Top rated Steam Irons reviews


If you’ve been going through the best steam irons 2019 catalogues, chances are you haven’t been able to find the perfect choice. Although such literature can be helpful, it does not guarantee that you can get the best product to make ironing less of a chore. Generally, steam irons are quicker with heat generation, are cheaper, smaller and more compact than steam generating irons. Made for shorter ironing jobs, a steam iron should be of optimum quality in order to outperform other appliances in its category. Here are five models I consider great investments for the busy homemaker.


Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Steam Iron


Best Steam Irons 2019Dozens of best steam irons 2019 write-ups have included the Rowenta DW6080 thanks to its energy-saving features and ironing efficiency. You can get up to 25% savings when you use this “intelligent” iron. The revolutionary and exclusive Microsteam400 3De soleplate reduces steam loss and saves on water. Maximum steam generation is guaranteed by the state-of-the-art Eco-Steam system. This steam iron has a rotary trigger that both left- and right-handed users can comfortably employ. Three variable settings are in the steam optimization system. With 1700 watts at your disposal, this steam iron heats up quickly and makes short work of your ironing job.

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Rowenta DW5080 Focus Steam Iron


Many steam iron reviews 2019 creators have included the Rowenta DW5080 thanks to its high performance features. The DW5080 has an enhanced thermostat and a hardworking Anti-Drip system. 400 Microsteam holes release consistent steam for perfect distribution. The stainless steel tip is given enhanced precision treatment for easier ironing jobs every time. The capacious water steam tank takes in a maximum of 10 ounces of water, and is also designed with a self-clean system to effectively flush out mineral deposits that have not been allowed to harden.

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Panasonic NI-W810CS Multi-Directional Ceramic Soleplate Iron


The Panasonic deserves mention in the steam iron reviews 2019, thanks to its adjustable steam feature and exclusive dial temperature control. It heats up rapidly at 1500 watts and releases a jet of steam from its 6 ¾-ounce water tank. The unit has self-cleaning feature built with anti-calcium capability. The steam generation system releases a strong burst of steam to ease out stubborn wrinkles on clothes. The iron has 360-degree straightening capacity that lets you iron in any direction. That’s all thanks to the patented double-tipped soleplate.

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Rowenta DW8080 Pro-Master Steam Iron


The German-made Rowenta DW8080 is a professional-grade steam iron that features 3-way automatic shut-off. It uses 1700 watts to quickly heat up and release variable jets of vertical steam minus those annoying water drops. You can also use the cool mist spray options. The sole-plate is given extra polishing treatment so it smoothly glides over clothes. The high-precision tip makes it possible to iron even the most delicate and complicated garments. The heating assembly is housed in a full metal shield for greater durability. The handle is ergonomically covered for comfortable ironing sessions every time.

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SINGER EF.04 Expert Finish Steam Iron


The Singer EF.04 is so easy to use. It has a polished stainless steel soleplate that smoothly glides to iron out wrinkles in your clothes. The LCD Electronic Display lets you precisely set and check the nine different fabric and temperature settings. You can opt for either vertical or horizontal delivery of steam for more precise ironing. A three-way intelligent auto-shut off system is integrated, which, together with the Anti-Drip system, lets you iron in comfort and safety. The swivel cord is fully flexible at 360 degrees so you can iron in any direction.

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