Steam mops – What to look for:


Anyone who hates the chore of cleaning will surely welcome the most popular steam mop that can reduce cleaning time and significantly decrease their workload. Great for cleaning hardwood floors as well as a variety of other surface areas, the top ten units can even provide germ-killing power to a much higher level compared to squeeze mops or those that work with just a squeegee mechanism plus a bucket full of water. Goodness knows the hottest a squeeze mop can get is just 100° F using a typical heating system for the home to heat water set to 120° F. A steam mop, on the other hand, can produce steam that is hotter than 200° F, making such a product the hands-down winner when it comes to sanitizing power.


Large water tank capacity + fast steam production

Knowing who makes the best steam mop is not enough. You may have a top-of-the-line product but if it has lousy steam-producing performance, that is but a waste of good money. Remember that a larger area to clean requires a tank with enormous capacity. This ensures that you do not have to frequently run to the faucet for a refill every time the water in the reservoir is all used up. Although most models can readily use ordinary tap water, a tank  fitted with hard water filter helps reduce scaling to keep steam-producing capability of the appliance consistent, which also keeps the life of the mop longer. More importantly, steam creation should be fast and efficient, preferably half a minute or less if possible. This is to help with faster completion of cleaning tasks.

The ideal shape and weight for getting into the tightest corners + swivel joint head

A triangular mop head is what makes even affordable steam mops sell well in the market. That is the ideal shape for tackling corners and getting into edges of base boards effortlessly. Rounded edges on a steam mop ensure that you don’t unduly damage your wall surfaces as you go along to clean into their corners. A swivel joint head helps you maneuver the cleaning device around and under furniture. Grab a cleaning device that comes with a carpet glider to make steam mopping rugs and carpets quick and efficient. The appliance should not be too heavy, which enables you to carry it effortlessly from room to room to clean floors and various surfaces .


Energy efficient and safe to use

The cleaning fabric under a steam mop should be of microfiber , which helps the cleaning device deliver the kind of cleaning needed supplemented by efficient delivery of heat. The steam mop should not leave excess moisture even on hardwood floors, as presence of  water could damage the surface and cause warping or rot deep beneath the surface. Make sure the product does not require use of chemical cleaning products that could prove harmful to the environment and compromise on safety for everyone. If it does use exclusive cleaning additives , the cleaning substance should be of organic formula to ensure no harm to children, the entire family and pets.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product review Head type Price Continuous steam Attachments Our Rating Where to buy
Hoover TwinTank WH20200 swivel triangle $$$ No YES A+ AMAZON
Bissell 1867-7  360-degree swivel $$$ No YES A AMAZON
Haan SI-60  swivel $$$$ YES YES B+ AMAZON
Shark S3601D
2-sided $$$$$ YES YES B AMAZON
Shark Light & Easy S3101  fixed no-swivel $$ No YES C AMAZON


Hopefully, you’ll be able to find out which steam mop is the best for your specific cleaning needs. Having one handy keeps the floors and surfaces of a modern home sanitized and well cared for.


How to find the best steam mop – Professional Advice


steammopSome home floors require special tools in order to be cleaned properly. A good idea would be to invest in a steam mop, if you have laminated, vinyl, tile or sealed wood flooring. The steam produced by the mop will make these types of floors shine, so your home looks cleaner than even. Of course there are a lot of models from which to choose from. To make sure you will get your hands on a top one, you should take a quick look at this buying guide. The best steam mop reviews that follow this buying guide, will present the most reputable models according to our team of experts.

First of all. you should understand a steam mop’s limitations, so you don’t have a false impression about its features. Your floors must be even because if they have any major surface differences, the steam mop won’t be able to do its job properly. Also be advised that waxed floors are off limits for this type of cleaner because such a tool will melt the wax. Most steam mops can’t sanitize your floors because the steam temperature isn’t high enough. You can use it for a simple stain removal purpose, but the mop won’t have any effect on germs or bacteria. There are a few models which can do this, but they are quite expensive. Another useful tip is not to let a steam mop more than 15 seconds on the same spot because there is a good chance, if you have a wooden floors, they can get burned. We advise you to be careful about the way you use it.

Top professional steam mop reviews were read by us, so we could better identify features that make a model great. The information you acquire by reading this buying guide, will help you decide on the perfect model for your home’s floors.

Now that you know what a mop can’t do, we can move forward and identify what to look for in a reliable steam mop. The first thing is be sure you have the floor types mentioned above, because if you are wrong about it, you will end up damaging them. In accordance with the size of your floors, get a mop with a larger or a smaller water reservoir.  If you have to refill a couple of times before you finish your task, it means you have a smaller model than is needed. Also, make sure the reservoir can be easily refilled, so you don’t waste time and effort doing this task. It would be a good idea to opt for a lighter model, with an adjustable handle.


Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors


BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop


When used as directed, the BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop can help rid the home of 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It can provide hard floors with a sparkling, sanitized clean, making it the best steam mop for hardwood floors. Dried-on and sticky messes get cleaned off twice faster than even the leading brand in this category, all thanks to the scrubby microfiber mop pad and integrated flip-down Easy Scrubber of the BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop. The steam mop is outfitted with SmartSet digital, variable steam control, so you can choose from low, medium and high to get customized cleaning and sanitizing. The unit can be paired with optional Spring Breeze fragrance discs that give the room a different level of freshness.

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The water will heat up in a certain amount of time and then it will turn it to steam. If you wait too many minutes before you can start the cleaning process, then something is wrong with your steam mop. The maneuverability is also a deciding factor, so if you can get a model with a swivel head, it will be very helpful. Last but not least, look for a mop which has multiple steam outlets. Just one outlet makes a steam mop more prone to leaving drops of water behind.


Best Steam Mop for Laminate


Dirt Devil PD20000B Easy Steam Mop


Thanks to its continuous steam-generating system that distributes steam across the entire surface of the micro-fiber cloth pad, there is less water to soak the pad, leaving fewer smears and streaks. This awesome cleaning feature makes the Dirt Devil PD20000B Easy Steam Mop the best steam mop for laminate.  This appliance not only eliminates rinsing and wringing while carrying heavy buckets of water, but it also leaves surfaces sanitized and nearly completely dry. The 1500-watt steam mop produces transforms regular tap water into sanitizing steam in just 30 seconds. It is engineered with a pivoting V-shaped steam head that gets into corners and around furniture quite easily, which helps you finish your cleaning tasks without having to lift furniture off the floor.

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These are the things you need to look for in a reliable steam cleaner, with the addition of a long power cord, so you don’t have to switch the power source multiple times. Your cleaning session will be finished faster this way. The best steam mop in 2019 can be yours if you look for these features. We recommend that you read about what different models are capable of doing in advance. A steam mop can be excellent for your floors if you know what you are dealing with and how its functions.


Best Steam Mop for Grout


BISSELL Lift-Off Titanium Steam Mop


Offering all-natural cleaning as well as taking care of sticky messes that need to be taken off the floor, the BISSELL Lift-Off Titanium Steam Mop offers a revolutionary way to clean and sanitize surfaces. Get two machines in one with the hose that comes with the steam mop. The removable steam pod lets you clean above floor surfaces. But there’s more. The BISSELL Lift-Off Titanium Steam Mop cleans nearly all kinds of hardwood floors minus the harmful residues and fumes of chemical-based cleaning agents. It is ideal for use with sealed hardwood floors, linoleum, laminate, vinyl, stone, ceramic and marble. Use the grout brush to coax out deep seated dirt in tile grout, which makes this the best steam mop for grout. Get steam cleaning power that goes beyond floor surfaces with the detachable steam pod and  long hose.

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Things to consider:

Keep in mind that customer reports are a valuable source of information about different models.

–          Don’t use one for wax floors;

–          Only top models can sanitize;

–          A large water reservoir capacity is important, so it produces more steam;

–          The water reservoir should be also easily refilled;

–          A fast water heating time is important as well;

–          High maneuverability.



Top rated steam mops in 2019


Steam mops provide efficient and thorough cleaning, which is why a lot of people are now shifting to this cleaning device. In this article, we have listed the best steam mop reviews to help you make a decision.


Our top choices:



Hoover WH20200 TwinTank steam mop


The Hoover WH20200 rightly belongs to this list because it has everything you would want from a steam mop. It can cover and clean big spaces thoroughly, saving you precious time on cleaning. More so, it is equipped with advanced technology that can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria and uses non toxic cleaner, which ensures its users that your house is not clean, but is also very safe. Furthermore, it is also light weight, so moving around your house is very easy. it gives you much needed mobility to go through every area of you house. It works great for linoleum floor, tone floors, and even carpets.



 Able to disinfect floor surfaces while killing almost 100% of germs on floors

 Two-tank system provides versatility in sanitation so users can opt to use steam alone from water or with Hoover Multi-Purpose Disinfectant solution

 Adjustment from light to heavy cleaning easily managed with clean control dial

 Swivel triangle head allows easy maneuvering and cleaning through not-easily-accessible areas



 Requires constant or stable pressing of the trigger while mopping

 Care must be taken not to let water and chemical residue build up in the tanks


My house’s floors are spotless with Hoover WH20200 TwinTank Disinfecting steam mop. I also bought it because it efficiently kills the germ. The 3 months that i have been using it, so far are a pleasant experience for me. So, YES, I definitely recommend it.”  Terrell Reynolds


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Bissell 1867-7 Steam mop


Best steam mop reviews

Many people are very much satisfied with the high performance of Bissell 1867-7. Not only does it provide thorough cleaning, but it is also very easy to use. Having a 360 degree mop head, this steam mop can reach and go through even the tightest spots without any problem. Unlike the average steam mop, it can easily fit to hard to reach areas to clean away all germs and dust. With this, you can be sure that your house is spot free and very safe. The Bissell 1867-7 is very ideal for those who have children and pets in their homes.



 Clean even hard floor surfaces with an easy-to-use upright electric mop that cleans and sanitizes floors efficiently

 Units uses steam only to carry out chemical-free sanitation by producing germ-ridding steam from ordinary tap water

 Electric mop does not emit harmful fumes, leave residues or chemical by-products

Swivel mop head is easy to use for hard-to-access places



 More expensive than other products in the same category

 Will not reach into cracks and crevices


Bissell 1867-7 Steam mop makes my hard floors shine. I don’t think it has anything less than a professional quality, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. I also am very satisfied with its maneuverability. A lot of people ask what is the best steam mop, but for me the answer is this model from Bissell.”    George Butler


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Shark Light & EasyTM Steam Mop (S3101)


The Shark S3101 steam mop will do wonders for your hard floors making sure they will shine in your home. The steam will be ready in 30 seconds so you can start your cleaning session straight away. It won’t leave your floors wet like other steam mop models ensuring they remain dry after you go over them with the Shark S3101. The best steam mops reviews consider it to be a solid investment.



 Able to produce super-heated sanitizing steam in just half a minute thanks to the On-Demand Variable Steam-producing motor

 Offers almost 100% sanitation against bacteria and germs, which is indispensable in sanitation-critical areas such as clinics, hospitals, kitchens and restaurants

 Dirt is locked in and lifted by the washable micro-fiber pads

 Steam produced also dries  immediately



 Ergonomic handle requires a bit of upgrade

 Mop head is in fixed position so unit can’t be maneuvered into hard-to-reach places


“In the time I have used this steam mop from Shark, I have found that it is to my liking because it makes my floors look amazing. I give it a big thumbs up for its easy functionality and for its cheap price. I am even thinking of making this steam mop a Xmas gift for my parents, my mom would surely love it.” – Nicole Andrews


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Shark S3601D Professional Steam Pocket Mop


The S3601 model from Shark is a great solution for keeping you floors super clean and shiny always. It not only cleans but it also dries everything in an instant so your floors will never be wet or slippery after you have used it. The power cord has a length of 30 feet so you can take care of the floors of one big room in just one go, without changing plug-ins. These are just some of the features which make it one of the best steam mops in 2019.



 Uses ordinary tap water to provide 99.9% sanitization that’s ingenuously chemical free

 Patented Shark Steam Pockets enable two-sided efficient cleaning

 Carries 3-Setting Shark Intelligent Steam Control so steam production is always at its optimum

 With extra-large capacity water tank



 Can leave streaks on laminated floors, necessitating follow-up polishing after the unit is used

 Design uses the rear part of the triangular and rectangular pads since that’s where the weight is


 “My floors have never looked better and this is thanks to the Shark S3601 and its top performances. This makes me recommend it as a very reliable solution for other people who are looking for a solid steam mop.” Emily Winston


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Haan SI-60 Select steamer


With its amazing features, it is no wonder why Haan SI-60 claimed a spot in our best steam mop reviews. It has an adjustable cleaning system that does not only clean away dust and dirt, but also sanitizes your place at the same time. With its Smart Steam technology, this particular steam mop can kill away 99.9% of germs and bacteria, giving you a safer home with every use. Other great features of Haan SI-60 include high powered pumps, steam jets, and water heaters. It is also equipped with the highly renowned ultra-micro fiber cleaning pads that ensure thorough cleaning on all types of floors.



 Steam mop is engineered with a swivel head so even hard-to-reach areas and tough spaces can be sanitized with ease, making it the answer to what is the best steam mop for tile floors

 Comes with a carpet glide attachment that allows sanitation and rejuvenation of carpets

 Detachable water tank can be filled readily from a standard faucet

 Comes with two pieces of reusable cleaning pads made of micro-fiber



 Will loosen grout stains but not flush them out since tile grout is porous

 Head is maneuverable but still too large for tight spaces


I am pleased with the Haan SI-60 because it can remove not only dirt, but germs too. The stains on my floors are eradicated without any problems and fast. I recommend it to all people who are looking for one of the best rated steam mop and if you can get it for a Black Friday deal, that’s even better.”   Robert  Gordon


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Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer


The Haan SI-35R is powerful, durable, and effective when it comes to cleaning. It can go through and work on large areas without any difficulties, making it one of the most reliable cleaning devices out today. More so, its water can reach up to 212 degree Fahrenheit that can surely kill away any germs and bacteria found in its way around your house. Added to that, it can hold water enough for 20 minute straight cleaning. Furthermore, its two microfiber pads can steam all types of floors, including carpets, so you would not need to worry about ruining any of your house floorings.



 Made to kill 99.9-percent of germs and bacteria on all floor  surfaces

 Starts up readily and is ready to sanitize floors in as little as three minutes

 Has an easy-to-fill tank and offers up to 20 minutes of powerful steam cleaning run time

 Leaves floors clean and dry while being lightweight and easy to maneuver



 Cord is not that long so users have to find a way to handle that

 Tends to produce some noise


Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer has proven to me, in the time that i have used it, that it can be relied upon. I clean my floors thoroughly and sanitize them as well. I love using this compact device which definitely is the best model I could have got for the money I had at the time..”  Robert M. Pate


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Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop


If you have hard floors in your home than you should get the Bissell 1940 steam mop to properly clean them and make them shine. Crevices are no bother for this steam mop thanks to its Easy Scrubber system which is very reliable. The water tank has a large capacity and at the same time can be easily removed so you can fill it with water when there is no more in the mop to create steam. Also you will be able to take care of corners as well with its low profile design. The best steam mop reviews have been impressed by the quality of its work.



 Give hard floors a boost with a steam mop that delivers shiny, sanitized and all-natural cleaning

 Digital steam control lets users optimize variable settings

 Built with Easy Scrubber feature that flips down and reaches deep into the grout and crevices, , so this is the solution to what is the best steam mop for tile floors dilemmas

 Enjoy both light and heavy cleaning levels with the exclusive SmartSet Steam Control



 Filter beads tend to change rapidly when hard water is regularly used

 Works better with distilled water


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Eureka Enviro 313A Floor Steamer


Your floors need to look nice and shiny at all times and for this job the Eureka Enviro 313A floor steamer is just the thing for you, being a hugely popular device in households around the US. This steamer not only makes your floors clean it also sanitizes them even without the use of any chemicals which are not good for your health. The handle is adjustable so you can set it accordingly to your height, making you feel comfortable while using it. The water level will be shown to you by a light so you know when it is time to fill it up again.

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Dirt Devil PD20020 Canister Steam Cleaner


If you want a quality and effective steam but have a limited budget, then the Dirt Devil PD20020 will surely not disappoint. Coming in on a very affordable price tag, this steam mop provides nothing less than through cleaning while still being user friendly. It is very easy to operate. With this, you can save time from cleaning and be able to attend to other errands. Furthermore, the Dirt Devil PD20020 is also easily transportable. With its two handy rolling wheels, you can move this steam mop from one place to another without any problem. This feature is especially great when you need to clean many areas.

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I can easily clean my floors with the Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister. This steam cleaner was the one that better suited my floor and easily remove stains from it. I have this for almost 2 months.  From the day I bought it from Amazon, I didn’t experience any difficulties regarding its functioning.”  Charles Holtz