Top rated table tennis paddles from Stiga


Stiga Sports is providing the best table tennis rackets for over 60 years. Their experience makes them the best. They made high quality and professional rackets.  All their rackets are designed carefully for providing the best game performance.  Some of the best table tennis paddle reviews are given in this article to make table tennis racket selection easy.


Best rated tennis paddle from Stiga – How to choose


Table tennis has become a very popular game that people can play at home; however, did you know that it originated in England during the 1880s? In 1926, it was so popular the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was formed to govern the sport and it later became an Olympic sport in 1988. It is no wonder that people strive to get the most reliable table tennis equipment on the market. Stiga table tennis paddles (or bats, if you live in the UK) are the best rated paddles available.  We understand that it may be a little overwhelming when you are trying to find a new paddle for Christmas for someone, especially if you are unfamiliar with the game. We hope that with the help of this guide, you will be able to feel confident purchasing a paddle that will enhance your loved one’s game.

When you are looking through Black Friday deals for a Stiga table tennis paddle, you will want to understand that the blade (the wood of the paddle) comes in various widths and layers. According to the regulations set by the ITTF, a table tennis paddle’s blade (the wooden part of the paddle) must consist of 85 percent of natural wood.  This allows companies to layer other materials in between the laminate wood. These other materials can strongly influence how the paddle handles the ball. For example, carbon is believed to make the blade stronger and it increases the speed and the size of the sweet spot (the best spot to hit the ball with). Other materials that can be used include fiberglass and aralyte. Ultimately, you will want to look for a blade that has the right elasticity in terms of your playing style. Cautious players will want an elastic blade, whereas the player who prefers ultimate speed rather than control will want a stiff paddle.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Sponge Price Color Blade Our Rating Where to buy

Stiga Pro Carbon

2 mm $$$$ Red 7 ply extra light A+ AMAZON

Stiga Evolution

2 mm $$$$ Red 6 ply light A AMAZON

Stiga Supreme

2 mm $$$ Black 6 ply extra light B+ AMAZON

Stiga Titan

2 mm $$ Black 5-ply extra-light B AMAZON

Stiga Apex

2 mm $$ Black 5-ply extra light C AMAZON


While it is not necessary to cover your blade with a rubber surface, you do have the option. A rubber can affect the control and speed of the ball. Soft sponge rubbers will give you better control but the speed of the ball will be a little slower. Medium hardness is a great choice for active players who is looking for an even balance between control, speed, and spin. Hard sponge rubbers will increase the speed of the ball, but you will sacrifice some of the control.

The surface of the paddle is something that needs to be considered when you are choosing which Stiga table tennis paddle is the best. Sticky rubber surfaces gives you plenty of control and spin when you hit the ball. A control elastic surface will give you more control, even at a low speed. This is ideal for the player who prefers control, whereas sticky elastic surfaces will give you a good spin and control while still being able to play at higher speeds. Off elastic surfaces offer a nice combination between speed and spin, and they are recommended for speed players that want a lot of top spin while playing. Then you have the final type of surface, the spin elastic. This rubber surface is ideal for modern table tennis. They are comparable to off elastic, but they have an extra spin component.


Things to consider:

  • What material is combined with the wood of your blade
  • How much control do you require, this will determine your blades elasticity
  • Do you want a hard, medium, or soft sponge covering your blade
  • What kind of surface do you require, as this will determine the speed and spin of the ball



Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Paddle


Are you looking for a high quality table tennis paddle? Our expert team and even professional players recommend the Stiga Pro Carbon because it has all the features necessary to help you with your game. The paddle’s rubber coating is great for enhancing your shots’ power and is perfect for a top spin as well. There is a 2mm sponge which connects the wooden frame to the rubber, giving the paddle a very light weight. The best prices for this model are found on, but a downside is that you have to wait around a month because the paddle is shipped from China.



As one of the top10 Stiga table tennis paddles in 2019, the Pro Carbon represents a great addition to professional players that desire to enhance their swinging force and capacity to hit harder the ball

Built with premium materials, this high quality tennis paddle ensures heightened control during each swing

The tennis paddle is fitted with S5 rated rubber that precisely manages impact while hitting balls thus helping players win game after game easier

Built with 2 mm sponge and a durable 7 ply light blade the tennis paddle can improve the user’s capacity to hit faster and easier



Does not come with a tennis racket cover (this accessory is sold separately)

The basic package doesn’t include tennis balls (available for purchase separately)


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Stigma Evolution Table Tennis Racket


If you like table tennis and are looking for a professional paddle, we recommend the Stigma Evolution with its superior set of features. The Concave handle will provide an excellent grip, so you have full control for the placement of your shots. The premium rubber that makes up its outer layer will allow you to hit shots with a superior spin, making your adversaries uncomfortable while they attempt to hit difficult return balls. The paddle also uses the innovative SDT technology which refers to a composite rod integrated in the design, absorbing energy and vibration.



As the highest rated Stiga table tennis paddles, Evolution Table reunite the newly developed Shock Dispersion Tube which enhances control over each swing, allowing players to tap into their game creativity

Features and advanced SDT technology that uses highly resistant composite rod for proper hold of the blade and handle, thus improving stability during games

The paddle incorporates a solid tube which fluidizes energy flow and reduces vibration emitted from contact with the ball, resulting in more accuracy

Equipped with the exclusive Concave Pro handle this tennis paddle is easy to control, allowing the development of quick movements



The basic package doesn’t come with a racket cover (sold separately)


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Stiga Supreme Table Tennis Racquet


It is perfect table tennis racket to buy for those who want to be the best. All of its features are extremely helpful in providing the supreme game play. All of the materials are chosen carefully to gives the highest quality to this professional tennis racket. The inverted surface of the racket should be very good because the hitting of ball and its speed is entirely depending on it. Stiga’s made the inverted surface of this racket with Stiga’s “Future” rubber to give the best. It is approved by the ITTF. The sponge size is 2 millimeter, it has 6-ply extra light blade. Its anatomic Italian composite handle helps to give the best performance during the game. Tube and Crystal Tech technologies are used in it that gives the comfort and ease while playing. For me, it is the best table tennis racket I have used yet. It never makes me tired and be easy on hands.

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What are the best Stiga table tennis paddles? Depending on player experiences there are many answers to this question. For maximum playing performance we recommend the Supreme Table tennis racket, a professional product that offers users the chance to expand their skill set

Designed with “Future” rubber and a durable 2 millimeter sponge the tennis paddle improves comfort during each game, helping players hit balls easier

Approved by the ITTF this paddle features an anatomic Italian composite handle that makes it perfect for highly active players irrespective of their skill level

Features the advanced Crystal Tech and Tube technology that improve dexterity and mobility during key moments of games, where quick reactions are mandatory



The tennis paddle does not come with playing balls (sold separately)

Some players consider the looping backspin wider than they would like


I never experience any problem with the Supreme by Stiga Table Tennis Racquet. Instead, it makes things better and comfortable. The product is very much useful to professional tennis table players as well as to those that are novice in the field.  I never imaging owning a product like this. This table tennis makes it best to give comfort and ease to each of its users. The product is very flexible and has the best design that no other table tennis racket can exhibit.”  Patricia Borowski


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Stiga Titan Table Tennis Racquet


Best Stiga table tennis paddles reviews

It is a professional and best quality table tennis racket. The speed and spinning has very much importance during the table tennis game. This tennis racket is designed to provide optimal speed and spin. To improve its function, it is made with inverted rubber sponge of 2 millimeter that hits the ball very swiftly. It is approved by the ITTF. It has a concave Italian handle and 5-ply extra light blade. It weighs only 0.35 pounds that makes it carrying easy during the game and increases the speed. Stiga has provided it with Stiga’s unique Crystal Technology that made the blade’s surface very hard and make it more durable. All these features make it a very good table tennis racket to play with. I find it the as the best table tennis racket. Many other users also praise it in many best Stiga table tennis paddles reviews. It is very good racket to select if you are starting to play table tennis.



Designed for beginner and intermediary players, this tennis racked features a durable inverted rubber sponge (2 mm) which improves swing force and hitting accuracy

As the best product for the money, the Titan Table racket from Stiga features the exclusive concave Italian composite handle that permits users to control the interaction between ball and paddle

Due to the 5-ply light blade and smooth Balsa Tech layer the paddle enhances player’s mobility and reaction time when opponents changes playing rhythm

The tennis paddle is fitted with the unique Crystal technology that hardens the blade surface in order to improve speed and hitting force



Doesn’t come with a carrying case (this is an accessory sold separately)

The package does not include playing balls (available for purchase separately)


Many have already commended the efficiency of the Titan by Stiga Table Tennis Racquet in its performance in any tennis table game. Because of this, it became number one and known to the public. The table tennis was very durable because it has already in my possession for almost 2 years and until now, it performs well. The product also looks great and better. The grip is also easy to use and to handle because of the ergonomic style that the product exhibited.”  Mindy Kegler


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Stiga Apex Table Tennis Racquet

The designing and composition plays very important part in making any table tennis paddle the best. From base to head, every part should be designed and made carefully. Stiga takes care of every minute feature and makes the best table tennis rackets. This table tennis racket is one of the examples of the best Stiga’s products. This racket can be found in many best Stiga table tennis paddles reviews because of the best and quality game it provides. It is very light weighted and gives the best performance. Light weight makes it easy to carry and increases the efficiency during playing. I like its handling. Its handle is concave Italian composite. The best quality Stiga’s Drive rubber covers its sponge surface that makes it the best racket. It is ITTF approved. Its surface is 2.0 mm. It has 5-ply, extra-light blade. All of this composition makes it highly elastic and gives it perfect structure that helps in playing.



Weighing only 4.8 ounces this durable table tennis racket is perfect for players that want to improve their gaming performance, helping them hit faster and easier

Since so many tennis tables want to know who makes the best product, we recommend the Apex Table Tennis racket, a model equipped with the newly developed “Drive” inverted ACS technology which ensures heightened control over the ball

Even though a cheap product the tennis table incorporates a 2.0 mm sponge which improves player’s ability to hit balls without problems

Features a 5-ply light blade and the exclusive concave Italian composite w/ WRB system that makes it easy for users to accurately manage key moments of games



The tennis paddle does not include a carrying case (sold separately)


The light weighted Apex by Stiga Table Tennis Racquet is the one I am using today. This is my best partner when I have to go on practice and tournament. The brand is very much reliable as it became one of the most popular and reliable table tennis in the market. With its performance and functionality, the product never increases in price. Instead, it became more affordable and budget friendly. In this case, many have this opportunity to buy this table tennis. ”  Sara Kirkman


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