Top rated stainless steel range hoods in 2018


The best range hoods under $100 may be cheap, but not all of them are excellent in terms of their quality. To be assured of being able to get the best value for your money, it is advisable that you put an emphasis on quality and not on price. If this makes sense, the products that will be mentioned below are some of the best that can be taken into account.


Broan QS130SS Stainless Steel Range Hood


Best Stainless Steel Range Hood ReviewsThe design of this model is most probably one of the most significant reasons on why it is often given high ratings in many best stainless steel range hood reviews. While many other hoods produce a loud and annoying sound when used, such is not the case with this model. When used at high speed, it delivers 5 sones and 1.5 sones when used in normal speed, both of which are very quiet. In addition, it has a fully-enclosed design that allows users to clean the unit in a snap.

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“Broan QS13OSS has proved to me its best stainless steel range hood 2018 because it removes all the smoke when I cook. No annoying sound is produced by it and rarely I have to use it at a faster speed than its normal one. I recommend this model as a great kitchen upgrade.” – Fernanda Morgan


Air King DS1308 Stainless Steel Range Hood


In terms of flexibility, this model can be asserted as being an excellent choice. There is an infinite speed setting, allowing you t modify such based on the functionality that is desired. More so, it also has two different settings when it comes to brightness. While there are some reviews noting that it is complicated to install, many have also said that such reviews were not true, since a lot of them have found it a snap to put the unit in place.

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“Installing this range hood was not very difficult because I followed the instruction manual and so far it has coped very well with my cooking. I can easily adjust its speed setting to the best value and its problem free operation makes me believe it’s a state-of-the-art model.” – James L. Vail


Kitchen Bath Collection KBCHA75LED Range Hood


The design of this product is one of the reasons on why it is highly recommended in the best stainless steel range hood reviews. In fact, you cannot see any welded seam on its three sides. More so, another thing that many people found to be satisfactory about this product is the touch screen control panel that makes it easy to control its functionality and to configure its settings. If you want ventless operation, this range hood will also be something that will not lead into frustration.

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“I was attracted to this range hood by its unique design and after I read what advantages it had in the best stainless steel range hood reviews, I knew this was the model to get. The touchscreen controls are easy to use and it disposes easy of the smoke coming from my cooking.” – Savannah F. Nash


Z-Line ZLKB36B Stainless Steel Range Hood


This range hood can be adjusted in four different speeds that can be easily set through the touch screen controls. This offers the users with the ease in terms of adjusting the unit based on the settings that will be preferred. The three baffle filters that are included in its packaging are dishwasher-safe, making it easy to maintain their best possible quality even through years of use. Lastly, it has a straightforward design that makes it easy to operate.

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“I bought Z-Line ZLKB36B range hood because it has great feedback from satisfied customers and it was easy to maintain. I regularly wash the filters in my dishwasher and it doesn’t produce any loud noise while it operates. I made a good investment through this range hood!” – Shane L. Webb


Broan 413004 Stainless Steel Range Hood


The sleek design of this range hood is one thing that makes it a popular choice, making it excellent when it comes to space efficiency. More so, many of those who have purchased this model have also revealed that it has a practical price, making it very affordable. Even in spite of being economical, you can expect that this model has excellent quality, unlike other lower-priced models that can be possibly seen in the market nowadays.

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“Through Broan 413004 I have managed to get a high quality hood range at an affordable price. I don’t have to worry about the sounds it produces and I find its operation to be very efficient. Also, its installation process didn’t have any complicated steps.” – Don Numbers