Best steam irons under $25


Cheap steam irons prices


Steam irons are great to use because they clear wrinkles in single run without applying very much effort. The steam moistens the clothes and makes their ironing easy. Some features of best steam irons under $25 are given in this article so you can select the iron that suites your household best.


Panasonic NI-E200T steam iron


Panasonic has been making best household appliances for years. In this iron, steam can be adjusted accordingly, from high to low. The steam can easily be sprayed through its push button to remove wrinkles from the clothes. It requires 1200-watt power to run. It features steamed as well as dry ironing, which can be set as per requirement. It has the medium weight that makes it easy to use. It has the titanium soleplate that makes ironing very smooth and its U shaped design is very effective.

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“I needed a simple yet effective iron to make my shirts perfect so I always look sharp when I go to work and the Panasonic NI-E200T is just right for the job. I have the possibility to steam or dry iron depending on the type of clothes and this is exactly what I wanted.” Rob Hunter


Panasonic NI-E300TR steam iron


To minimal the wrinkle in one run, its titanium soleplate is designed to put all the iron weight in center, not at tips. This iron from our best Panasonic steam irons reviews glides smoothly on the clothes and there is no chance of sticking and burning because of its non-stick plate. This design also gives the more surface area for steam to get to the clothes. It needs 1200-watt of power to function. Its cord is retractable that allows easy storage. This iron has on/off switches for 3 positions for security purposes.

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“To iron my clothes I got for myself the Panasonic NI-300TR which after using it I can declare that it is a excellent low budget iron. It does exactly what it is expected of it and that is to make my clothes look nice and tidy.” Jennifer Oliver


Black & Decker F67E steam iron


Aluminum soleplate in iron allows smooth and quick ironing. This classic design iron has aluminum soleplate with dial to select fabric, which places it in the best steam irons under $25. The steam is activated by thumb and it has anti-drip system also that stops spot formation. Along with giving best steam ironing, it also has dry option. Its best feature is Smart Temp indicator that lights up to guide about the ideal temperature that is required on your current fabric that you are ironing.

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“The Black & Decker F67E was what I bought as my personal iron and I can’t think of anything being wrong with it after I have been using it for some time now. If you are thinking of getting the same iron I say go for it, the price is cheap and the iron is very reliable.Dorothy Burns


Proctor Silex 17291Y steam iron


Steam ironing is indeed great but some clothes require less steam and other require more. This iron is designed for all kind of fabrics and the steam is also adjustable. This steam iron always gives the best wrinkled free clothes and tension free ironing. Its soleplate is made from non stick material that makes it ideal to be use on soft clothes even. It also features On/Off Light Indicator. Its simple and fine features make it one of the best steam irons under $25.

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“I wanted a simple steam iron for my home and this is exactly what I got from the Proctor Silex. I seem to put out any wrinkle which my clothes have so I always look sharp when I wear them. I never had a problem with its soleplate, because it doesn’t stick and ruin any of my clothes.”  Lindsay Kerrison


Black & Decker IR03V steam iron


This iron has many best and automatic features that allow smooth and trouble free wrinkle removal from the clothes. It has the non stick soleplate that is suitable for many types of fabrics. The iron softly glides over the clothes without letting the fabric stick. It features Smart steam technology that changes and controls the iron temperature according to the fabric quality and gives the steam according to the requirement only. The anti dripping system doesn’t allow water spot on clothes at low temperature.

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“This steam iron cost me almost nothing and for me it has all the qualities I want to see in one. I iron efortlessly all my clothes, in a very short while, because its soleplate glides smoothly over them. I recommend it as a very economical and good solution for an iron.” Jane Patrick