Best sport watches under $25


Cheap sport watches prices


If you are a person who likes to run or just like to dress in a sport manner, you need to have the right accessories with you.  A sport watch is just the thing, because if it is running you like than you can time yourself with it. Based on their features and design the following models have been categorized as the best sport watches under $25.
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Timex Men`s T5J571 Sports Watch


Best sport watches under $25

The Timex Men`s T5J571 from the best Times sport watches reviews can be a very good solution for your wrist if you want to get yourself a nice sport watch. It can time your run and of course stop and reapeat if it is necessary. The numbers are displayed nice and clear so you will not have problems checking them. You can even check the time at night thanks to the Indiglo night light. It is even resistant to water to a depth of up to 165 feet.

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“ Even though the Timex Men`s T5J571 Sports Watch is cheap, the quality of the product never diminishes. It displays clear numbers that will help you to see the time easily. You can also sue it in any occasion because this product is flexible and outgoing.” Abdul Pickett


Casio Women`s STR 300 Watch


For all women which are intrested in practicing sports, the Casio SRT 4300 is an excellent sport accessory, especially good for running. A feature that you can`t find too often on a sport watch is the ability to record more than one time in its memory so you can chart your progress over time. The STR 300 is able to store 60 records of your running time. Also its battery will last you 10 years of faithful serving.

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“I have with me the Casio Women`s STR 300 Watch whenever I have to go with sports activities. The watch is ideal because it can stand throughout the time. The watch is also fashionable in its style that’s why i bought it. This is just affordable but quality wise. “ Mabel Battle


Timex 1440 Sports Watch


One of the best sport watches under $25 for women is the Timex 1440. It impresses even from a first glance because of its amzing design which combines pink, black and silver in just the right way. You can even take it for a swim because it is water resistant. At night you can use its Indiglo light to see the time which is shown in large numbers, easily visible. The case is made from lightweight resin which makes it very light but at the same time durable.

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“ I love swimming at all times and I am happy that I found out the new sport watch that is not just affordable but also water proof.  The Timex 1440 Sports Watch is what I am saying in here and I can say that this satisfies my taste. I love the product so much that I always use it.”  Irving Delgado


Timex Men`s T5K086 Sports Watch


The Timex Men`s T5K086 can prove a very reliable sports watch which you can have all times on your wrist. It combines a very nice deisgn with features that are very helpful while you are out on a run. The quality resin case is waterproof so you can take it with you even when you are submerged, but to depths of 165 feet. If you don`t live a sedentary lifestyle and you like to always be on the move this watch is a ideal choice.

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“With its nice design, the Timex Men`s T5K086 Sports Watch becomes the best choice of people when it comes to sport watches. The product is very impressive in its functions. It doesn’t just a fashionable gadget but it is also a nice sport gadget partner.” Jay Irwin


Casio Men`s W756-1AV Sport Watch


Casio is a renouned watch manufacturer with a great tradition behind its name and the W756-1AV model has continued this legacy, being one of the best sport watches under $25. The display is covered by a quality mineral crystal protective coating to reduce the chance of it getting a scratch. For a runner it is just the thing because it can time his progress and can help record his development over time. Even referees can use it because it has a feature which tracks the event time and also pauses when the game is stopped.

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“I have the ease in wearing the Casio Men`s W756-1AV Sport Watch because eth grip are comfortable and soft. I have the comfort wearing it all day long so I never feel any hurts and allergies with it. Disappointments never come into my mind instead, satisfaction and happiness.” Aron White Garner