Top rated storage racks in 2018


Your garage is the perfect place where you can store a lot of stuff which you don’t need lying around the house. But all this stuff needs to be well organized because you may forgot where you put something and then when you need it again you will look for it for hours and hours until you find it. To solve these problems you need storage racks and which better way to find out which ones are the best for you than from the best storage racks reviews.


Racor PHL-1R Cable-Lifted Storage Rack


Best Storage racks reviewsThis innovative storage rack uses physics so that you will be able to store your things on your garage`s ceiling. Yes you read right, on your garage`s ceiling. The pulley system is made out of only high quality materials, like steel support beams or a vinyl coated steel cable for instance. Don`t worry about the assembly process because if you follow the easy manual instructions you will have it up and running in no time at all. There is little doubt that this is one of the best storage racks in 2018.

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Whitmor 6060-322 Supreme Shelving  Unit


Your garage will certainly look more organized after you have bought the Whitmor supreme shelving unit. The four shelves that it comes with give you the chance to place a lot of stuff on them in the order that you see fit. The secret behind its sturdiness and durability lies in the material from which it is built from and that is chrome steel. Each shelve is capable of taking a staggering 350 pounds of weight which has really impressed the top storage racks reviews.

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Sterilite Premium Heavy Duty 4-Shelf Storage Unit


The Sterilite storage unit is really useful to have in a garage because it can take a lot of stuff of your hands and keep it on its durable 4 shelves. One of the greatest things about this storage unit is the fact that it can be assembled in less than 10 minutes if you just follow the simple steps of its instruction manual. Also the tubular construction that it has, makes it take a lot of weight, even on its top shelf. There is no better place to keep your tools on.

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Origami R5-01 General Purpose Storage Rack


It may have a funny name, but the Origami R5-01 storage rack has some excellent capabilities and will be just the thing for your garage. The 4 shelved storage rack is made entirely out of power coated steel, which is rust-proof and most of all it allows the rack to bare a lot of weight. This means each shelve is capable of holding 250 pounds which is quite impressive. And the best thing about it which stunned the best storage racks reviews was the fact that it opens and folds in just 20 seconds.

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Edsal UR185L-BLK Black Steel Shelving Unit


For a very affordable price you can get your hands on the Edsal UR185L-BLK shelving unit so you manage to organize your garage a bit. Its shelve capacity blows away all competition with an amazing 400 pounds per shelf and there are 5 shelves, meaning the total goes up to 4000 pounds. This is possible thanks to the all steel construction which ensures the structural security. If you follow the instruction you won’t have any problems setting this shelving unit up.

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