Top rated Step Stools in 2019


I am not a particularly tall person, so I have relentlessly pored over the best step stool reviews that can help me find something that will not only bring me up there but support my weight as well. Height is not something that members of my family have been blessed with, so we have discussed step stools one way or the other during our family gatherings. My sister bought this plastic thing that easily got broken as it was not sturdy enough. I got myself a step ladder type that unfortunately folded up abruptly as I was going up the first step. Tired of the raw deal we’d been getting, I decided to do more research. Thankfully, I came up with five models that I’m sure would help people like me to reach the unreachable.


Cosco Signature 2-Step Stool


Best Step Stool ReviewsThis product has a serviceable height that works great for any task in the house. You can change a light bulb, wash windows or reach a high shelf easily and without fuss. This is easily the best step stool in 2019 because there’s something to hold on to so you can keep your balance. It may look weighty, but it is surprisingly lightweight at just 5 pounds. It can support users who weigh 200 pounds or less. This is a good product to have in your personal library, kitchen and wherever else you might need one. It’s easy to get up or down this step stool. You don’t even need to check if it’s leaning against a wall as it can stay sturdy and straight by itself.

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EVA Medical Foot Step Stool


I have seen this in a lot of doctor’s clinics and offices and I said “Why not?” The whole product looks sturdy and the chrome-plated construction has been steel welded for greater stability. The platform is of ribbed, non-skid material so you won’t have accidental slips on it. The legs come with reinforced rubber tips so there is enough traction between them and a slippery floor. The surface of the single step measures 14 inches wide, good enough to get a sturdy foothold on. It can support a person weighing 300 pounds or less. This trusty foot stool passes in the best step stool reviews because it is simple yet strong.

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Cosco Rockford Series Mahogany Step Stool


I could hang pictures on the walls all day with this elegant step stool. It can support 225 pounds or less, so a child using it to watch what you’re doing in the kitchen can do so without fear of breaking the steps. This is a classy addition to the best step stool in 2019 list. There is a railing that can keep you steady as you climb. The second step is 18inches high while the first tier is 9 inches high, good enough for easy ascending and descending. The mahogany finish is lovely and attractive enough to complement your wooden home décor. It can fold flat and the top step locks into place for easy storage.

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Green Wood Growing Up Step Stool


This is a multipurpose step stool that you and your children can use. Whether you need something for potty training, getting onto a high bed, painting the walls or hanging pictures up, this stool serves them all. It is constructed of pesticide-free bamboo and can be washed with non-abrasive detergent. It literally looks sturdy on its four feet, which are outfitted with non-skid rubber floor contacts at the bottom so it will not slide on a hardwood or tile floor. Your child can even carry it around as it is light. Even a child won’t be in danger of toppling forward when they use this top rated step stool in 2019.

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Kidkraft Two-Step Stool


Although the product is supposed to be for children, the 13-inc height may be too much for shorter children. It’s something you might find in a preschool classroom, but not built for home use. The makers claim to have designed it for maximum safety, but I guess that’s for users on a lighter and more diminutive scale. There are built-in handles you can use to carry it around. It may look plastic but it is not; it is of wood with a lacquer finish. Its low center of gravity prevents accidental tipping. The white or natural finish is fine as long as you aren’t too picky about color.

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