Steam Irons – What to Look For:


Many people forego ironing their clothing because it can be a time consuming chore. However, if you have a new steam iron, you will find that the chore is a lot easier and one that you may not mind doing. While you can purchase a cheap steam iron, it isn’t recommended because those models may not have the features that truly make the iron worthwhile.

We have created this guide to help you choose which steam iron is the best for your personal needs. While we cannot tell you who makes the best steam iron, we do believe that the features we have outlined below will be beneficial to you.


The Type of Fabric

When you are choosing what is the best steam iron for your needs, we urge you to consider the type of fabrics you intend on ironing. If you have a lot of delicate fabrics in your wardrobe, you will want an iron that is safe to use with these fabrics. You will want to find an iron with a variable heat setting and a soleplate that is both non-stick and curved, so that it will glide easily across the fabric without snagging or tugging.


The right steam iron should have various types of controls. These controls will allow you to adjust the temperature, the amount of steam, and even what kind of fabric the iron can be used on. These controls can come in various forms, such as dials, slides, or buttons with digital readouts. You will want to make sure the controls are easy to read as well as easy to adjust.


The Water Reservoir

Because you are purchasing a steam iron, you will want to take into consideration the size of the reservoir. If you are doing a lot of ironing, you will want an iron with a decent sized reservoir so that you aren’t stopping in the middle of your ironing to refill the tank. You will also want to make sure the iron doesn’t leak if the iron is on a low temperature setting. This leaking could leave calcium deposits on the soleplate, which is damaging and could cause stains or burning when used on fabrics.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Wattage Price Cord Length Tank Capacity Our Rating Where to buy

Panasonic NI-W950A

1700W $$$$ 10 ft 10 oz A AMAZON

Rowenta DW9280

1800W $$$$ 7 ft 12 oz B+ AMAZON

Rowenta DW8080

1700W $$$ 7 ft 12.7 oz B+ AMAZON

Panasonic Nic78Sr

1200W $$ 10 ft 5.4 oz B AMAZON

T-fal FV4446

1700W $$ 9 ft 9 oz B AMAZON


Ironing doesn’t have to be a chore that you dislike doing. Instead of relying on the dryer to get out the tough wrinkles, you can save time and energy by running over your garments with a good steam iron.


Learn how to buy the best steam iron – Expert advice


4In a world where we strive for convenience and quick fixes, there is nothing like putting on a nice crisp shirt that has been freshly ironed. You look well put together, professional, and nice—which is ideal when you are getting ready for Christmas dinner with the family. Many people underestimate the value of a good steam iron; however, with this guide, we will explain what you should look for when purchasing a new steam iron.

Many people seem to think that ironing is an archaic chore that has to take hours to do. That is not the case, and some of the best rated steam irons have cut down the time it takes to press your clothing. Some features that are essential when choosing a good iron include a non-stick coated soleplate. This is important because it will help the iron glide across the surface of any fabric without sticking. This in turn protects the fabric from the heat and it makes ironing much quicker.

You want to make sure the water reservoir is easy to read and is ideally see through. This may seem like a minor thing, but there is nothing worse than getting half way through your ironing and having to stop because you have run out of steam! While we are talking about steam, keep in mind that the more holes there are on the steam plate, the more steam that will meet the fabric. This will help cut down on the time it takes to iron. In addition, a heavy iron will do all the work for you. You just want to make sure the iron is comfortable to hold and is well balanced.


Best Steam Iron for Sewing


SteamFast SF-717 Home and Away Mini Steam Iron


If you are ever travelling or you are hemming your pants, the SteamFast Home and Away Mini Steam Iron is considered to be one of the best steam irons for sewing because the compact design allows you easily iron small areas. The 420-watt iron can remove wrinkles from most fabrics, thanks to the 1-2/5 ounce water tank and the overall ability to heat up within 15 seconds. The iron also has a variable temperature dial which allows you to control the temperature so that you can use the iron on various types of fabrics, even delicate fabrics like silk and synthetics. Other convenient features the iron has include a one touch steam control, dual voltage for travel convenience as well as a non-stick soleplate that allows the iron to glide effortlessly on the fabric.

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Another essential feature include a swivel cord base so that you do not have to fight with the cord as your iron. The swivel base allows you to move around the ironing board without being tangled up in the cord. You can move the cord to the desired spot without worrying about burning yourself, too. Of course, if you do not mind spending a little bit of extra money, you can find cordless irons that do away with the cord entirely.

Some of the most popular steam irons feature variable heat or fabric settings. These settings are ideal because you will have the ability to iron a variety of fabrics, from cotton to silks, without worrying about ruining the fabrics due to inappropriate heat.


Best Steam Iron for Silk


Panasonic NI-E650TR U-Shape Steam-Dry Iron

 The Panasonic Titanium Soleplate Steam-Dry Iron is considered to be one of the best steam irons for silk because it features a curved soleplate that concentrates pressure at the center of the iron rather than the tip. This provides equal heat distribution and as well as reducing the chances of tugging, snagging and even wrinkling on all fabrics, including delicate material like silk. The spray mist allows you to apply extra moisture to the areas that are badly wrinkled, thus making it easier to smooth the fabric. The anti-calcium system helps to prevent clogged steam vents by vaporizing the chamber of the iron. The vaporizing reduces the build-up considerably, thus prolonging the longevity of the iron.

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When it comes to safety, you may want to look for an automatic shutoff feature on your iron. You will be happy to know that this feature can be found on affordable devices as well as the expensive models. What the feature does is it will turn the iron off if it has been on the heel for too long or if it is knocked over.

Whether you want to find an iron for yourself or someone else as a gift, you can usually find high quality irons when you scour the Black Friday deals in the paper. Just keep these simple tips in mind and you will be on your way to looking dapper and well put together in no time.


Best Steam Iron for Quilting


Singer Classic Finish CF.04 Steam Iron


The Singer Classic Finish Steam Iron is a 1700 watt iron that can expertly press any garment. This is considered to be one of the best steam irons for quilting because it can create crisp lines which help with the sewing process. The innovative steam features in the iron remove wrinkles effortlessly and can work in the vertical or horizontal position. The iron also has a variable steam temperature control that can change from a cool steam to hot. The brushed stainless steel soleplate is designed to glide over all types of fabric without any snagging or tugging, which could potentially damage the fabric.

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Things to consider:

  • A heavy iron with a large soleplate and many holes means more steam, larger surface area, and shorter ironing time for you.
  • You want a swivel cord base or better yet, a cordless model. This will make it easier to use and you do not have to worry about getting tangled in the cord.
  • Look for a model with an automatic shut off feature. This feature turns off the iron if you happen to get side tracked.
  • Look for an iron with variable heat/fabric settings. These features will save your clothing from being ruined due to too much heat.


Top rated Steam Irons reviews


Ironing can be a tedious chore that you would want done quickly yet efficiently. It is great to own the best steam iron 2020 model on the market, but what really qualifies as such? Steam irons may not be able to go through piles of ironing as quickly as steam generating models, but they are still smaller, can heat up faster and are more practical for users who prefer on-the-go ironing sessions. We have interviewed Laundromat operators who offer ironing services and these five brands are their choices.



Panasonic NI-W950A Multi-Directional Alumite Soleplate Iron


Best Steam Iron 2020The curved soleplate of the Panasonic NI-W950 Amakes it one of the best steam irons 2016 favorites for many Laundromat operators. This patented Alumite soleplate makes it possible for you to iron in any direction, thanks to its smart dual tip. Alumite is anodized aluminum, which guarantees that the soleplate remains scratch proof, smooth and tough. While most standard irons have 25-inch soleplates, the Panasonic NI-W950A has a larger 28-inch soleplate so more area is covered and in shorter time. Calcium deposits are not a problem as this iron has self-cleaning feature that works with a revolutionary special chemical inside the tank to eliminate mineral build-up.



Multi-directional Dual Tip with 360-degree curves makes this high-tech iron a must-have for the home due to its natural and smooth movement in whatever direction, lessening the strain of ironing an entire batch of clothes, tablecloths, linens, curtains and more

Revolutionary curved, dual-point soleplate takes care of tight spots including cuffs and collars, helping finish the job more quickly

28 cm ironing area larger than that of standard irons, with the fully-vented soleplate releasing a powerful burst of steam that helps get wrinkles out

Uses state-of-the-art Chemical/Power Shot Anti-calcium System with anti-drip control to keep the iron from leaking and help it perform seamless ironing work consistently



Steam control wheel can be sensitive

Point tends to get snagged in more awkward corners of the garment


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Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Steam Iron


The Rowenta DW9280 packs 1800 watts of heating power to give you quick ironing from the onset. Working with pump injection technology, this steam iron is able to eject steam straight into the fabric so you can enjoy perfect ironing results every time. Pick this steam iron from among the many best steam irons 2020 and you will never look back. It has a stainless steel soleplate that’s guaranteed with exceptional non-stick and scratch resistance. A shot zone propels steam to the fabric for easy ironing. The Ready-Temp System displayssoleplate temperature so you can have optimum temperature for just the right kind of fabric.



Always gets mentioned in numerous forums for quilters who want to find the best steam iron for quilting, thanks to its revolutionary Steam Force technology that pump-forces steam into the fabrics

30% more steam reaches deep into the fabric, forcing creases and wrinkles out in fewer passes to help users achieve smooth ironing results

Built with one-touch controls to adjust to ideal steam selection and preferred temperature, with automatic control of steam output according to the type of fabric selected

Has exclusive Ready-Temp system with LED display that indicates when the soleplate has heated up to the right temperature that goes with the fabric to be ironed, plus 1800 watts of heating power to ensure perfect results



Heavy weight perfect for pressing thicker or heavier fabrics, but can be a drawback for some users


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Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Steam Iron


This 1700-watt steam iron deserves to be recognized as the best steam iron 2020, thanks to its 3-way automatic shut-off function.  The burst of steam is released at various levels, including vertical and cool mist spray functions. This steam iron has anti calcium and self-cleaning capability so mineral deposits are eliminated even before they start to build up. This iron also has anti-drip system that prevents annoying water drops on your clothes. The soleplate is given a highly-polished finish so it glides without effort on any fabric.



Anti-Drip system solves the problem of leaking and spitting when ironing delicate fabrics using low heat settings, an issue with older generations of Rowenta steam irons

High-precision, go-anywhere tip on precision stainless steel soleplate is ideal for handling thorough ironing results around the entire garment, going through pleats, along seams and between buttons quite flexibly

Special Microsteam 400 Stainless Steel Soleplate glides smoothly across fabrics while providing exceptional steam distribution via 400 steam holes

Equipped with ability to deliver extra-long steam burst at 200g/min to ease the most stubborn wrinkles out from clothes and various fabrics



Heavy iron compensated by short hand grip, both just a matter of choice


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Panasonic Nic78Sr Stainless-Steel Soleplate Steam/Dry Iron


The stainless steel soleplate on the Panasonic Nic78Sr is made of strong and corrosive-resistant stainless steel. The curved soleplate is designed with the ability to trap pockets of air between the soleplate and the fabric, so the iron always produces wrinkle-free results as it slides smoothly over the fabric. This is a 1200-watt heating appliance that efficiently and effectively wipes out the creases in your clothes and fabrics. The removable water tank holds up to 5 2/5 ounces of liquid. A temperature control dial lets you program the appliance to the exact heat for the fabric you are ironing. The steam iron also has adjustable steam levels so you can easily control steam volume.



Stainless steel soleplate laid out with series of round indentations that help the iron glide effortlessly and smoothly on the fabric by trapping pockets of air between the fabric and itself

Soleplate is given non-stick coating to help the iron manage smooth gliding over fabrics, giving less strain when doing ironing jobs

Easily the best steam iron for the money thanks to highly-functional steam button that adjusts easily according to one’s ironing needs, offering just the right amount of steam according to selection

With convenient features including the automatic retractable cord reel that just needs a simple touch of a button and auto shut-off feature that deactivates the iron when it’s been left immobile for more than ten minutes



Temperature dial does not indicate type of fabric, using just numbers to tell degree of heating, not a major issue considering the many features of the appliance


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T-fal FV4446 Ultra-glide Easy-cord Steam Iron


The ceramic soleplate of the T-fal FV4446 is specially made for heat-based applications, which makes the iron glide without any trouble on the fabric surface. This ceramic component makes it possible for the steam iron to perform crease-free ironing while staying strong and durable throughout its lifetime. The cord is kept effectively out of the way with the easy-cord exit system. A three-way auto shut off feature ensures that the steam iron shuts off after thirty seconds of being inactive or when it’s left standing on its side, soleplate or heel.  A calcium-recollecting valve gives the iron its self-cleaningcapability.



Special Ceramic Soleplate combines durability of stainless steel and smooth gliding power of non-stick steam iron, making this the best steam iron for the price

Has 64 steam holes in all, comprised of 27 large ones for advanced steam performance plus 37 smaller ones (micro-holes) for exceptional steam distribution as the iron goes around the fabric

Pointed tip works well to reach into seams, between buttons and pleats to help with thoroughly smooth ironing results, with a choice between a powerful burst of steam (60 grams/min) or continuous steam (30 grams/minute)

Exclusive EasyCord system adds to making ironing easy, with a telescopic cord that conveniently stays out of the way when ironing and quickly retracts into the iron for easy storage



Tends to spit or leak when the water is not thoroughly drained out through the spout


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