Top rated steam sterilizers in 2019


When it comes to baby’s safety and health, parents invest a lot of their time in identifying the most efficient steam sterilizer. This is a professional baby care device which maintains nipples, bottles and other types of feeding accessories safe and without the presence of germs. Taking into account the vulnerable state of the baby’s immune system it is important to invest in a reliable steam sterilizer. We took the liberty of carefully studying the market for a comprehensive look on the makings of top rated products. After 80 hours of tests on 30 products we managed to draft the best steam sterilizer reviews which any responsible parent should consult.


Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer


Best steam sterilizer reviewsOne of the best steam sterilizer in 2019 comes from Tommee Tippee, the Electric sterilizer. This product is known for its capacity to keep various feeding accessories safe to use. It uses a special chemical free and advanced sterilizing system which manages to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria! This baby care device helps parents take care of the little one’s immune system! The sterilizer has a user-friendly interface that makes sterilizing pretty easy! Press the button and in only 8 minutes it sterilizes whatever you place inside. This unique system comes with one Formula Dispenser, two 5 oz. bottles and also nipple tongs!

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Cuisinart CS-6 baby bottle Sterilizer


The current best steam sterilizer reviews underline the efficiency of Cuisinart CS-6 Baby Bottle sterilizer. This high quality device uses steam in order to safely sterilize pacifiers, bottles, breastfeeding pieces and also small toys. The sterilizer can hold up to 6 bottles of different sizes. Made of plastic or glass, the bottles are sterilized and ideal to feed the little ones. It is good to know that the sterilizer from Cuisinart is BPA-free and benefits from an exclusive 3-year warranty! Parents love this high quality bottle sterilizer for its fluid functionality! This is a great baby care device which precisely takes care of different accessories.

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Philips Avent Electric Steam sterilizer


More and more parents understand the importance of using steam sterilizers in order to keep different baby accessories safe and sterile. We recommend the best steam sterilizer in 2019from Philips, the Avent 3-in-1 Classic Electric sterilizer. This powerful device can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria from nipples, bottles, cups or even breast pumps. It uses intense steam sterilization system which protects baby products from carrying harmful bacteria. Plug the sterilizer in a standard electrical outlet for a smooth operating system. Due to the 3-in-1 design, the machine can hold a wide range of classic bottles, baby accessories and pumps.

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Dr. Brown’s electric Steam Sterilizer


Choosing a top rated steam sterilizer in 2019 from Dr. Brown’s ensures parents never give their children accessories and bottles with germs. This advanced Electric steam sterilizer can safely steam up to 6 bottles in only 12 minutes. Parents love this powerful sterilizer because of its user friendly interface. The sterilizer manages to sterilize various baby bottles. It uses a removable basket which keeps bottles in check, while steam removes germ and bacteria. Furthermore the steam sterilizer features accessory basket which can hold small items like nipples, pacifiers and pump parts. It is very easy to use, keeping all baby products safe to use!

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Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer


Thousands of American parents are looking for a professional steam sterilizer, capable of taking care of different baby products. One of the best steam sterilizers available on the market today comes from Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam device. This powerful sterilizer is perfect for parents that want to keep milk bottles, nipples, breast pumps and even small toys safe. The steam sterilizer can safely sterilize up to 4 bottles. Parents should also know that the steam sterilizer efficiently holds wide neck and regular bottles. Furthermore the device is perfectly dishwasher safe! The device is very easy to use and efficient.

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