A Professional Buying guide for Storage Sheds:


When you’ve got garden equipment to store, choosing the right product from the best storage shed reviews can be a challenge. You want to ensure that all your outdoor gear can be safely stored under lock and key if possible, in a convenient storage area where rot, water and the elements will not get into the things you keep in the shed.

There was a time when storage sheds were usually made of wood. When it comes to permanence, wooden storage sheds are the best choice. Siding material preferred is usually cedar. It has natural resins that make it rot-resistant. But cedar siding will not make your wooden storage shed absolutely maintenance-free. It needs to be treated with UV-resilient sealer or preservative for UV solar radiation protection. Applying a clear stain will help keep the wood’s natural charm. This is to protect the investment you make on your best product for the money. However, storage sheds made of wood are prone to wood rot and they’re not designed to stay waterproof for long. Insects could easily get into a wooden shed which has rot setting in. They are not made to be completely pest-proof either.

Those made of metal are also considered great alternatives to wood-type sheds. They will need a level floor or a solid surface to be mounted on, of pressure-treated lumber or concrete construction. They may require floor frame kits or anchoring kits to maintain their immobile structure. Take note: metal sheds are prone to corrosion.

Vinyl storage sheds have become the most popular choices for modern-day homeowners. A vinyl shed provides an efficient and quick solution to small-level storage concerns. Aside from being impervious to insects, a storage shed is also built to withstand any weather condition. You can buy a storage shed for Christmas and other holiday decorations that have to be kept till the next year.

Who makes the best storage shed? It all depends on your particular storage needs. Choose from an array of storage units online made of vinyl, which is insect-proof as well as pest-proof. They won’t rust, chip or dent. Vinyl storage sheds are not prone to product deterioration. They are as functional as their metal or wooden counterparts while providing ideal garden storage solutions.

Look for vinyl storage sheds with floors or flooring kits for your longtime permanent storage requirements. Such units are easy to assemble into a neat-looking unit to keep all your garden equipment well-organized and securely protected against the elements. Catch the best Black Friday deals on products with included flooring kits to get the best value for the price. Your wallet will surely thank you for it.

In your choice of an affordable product, consider the name behind the unit. Sometimes, the manufacturer’s track record in the industry counts a lot towards ensuring that you’re getting a premium product that can be used for years. Shelling out more money for a premium product is sensible instead of having to buy a new unit after just a few months of use. In conclusion, try to find the best storage shed 2018 with the elements presented in our buying guide.


Things to consider:

  • Shelving and provisions for lighting and ventilation such as a skylight or windows, for truly convenient use
  • With integrated flooring kit and anchoring kit plus sufficient storage space, built to your precise requirements
  • Strong and thick walls to ensure impermeability to the  elements as well as insects, small animals and pests
  • Superior-quality materials used in the easy-to-assemble structure, to offer long time functionality


Top rated Storage Sheds in 2018


Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed


Best Storage Shed ReviewsThis US-made storage shed is made with a high-density polyethylene floor that will not crack, peel or chip, ensuring long term use. The floor is made with slip-resistant surface and beveled edge to ensure safety, and is resilient against stains and oils. The high-arched doors are steel-reinforced and offer a generous four-foot wide by 6-foot high opening to the spacious shed. The high-pitched roof supports A-Frame trusses to offer 6 feet 8 inches of headroom so you don’t have to stoop low to get whatever equipment is stored inside the storage shed. This is easily the best storage shed 2018 due to its four large skylights that allow natural light in, plus two screened vents, a customizable shelving system and a shatterproof window  made for convenient, well-ventilated storage of tools and equipment.

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Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed


Recognized as a pioneer in innovative, high quality products, Rubbermaid redefines the concept of storage via its special offering, the Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed. The 17-cubic-foot shed has double-walled construction and a heavy-duty floor that is impact resistant to ensure protection of the stored items inside. The shed is made water-resistant as well as leak- and dent-proof. This storage shed is raved about in hundreds of the best storage shed reviews thanks to its ability to withstand rust and rotting, unlike traditional wood sheds. It is maintenance-free and is the ideal size for keeping safe long-handled tools aside from smaller outdoor items. Integrate separately-sold Rubbermaid wall anchors to this unit so you can organize your outdoor gear easily. Its storage capacity is 26 cubic feet.

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Suncast GS1250B Vertical Tool Shed


Made from durable, weather resistant resin, the Suncast GS1250B Vertical Tool Shed comes with easy-tool-less assembly to allow you to set it up quickly and use it efficiently. It has lockable doors with padlock hasp and foot latch to provide security for your various outdoor equipment. Pool supplies and garden equipment can be stored safely and kept from underfoot in this 20-cubic-foot convenient vertical shed. It keeps everything tidy and neatly organized. It comes with a foot lock, a floor ramp and built-in supports for easy integration with a wood shelf. The shed can be double-locked via the padlock hasp. This shed has a stay-dry design to keep outdoor toys and tools neatly stored. It can be assembled easily with snap-on ease in less than 30 minutes.

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Arrow Shed BW54-A Brentwood Steel Storage-Shed


The Arrow Shed BW54-A Brentwood Steel Storage-Shed provides a fail-proof way to store your outdoor belongings safely and neatly. The pre-cut and predrilled parts are easy to put together. It carries a space-saving profile that enables you to place it any where there’s a need for storage. This unit has a durable paint finish consisting of baked-on enamel over galvanized steel. It provides 93 cubic feet of storage space. It is 70 inches tall at peak height to ensure accommodation for long-handled tools. The steel construction ensures solid storage for your gardening essentials and other outdoor belongings. The shed provides compact storage space anywhere you need it the most, whether near the pool, deck or patio. It has durable galvanized steel parts for quick set-up and assembly.

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Keter Woodland Storage Shed


With 30 cubic feet storage capacity, the Keter Woodland Storage Shed makes a convenient way to store your gardening and various other outdoor essentials. It comes with a sturdy floor panel to ensure that it is ready to use once completely assembled. The shed is easy to assemble and will not require expert level of expertise to put together. It can be installed in about 45 minutes. The shed is lockable to keep your outdoor equipment or gear safe and secure inside. This plastic shed makes an attractive storage container that can also complement your outdoor décor due to its unique pattern and design. It is also lightweight yet sturdy, with a wood-look texture that is perfect for any setting. Items stored inside can be accessed by opening the top lid or the two front doors.

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