Tips for Buying the Right Standing Desk:


A standing desk can serve many purposes in a variety of situations. They can be a medical solution for those who cannot sit for long periods, they can allow for easy movement in food service or customer service professions, or they can just be an alternative for those who do not want to feel stuck behind a conventional desk all day. Whatever your reason, it is important to be able to choose between the best standing desks of 2018, and figure out which is the best for you. We have created this guide to inform you of what features you may want to focus on when you are looking at a new standing desk.


Types of Standing Desks

When you look at some of the top ten standing desks, you will see that there are three different styles of standing desks. Before you make the choice of which one you’d prefer, you may want to consider the purpose of the desk.

  • Tabletop – these standing desks are ideal for small offices or rooms with another desk. You may find these in conference rooms also.
  • Height Adjustable – these are predominately found in retail locations and larger rooms or offices.
  • Fixed – these can found in retail locations, public speaking venues, at a time clock, or in a training facility.


Purpose of the Desk

The tabletop style is the most popular standing desk for those who already have a desk, but they require an extra workspace. These are ideal when space is limited and it is not feasible to have two desks in a room. These desks can be stored under cabinetry or existing tables when they are not in use.

The height adjustable style is a good option for situations where more than one person uses the desk. Retail stores often use these types of desks for their cashiers, but business offices and conference rooms also use these desks where there is plenty of room. These types of desks may be suitable for smaller offices that can’t accommodate larger desks.

The fixed standing desks are the most versatile as they can be found in a variety of height options. These desks are ideal for public speaking situations where the speaker may need more room than a regular podium for a laptop and other notes.



Depending on the intended use of the desk, you will want to find a new desk that has suitable accessories. If you are using the desk as a training center for a retail establishment, you may want a desk with cash drawer mounts. Sliding keyboard trays are useful if the desk will be used in an office that uses desktop computers rather than laptops. Every good desk should have some sort of cord management system to prevent people from tripping over loose cords and wires. Rolling casters are also a nice addition because they make it easier to move the desk.


When you are reading the best standing desk reviews, we hope that you are able to choose the desk that best suits your needs. With the right standing desk, you can increase productivity and create more space in the workplace.


Things to consider:

  • What will the primary purpose of the desk be?
  • Which of the three types of standing desks best suits your needs?
  • What kind of accessories will be most beneficial to you?


Top rated Standing Desks in 2018


Standing desks are good options when a traditional desk is not a viable option. These desks can have accessories like under-desk mounting for accessories like cash drawers and keyboard trays. With features like cord management systems and rolling coasters, they are excellent options for offices or retail and food establishments. Whatever the use, standing desks are making a big impact.


Varidesk Pro


The Varidesk Pro standing desk can be a game changer in any office. The height-adjustable desk goes on top of an existing desk and gives you the option to work from a standing or a sitting position. If in the lowest position, with a squeeze from the spring-assisted handles, you have the ability to raise the Varidesk Pro to a standing position. Squeeze the handles again, and you can gently ease the desk back down without disrupting the monitor.

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Stand Steady The Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk


The Executive Standing desk is a patent pending unit that is compatible with any desk. When it is placed on your desk, it can easily adjust to your height so that you can comfortably work while standing. The unit is large enough to hold two monitors and it can increase desk real estate by 4.5 square feet because you can store items below it when it is at its maximum height. The aluminum legs have soft, non-slip rubber feet so they do not scratch the surface below while staying securely in place.

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Stand Steady Traveler Folding Stand-Up Desk


This laptop sized standing desk can be used on any surface. The adjustable legs can be changed to meet your specific height requirements. You can take this standing desk with you on business trips because not only does it fold up nicely, it also weighs only 2 pounds. Research shows that not only will using a stand up desk improve productivity, but it can also help you burn more calories, reduce back and neck pain, and improve overall health.

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Uncaged Ergonomics Workez Standing Desk


With the standing desk offered by Workez, not only can you adjust the stand that holds the monitor, but you can also adjust the stand that holds the keyboard. These two items work together to provide you with the ultimate ergonomic standing desk. The aluminum monitor stand can be adjusted from 0 to 2 feet and it sits on your current desk. The panel can support loads under 13 pounds, which is perfect for laptops and desktop monitors. As an added bonus, the aluminum construction helps to dissipate heat, which in turn keeps your laptop cool.

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Ergonomic Stand-Up Desk Computer Station


For those who are looking for an affordable stand up desk that looks gorgeous, this is your best bet. The 40” desk with dark walnut shelves promotes better posture while reducing back and neck pain. The height of the desk can be altered in one-inch increments so that the desk fits your height perfectly. The dual tier shelf design allows you to place your monitor at the ideal viewing height while the spacious keyboard tray allows you to work at a comfortable height. You can easily move this workstation from room to room, thanks to the 3” coasters that lock into place when you are satisfied with the placement.