joints and studs in floors, walls and also ceilings

The stud finder offers two major detecting features, deepscan and stud scan, designed to help people find studs in walls from 19 mm to 38 mm deep

Uses advanced technology and a carefully designed body for enhanced comfort during each job

This professional tool features TruCal technology which shows if it is properly calibrated and ready to work


The mini tool box is not built to withstand prolonged work pressure

It can’t find studs under plywood


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Hanson CH 03040


This stud finder is small enough to fit in your pocket so you will always have it with you by your side for when you need to find a metal frame stud. This finder uses magnets which if it finds a stud will keep it in place, without you having to press it against the wall. You don’t need to buy batteries or other things in order for it to work continuously, saving money in the process. With so many innovative features and a cheap price the best stud finders reviews absolutely recommend getting it.



Among this year’s Black Friday deals on stud finder, the 3040 magnetic from CH Hanson is designed to safely locate even the toughest of screws, nails and studs

Due to the powerful neodymium magnets this professional stud finders sticks to the wall and positively identifies the presence of nails and studs

It runs without requiring the use of batteries, lights or calibration, helping workers get their job done in peace

Users have to move the stud finder in a circular “S” motion in order to safely monitor the presence of metal and studs


This stud finder won’t work through tile

Does not come with a protective case (optional and available for purchase)


Buy from Amazon.com for ($7.49)




Black & Decker SF100


The Black & Decker SF100 which operates using AA alkaline batteries is another stud finder that you can purchase for yourself to help you with different applications. Precision mounting will be possible once you have it, because from edge to edge it is able to detect all the existing studs. When it detects studs you will immediately know because it is fitted with audio and video indicators. The compact design is another advantage with this stud finder for the easiest operation.



This product for Christmas or birthdays is a great option for woodworkers or construction engineers that need to control every moment of the process, without imposing any physical limitations

As a cheap product but with an advanced stud finding technology, the SF100 from Black & Decker comes equipped with LED indicators in order to pinpoint the location of studs and metals

Due to the compact design this professional stud finder is very easy hold and properly use during various moments of the building process

The stud finder features visual and audio indicators which permits people to work in loud environments or where visibility is an issue


Works in part with drywall compounds


Buy from Amazon.com for ($18.35)