If reading all the information about the best spinning reel has turned out to be unrealistic since it requires time you cannot spare, you can rely on our help. Read the following lines and make an informed decision. We’ve looked at the price, overall brand quality and consumer feedback and it is apparent that the Penn Spinfisher V should be on top of your list. This fishing gear has packed together all that amateurs and professionals desire. It’s a full metal piece of equipment that ensures ideal power and durability and it’s watertight so that salt water corrosion doesn’t damage it. Once you operate it you can get long-distance casts with top precision, thanks to the friction trip ramp while 5 shielded ball bearings facilitate easy cranking. Just in case you can’t get your hands on the Penn Spinfisher V, you should search for the Okuma Trio High Speed. It’s the second product on our list of top-choices.



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Whether you are looking for a spinning reel for you or as a gift for Christmas for someone who is an avid angler, there are many models available on the market. It can be overwhelming when looking at the best rated spinning reels because they all use fancy terms like hydrothermal drag and Aero-Wrap®. We understand the concern and have created this guide to help you narrow down your search for the best reel for your needs.




The most popular spinning reels have bodies that are made of graphite or aluminum. Sometimes, you can even find the bodies made of a combination of these two materials. Aluminum bodies are stronger with less flex, but they are a bit heavier than graphite bodies. If you prefer saltwater fishing, you will want to opt for the graphite bodies, simply because graphite does not corrode as aluminum can. Graphite bodies are also ideal because they are lightweight and put less strain your wrist and forearm if you intend on fishing for long periods.



The size of the reel is important, for not only weight concerns on the pole, but it also determines the size of fishing line you will use. A good rule of thumb is if you intend on using a light line, you will want a small reel. For example, if you use an eight-pound test for walleye and small mouth bass, you will want a medium sized reel that is good for a 6 to 10 pound line. As you can imagine, you want to find a reel that features solid construction. The body should be sturdy and each moving part should move easily and have no back play. It is a good idea to choose a spinning reel that has as few moving parts as possible, because it will cut down on possible mechanical breakdown over time. You do not want to skimp on the construction quality—a cheap spinning reel could fail you in a high-pressured situation and possibly let your catch get away.


Ball bearing configuration

The bearings on your reel should be quiet and have little to no vibration, as noise and vibration is a sign of low quality. Saltwater anglers will want to find a reel that have top quality bearings that are resistant to corrosion. Different reel manufacturers use different terms when describing their ball bearings and often use a higher-grade lubricant that will make the bearings last longer. When reading product description, you will want to look for terms like “Corrosion resistant” or “anti-rust.”


Gear ratio

Spinning reels uses a fixed spool and the bail wraps the line while you turn the handle. When you are talking about gear ratios with a spinning reel, you want to choose a ratio that is indicative of the type of fishing you plan to do. If you only want to choose one reel, go for a medium 5:1 ratio. This will allow you to cover most fishing situations effectively. When you are able to purchase other reels, try to get a high ratio and a low ratio. With the combination of these three, you will be well prepared for all fishing conditions.

There are many Black Friday deals for sportsmen who are looking to take advantage of holiday season to upgrade their equipment. We are confident that if you keep these tips in mind when you are looking for a new reel, it will be an easy experience.


Things to consider:

  • The ideal reel should be made of aluminum or graphite. Saltwater anglers should always opt for graphite because it can withstand the harsh environment.
  • Look for sturdy reel construction. Avoid anything that looks flimsy and does not move easily.
  • The size of the reel is important, for not only overall weight, but also for it dictates what kind of line you will use.
  • When choosing a gear ratio, a good rule of thumb is to choose a medium ratio first, then purchase a low-ratio and high-ratio when you can.



Top rated spinning reels in 2021


We have done a lot of researching and testing to prove the veracity of information in the many best spinning reel reviews out there. If truth be told, you can read tons of reviews and not even come close to getting credible information that won’t leave you disappointed or all the more confused. We have found that the five products that are described in the following paragraphs are the most reliable and appreciated reels.


Penn Spinfisher V


Best Spinning Reel ReviewsThe best spinning reel reviews have included this in their line up many times. The aluminum bail wire has been made heavier duty and thicker for greater durability and strength even in rough fishing conditions.  You can have your fish struggle any which way and the line stays tough. The bearing system is made of shielded stainless steel, which works nicely with the main shaft (also stainless steel) and alloy primary gear.

The back-up ratchet remains anti-reverse infinitely with the 7500-10500 sizes, all made for tough fishing standards. The gearratios have been enhanced for seamless use with smaller sizes.



For thousands of people that need to find out what is the best spinning reel, we recommend the Spinfisher V from Penn Reels, a model designed to enhance control during every fishing session

This powerful spinning reel contains 6 seals which can c
reate a tighter bond with different water environments

The spinning reel incorporates a unique line capacity ring that permits fishermen to fish easier with limited guesses on line capacity

Features a solid 5 shielded bearing system made of stainless steel which resists well to prolonged use



Does not offer progressive adjustments to the increments but it locks well during drag


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Okuma Trio High Speed


You will love the hybrid spool design on this product, constructed with aluminum lip and graphite arbor. Numerously cited as the best spinning reel in 2021, this product has a hybrid body and rotor design that are of crossover or superior quality aluminum.

The dual force drag system has been constructed to be of great precision, as it maximizes both surfaces of the spool to enable superior drag pressure with total smoothness and efficiency. There is 1 stainless steel roller bearing working together with 11 other ball bearings. The roller bearing is designed for anti-reverse operation.



As the highest rated product from Okuma, the Trip High Speed spinning reel comes with a pretty fascinating hybrid spool design which enhances control over each fishing action

This durable spinning reel incorporates an aluminum lip and graphite arbor that resists well prolonged exposure to water (sweet or salt) or sun

Includes the exclusive Precision Dual Force Drag System which significantly optimizes high-end drag results, helping fishermen reel in their catch faster

Features stainless steel bearings (1 RB and 11 BB) for better response during tight fishing moments



Even though recommended for rock fishing (salmon and steelhead) the reel feels a bit tight on the edge after prolonged use

Doesn’t include a carrying case, ideal for fishing expeditions down river banks


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Okuma Avenger ABF


If you need to disengage the spool and get a free-running line, this baby lets you do just that without opening the bail. That is all with the advanced baitfeeding system. The drag system is a multi-disk type outfitted with Japanese oiled and felt drag washers. There is one quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing that works flawlessly with the other six ball bearings for worry-free use.

The corrosion resistant materials assembled into a full wear-resistant uni-construction make this the top rated spinning reel in 2021, in our humble opinion.



The Black Friday deals on spinning reel include the Avenger ABF Feeder reel from Okuma, a sleek and powerful model which offers stability during each fishing session

Features the exclusive Okuma baitfeeding system which permits users to disengage the spool and free run the line without having to open the bail

This fishing unit is available in sizes 20 to 90 thus accommodating a wide range of fishing targets like catfish, walleye or rockfish

A possible great product for Christmas this model comes equipped with 6 durable ball bearings made of stainless steel and a solid graphite construction for enhanced durability



Benefits from only 1 year warranty

Some minor assembly is needed


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Pflueger President


2.Pflueger President Spinning Reel

The Pflueger President delivers fluid performance at great value. A heavy favorite for bass fishing, this spinning reel has all the features to ensure impressive performance every time.

Built solid and strong, this spinning reel comes with an aluminum bail wire that ensures smooth retrieves and casts and easy transition from one to the other.




Comprising a 10-bearing system, this spinning reel assures you of smooth casts and retrieves. The stainless steel ball bearings deliver smooth and natural movement while remaining resistant to corrosion. The lightweight graphite body and rotor construction ensure easy handling and control. The braid ready spool enables easy and direct tying of the braid to the spool so you can easily make replacements in the water.

The stainless steel/ oil felt drag delivers consistent drag pressure while also being resilient against rust and chipping. The aircraft-grade aluminum handle ensures reliable strength and durability. The soft touch rubber knob ensures a secure grip plus comfort so you can enjoy every fishing trip every time, without worrying about blisters or abrasion on your hands even when the fish puts up a big fight.



One user laments that unlike the original President reel that had a wooden handle, this model has a handle that seems to act like the nut on a threaded shaft so that turning the handle in the line retrieval direction is pretty much the same as loosening the handle on its shaft. This is an unfamiliar setup that other users may find quite odd the first time.


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Penn Battle II


1.Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Available in a range of sizes from 1000 to 8000, the Penn Battle II can handle from light inshore or freshwater fishing all the way up to nearshore or offshore fishing or for surf fishing. Designed with attractive styling, a silky smooth Ht-100 drag and a tough design, this spinning reel is a favorite among anglers. The full metal body construction ensures precise gear alignment even under extreme conditions.



Built with a bigger rotor and a bigger spool than its predecessor, the Penn Battle II new size 2500 balances out a nice graphite 7-foot rod. The line capacity rings on the spool let the angler estimate how much line is left in the reel, which is especially important when angling for big fish. The HT-100 drag washers are keyed into the spool to enable use of both sides of the drag washers so you can get 20 percent more drag compared to the earlier Penn Battle I. This is an assuring thing to have when you’re trying to stop a fish from diving under cover.

The 5 stainless steel sealed ball bearings protect the reel from saltwater intrusion, minimizing the need to have the spinning reel brought in for service or repair after prolonged exposure to saltwater. The sixth bearing serves for instant anti-reverse function so when the spool tries to spin in the lineout direction, the dedicated bearing keeps the spool from turning.



One user has noticed that the anti-reverse switch or spring is too tiny, which can make it difficult to put the reel back together after service and repair. However, the spinning reel offers a smooth and natural movement that ensures optimal use when doing battles with stubborn fish. It is a great investment to make.


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Penn Battle


This is a line of tough workhorses from Penn. With a wide variety of models to choose from, they are engineered for heavy duty use. The metal body and side plates retain their precise gear alignment no matter how heavy the load may be. No backing is needed for the superline spool since the rubber gasket keeps the superline in check against slipping.

The aluminum spool is anodized and machine assembled. The drag washers adjust with smooth drag even when the load is extra heavy. The implements in this line could be your real choices as the best spinning reel in 2021.



The new spinning reel from Penn, the Battle model is designed to aid fishermen during their daily fishing expeditions while also adding proper control over the line and drag

Comes with a complete metal construction and solid sideplates that resist to heavy fish loads or more aggressive resistance from bigger fish

Features a superline spool that doesn’t not need backing because it contains a high quality rubber gasket

Designed for serious fishermen this powerful spinning reel includes the exclusive HT-100 drag washer for faster and smoother drag under different types of loads



Does not include a spare spool (this is an accessory available for purchase separately)

The basic package does not come with a protective case for the reel


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Shimano Sedona FD


If you take your fishing quite seriously, this line could be your best choice. The different size ranges offer big savings while giving real value for the buck. State-of-the-art elements that make the line high-quality include: casts that flow without effort; retrieves made with no hitches; durable, longer-use construction; dynamically balanced rotors that do not get bothered by shaking or wobbling; a line that’s of precision cut and fluid drive. The shielded ball bearings coupled with the anti-reverse bearing both contribute to unbeatable casting and reeling. The wrapped gear system makes for a strong yet smooth retrieve.



As one of the most popular product from Shimano, the Sedona 4000FD is a product known for its capacity to offer fishermen precise control over all phases of the fishing experience

Compatible with 8/240, 10/200, 12/160, 5:7:1 and 5 BB fishing lines this sleek spinning reel is easy to manage even under heavy loads

Features the exclusive Propulsion Line Management system that gives users line whenever they need without having to undertake multiple actions

This spinning reel incorporates a lightweight graphite frame and a powerful sideplate for heightened resistance during long fishing sessions



The drag line takes a bit to get used to but it offers stability during each fishing trip

Does not come with a carrying pouch (this is a fishing accessory sold separately)


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