How to Buy a Stainless Steel Meat Grinder?


Meat grinders are much appreciated by people who prefer making their own hamburgers and sausages at home, instead of buying readymade products. If you are looking to purchase the best meat grinder, the following guide will help you choose, knowing what kind of features you should look for, and what basic traits should be included with the model you intend to spend money on. It is essential to get informed before making a purchase, as simply reading some reviews can save you a lot of money. Pick the right meat grinder from the pile and start making your own delicious recipes.


What to look for when buying a stainless steel meat grinder



When it comes to meat grinders, size does matter. Those made of stainless steel are the best, because they are more durable and easier to wash. Since the best models you can find are made of stainless steel, the biggest challenge is to opt for a size that fits your own set of requirements. A larger grinder will help you prepare more meat in the same time, so if you are cooking for a party or a large family, consider a bigger one. Also, if you need a more powerful model, size comes into play, as smaller grinders cannot accommodate a superior motor.



Although there are models that come equipped with all kinds of bells and whistles, never forget what you intend to use the grinder for. It all boils down to how much money you have available for making such a purchase. Our advice is to go for a powerful and efficient model, but one that comes at a decent price. This can be the most important aspect when deciding which model is the best stainless steel meat grinder you can find.



Last, but not least, you should pick your meat grinder based on what accessories the model comes equipped with. Maybe you want to make sausages, and a model coming with a sausage stuffer is an ideal choice for you. In case you are looking for a variety of meats to grind and specialties to prepare, you will find a model with multiple plates to truly come in handy. Also, don’t forget to pick a comfortable and easy to use grinder.


Top Rated Stainless Steel Meat Grinders in 2019



LEM Products W780


The LEM Products W780 is a heavy duty meat grinder with great capacity for grinding meat using superior power. You will be quite surprised to discover that there are less powerful models that come with the same price tag.

There is no joke when saying that this is, indeed, a heavy duty stainless steel electric grinder. Weighing no less than 47 pounds, it is capable of grinding 360 pounds of meat per hour. For this reason, this LEM grinder may be a better fit for commercial use than for individual use. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the model considered the best meat grinder of 2019, you will have all the grinding needed done in no time with outstanding results.

You can use this meat grinder to prepare all kinds of meat, and the multiple plates available allow you to get a finer grind for your meats. Stuffing plates and stuffing tubes are also provided, in case you plan on making some delicious sausages. A meat stomper and a Big Bite auger are also provided with the grinder.

The grinder works like a charm, as well. The two year warranty comes as an added bonus for a durable, great and convenient product.

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STX International STX-3000-TF


Another great grinder that many consumers prefer is the STX International STX-3000-TF. Do not expect this meat grinder to do anything by half. At its size and power, it can be used for the heaviest duty tasks. The motor can develop 3,000 watts of energy at its peak, and a circuit breaker is employed for safety.

This is an electric grinder, so you will not hear about the usual benefits you can learn from a stainless steel manual meat grinder review. On the other hand, you will definitely appreciate its convenience and ease of use. No matter what kind of meat you need to grind, and how much you need, you will find a great ally in this powerful stainless steel model.

A large variety of accessories will be delivered to you with the rest of the package. Depending on how fine you want the meat to be, you can choose between three tempered steel plates – coarse, medium and fine. Three cutting blades made of stainless steel are also provided. If you intend to make sausages, you will find it easy with the help of the three sausage tubes. A Kube attachment comes with the rest, for your convenience.

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Cielo – Blue no #12


This heavy duty commercial meat grinder made of stainless steel is a good choice if you are planning on grinding a large quantity of meat. Its capacity is 450 pounds per hour, and the model is made by a company with a well known reputation in making meat grinders.

Tradition recommends the Cielo – Blue no #12 meat grinder, and you will surely be impressed with its capabilities. In case you run a pizza shop, a deli, or a fast food restaurant, you will find this meat grinder as a great investment for your kitchen.

An interesting aspect about the Cielo – Blue no #12 is its design. The model is made in such a way that there are no sharp corners sticking out. Anyone manipulating this meat grinder when washing it will not accidentally harm themselves.

The product is designed to comply with the highest safety and hygiene standards, which is essential for any business in the food industry. You will find the model to be very durable, and the powerful motor will help you grind many pounds of meat for years to come. The pleasant design fits well to any kitchen layout and its sturdiness is a warranty in itself.

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