Top rated stainless steel coffee mugs in 2019


It appears that a growing number of Americans are now searching for high quality coffee mugs which they can use at work or during business trips. There are elegant and useful stainless steel coffee mugs available on the market today. Finding the most efficient model can be achieved only by studying the best stainless steel coffee mug reviews. This is why we took the liberty of analysing the structure and functions of 30 of the current top rated stainless steel mugs. After 80 hours of tests and precise studies, we determined that five models should be the prime focus of any interested person.


Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug


Best stainless steel coffee mug reviewsWhen it comes to high quality stainless steel mugs, Zojirushi is the first brand to check. As such, thousands of people already own Zojirushi SM-KHE stainless steel coffee mug. This model uses advanced vacuum insulation technology which maintains beverages hot or cold for any impressive 6 hours straight. It has a compact design with a flip lid which can be opened with one hand. The coffee mug incorporates a stainless steel interior completed by electro-polishing technology. As a result, this high quality coffee mug has a strong surface which is corrosion resistant and successfully repels stains and foreign substances.

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Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless steel travel mug


Today’s need for reliable travel mugs is impressing. Business men and women are used to drink fresh coffee no matter where they travel. The current best stainless steel coffee mug reviews emphasize on the sublime design of Contigo Autoseal West Loop. This model has a sleek and elegant design which feels great at touch. It uses unique vacuum insulated technology in order to maintain drinks hot for 6 hours or cold for an impressive 18 hours! The mug is 100% leak-proof due to the innovative Autoseal technology. This is a unique particularity which means that people won’t have to worry about messy spills!

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Zojirushi SM-KB48TM Stainless Steel Travel Mug


For busy persons that are always on the run, a good travel mug can make all the difference in the world. The present top stainless steel coffee mug reviews emphasize on the elegant construction of Zojirushi SM-KB48TM. This coffee mug has a solid stainless steel interior with non-stick surface. The product includes a tight fitted flip lid which is very easy to open. It can maintain drinks hot and cold for a long period of time without any problems whatsoever. In addition, the mug features a precise safety lock which prevents the lid from opening accidentally. It is also very easy to clean!

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Nissan Thermos 16-ounce Stainless steel Travel Tumbler


With the best stainless steel coffee mug in 2019, people can always have the possibility of drinking delicious and fresh coffee. Nissan Thermos travel tumbler has conquered the hearts of thousands of men and women with its beautiful design and impressive functions. It combines quality with high performance resulting in a way which keeps beverages fresh. This travel tumbler uses advanced vacuum insulation technology that significantly diminishes temperature changes within the beverage container. It has a superior insulation layer which keeps any type of liquid fresh, cold and hot for hours! Due to the sleek design, this model from Thermos is eye-catching and elegant!

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Thermos L.L.C Stainless King 16-Ounce Travel Tumbler


Taking into account the wide selection of travel mugs available on the market, picking just the right one may prove to be pretty tiresome. Thousands of satisfied customers pointed out that the best stainless steel coffee mug in 2019 was released by Thermos L.L.C: the Stainless King Travel. This product is the perfect choice for people that are always on the run. The tumbler has a double wall stainless steel construction but with a sleek design which impresses anyone looking at it. The tumbler has a contoured shaped which makes it fairly easy to hold and use anytime, anywhere!

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