If you are in a rush and have no time to read all about the best splitting axe available, we are here to help you out. This short paragraph presents the number one option you should consider, based on what customers and professional reviewers have to say. The product we are talking about is the Fiskars Iso Core 751110-1001. One of the top reasons why so many buyers prefer it is that it is two tools in one since it is both a maul and a splitting axe. Shock and vibration are eliminated from your work, as this model comes equipped with a unique insulation sleeve that captures all vibration before getting transferred to your hands. Also, dealing with tough wood pieces becomes a breeze, as the unique geometry of the blade will ensure better efficiency. If you cannot find the Fiskars Iso Core 751110-1001 anymore, go for the Fiskars Super Splitting 35014018, a model that is almost just as good.



Buying guide


A splitting axe serves a particular purpose, as it allows you to split the wood into smaller chunks than a chopping axe does, letting the wood to dry faster. Especially if you intend to use the chopped timber for heating, you should focus on obtaining dry wood more quickly. We are here to help you with a few recommendations on choosing a good axe for cutting wood that can also handle splitting with maximum efficiency.

Handle length

An axe, be it for chopping or splitting, must be comfortable when you pick it up and when you use it. That is why the handle length is essential for a good buy. You may spend hours and hours searching for the best woodcutting axe around and, once you bring it home, to notice that it’s difficult to use.

People who are taller and stronger will find more satisfaction in swinging an axe with a longer handle. There is a good reason why many professional lumberjacks vouch by models with long handles; when you swing a longer axe, there is more power placed behind your moves, and all the chopping and splitting happens easier.

However, not everyone is a professional lumberjack, and whenever you pick this type of tool, you must first think of yourself and your own needs and preferences. If you’re a shorter individual and you’re not built like a brick house, you may want to consider an axe with a shorter handle.


Handle material

Traditionally, axes were equipped with wooden handles, and not much has changed ever since. However, with the advent of new materials used in all sorts of industries, some alternatives appeared. If you are worried that your axe is too heavy, maybe it would be a good idea to opt for a model with a fiberglass handle.

This new material makes the axe less bulky and can help you with all the chopping and splitting you need to do, without having you break a sweat or finding such tasks impossible. However, if you prefer the classic configuration, there are plenty of models on the market with wooden handles.

Besides length and material, you must also pay attention that the handle has a good solid grip. Nothing could be more of a health hazard than a slippery axe handle. The sharp edge of the blade could end up hurting someone, and that is what a good quality handle can avoid.


Some useful extras

If you’re reading the splitting axe reviews online, you will notice that they also talk about some extra features you may find helpful. For instance, a cover for the blade is never a bad thing to have. If you store your axe in the shed for months before using it again, do it correctly, and get a model that comes with an edge cover.

Another useful extra is proper insulation. There will be some vibration when you hit the log with your axe, and it would be nice to have the handle insulated to reduce the impact on your hands.



Top Rated Splitting Axes in 2022


There are plenty of splitting axes for sale on the market. Choosing one may seem like a challenge, which is why we want to help you out further by presenting you with a few reliable options to consider as your purchase.



Fiskars Iso Core 751110-1001 


The Fiskars Iso Core 751110-1001 has two faces, one for splitting, and one for driving wedges. Due to this particular configuration, you can efficiently chop and split wood, for maximum results. Many people prefer this specific model due to its versatility. Other features of this axe also complement its multiple purpose construction.

The way the blade is designed makes sure that splitting occurs faster and that you’ll be able to take even the toughest logs apart with superior efficiency. There are many other things to like about this model. For instance, the IsoCore technology used ensures that the vibration caused by each hit is significantly reduced.

The unique insulation sleeve is employed with this purpose in mind. This may not be a feature you often see on many splitting axes, and that makes this particular model so popular. You don’t have to worry that the axe will let you down, either. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, and you can rest assured that you will enjoy superior quality and performance.

People who suffer from joint pains will find this model particularly helpful. Seniors and other woodcutters that are not as strong as professional lumberjacks are simply in love with this axe.

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Fiskars Super Splitting 35014018


This axe is an excellent option for those who want a tool they can use without putting too much effort into it. This model comes with a fiberglass handle, which significantly reduces the overall weight. There is also another advantage to this choice of material. The nyglass handle is almost indestructible, which contributes to the excellent durability of this axe.

The forged carbon steel blade is very efficient, as well. You will be able to split wood like a professional, and you won’t have to strain your hands or your back for it. While a basic model from all points of view, this model ticks all the boxes and offers superior performance.

The fully hardened edge makes sure that no wood logs will be a match for you. Even seniors and people who do not have a lot of physical strength can use this particular model when chopping and splitting wood.

You must bear in mind that this axe is lightweight compared to other models on the market. While 8-pound models are considered the norm to put enough power behind each hit, this one weighs just 4.25 pounds. The lightweight handle contributes to this aspect, and it is good to know that the axe is still well balanced.

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Condor Tool & Knife Mini German CTK4056C225


This German-style splitting axe can be your most trusted tool for getting enough wood to warm your home in winter. The classic design may be the thing that will catch your eye first. The handle is made from hickory, and it comes with a lanyard for secure storage. The head of the axe is made from carbon steel and hardened for increased durability.

The unique Condor finish makes the head of the axe even more durable, and it also gives it that professional look only tools that are well put together have. Whether you are planning a camping trip and you need a smaller axe to pack with the rest of your luggage, or you like doing some wood splitting now and then, you will find this model appealing.

It must be noted the excellent attention to detail given by the manufacturer in the making of this model. The hickory wood used for the handle was carefully selected for having the right grain orientation.

That is not something you commonly see in splitting axes available on the market. The axe is sold with its own leather head cover, and you can rest assured that it will maintain its sharp edge and overall performance for a long time.

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