Best stationary bikes under $150


Cheap stationary bikes prices


Choosing stationary bikes can be difficult as the best ones have very high price and least expensive ones isn’t well-built. So, after researching various manufacturers and brands we’ve chosen best stationary bikes under $150 which can be useful for your cardiovascular and exercise without putting too much pressure on your wallet.


Exerpeutic Folding stationary bike


Best stationary bikes under $150

This stationary bike trully deserves a place in the best Exerpeutic stationary bikes reviews. It has the weight capacity of about 300lbs. It features comfortable seats with large cushions for any people of different shapes and sizes. You can configure the seating so that it feels comfortable for any person within the range of 5’3” – 6’3”. It has a digital heart rate monitor which shows your heart rate, calories spend and how much you’re exercising. It’s pretty handy if you schedule your exercise program time basis. It can be folded for carrying and it has tension resistant at level 8. It is one of the best stationary bikes under $150.

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“ I place my new Exerpeutic Folding stationary bike in my room for greater access. The product is very useful so that I can maintain a good body. This product has a comfortable seat that makes me feel cozy when I sit in here. Aside from that, the product can be adjusted in the way I want it.”  Lynette Hodge


Exerpeutic 400XL stationary bike


This is a great product from EXERPEUTIC’S with 1 year product warranty. This bike has the capacity to withhold a person weighing up to 300lbs who has the body size ranging from 5’2”-6’2”. It has the dimensions of 19 x 46 x 33 inches. It has tension resistant wheels up to 8 level magnetic-based. It features a digital LCD display which shows distance, time, speed, calories burnt etc. It doesn’t make noisy sounds when you run on it. It has 3-piece of high torque system. It has a larger seat cushion and back rest for users.

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“ The professional Exerpeutic 400XL stationary bike is the one I bought among the many stationary bikes sold in the market. This is because it is affordable. Moreover, when the product was delivered in our home, I easily installed it without exerting too much effort and time.”  Madeline Lyons


Body Rider stationary bike


This exercise bike is pretty compact and surprisingly versatile as a home fitness option since it’s a portable exercise machine with resistance. It can help you to build toner things and butts. It features an adjustable resistance and offers exercise bands. It features dual-action handlebars to engage yourself in upper and lower body workout. The digital display shows your time, speed, distance and the calories you’ve burned. It’s a very high-quality product which is quite sturdy and helpful for full body workout. Consider this product if you’re serious about doing full body home based cardio.

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“ The LCD display of the Body Rider stationary bike tells me how long and good I go through with the exercise. This product is durable so it doesn’t get damaged even large people ride in it. The product is stiff and strong so I don’t worry that it will collapse the soonest. “ Shana Caitlin Dean


Marcy Recumbent stationary bike


This is another good-looking bike with a comfy seat with back supporter. It has a larger console display to track calories, time and distance. It has adjustable tension levels and they’re quite easy. It features counterbalanced gearshift with changeable foot strap. It has the size of 55 x 40 x 25 inches and it weighs 66 pounds. It contains built-in transport wheels. It’s a great bike for any person who is suffering from back pain since it puts less pressure on back without straining your back.

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“ Sitting in the Marcy Recumbent stationary bike is very comfortable because of the cotton and soft paddings the product has. This is very useful and easy to manage. The display is very essential for me because I can detect my status in using the product. I love this stationary bike than the others.”  Marty Justin Serrano


Exerpeutic 900XL stationary bike


Weighing by 63 pounds, this is another great product from EXERPEUTIC. It measures by 22 x 34 x 54 inches and provides a limited 3years long warranty which includes against defects in materials. It can be easily moved to different destinations with its transportation wheels. It makes the workout really comfortable with its big cushions. It features Smooth Torque cranking system for smooth, consistent and quiet working. It can withstand any person ranging from 5’5”- 6’3”. It can hold person up to 300-pound weight. We hope you have taken your favorite from our review of best stationary bikes under $150.

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“ I never experience any problem with the Exerpeutic 900XL stationary bike for the three years of services it provided me. The product is highly recommended to all because it is useful and effective based from my experience, practice and exercise in this stationary bike.”  Horacio Mccarthy