In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best spinning reel for bass? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have collected plenty of information about different products for sale on the market by looking into reviews and ratings in various expert review sites for fishing gear and compared them with actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the KastKing Sharky II is the best because of its light and strong yet powerful construction. This piece of fishing equipment comes with premium quality components including strong precision mesh brass gears and dependably smooth triple disc carbon fiber drag to ensure greater fishing power. You can expect more uniform line inlay, lube retention thanks to internal grooves plus greater fishing line capacity. If the KastKing Sharky II is unavailable because of its immense popularity, you could get the Shimano Stradic HG, as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


It’s quite easy to simply tie a string to a long stick and try to catch fish using earthworms pierced on a hook. However, there’s nothing like a good spinning reel for bass that doesn’t limit you in your ability to hold many yards of line in a single compact space while enabling you to present the lure a great distance to make that lure look enticing while giving you reliable retrieval and reeling. What makes a premium quality spinning reel for bass?


Dependable construction and quality machining

Manufacturers have always found it essential to create bass fishing reels that offer a lightweight construction to support long days of casting while being robust enough to stand well against the huge torque that big fish can create during a huge fight. You want to have all-metal components for durability. High-end models employ advanced alloys that ensure strength for lightweight metals. Airframe technologies are used by other reel makers, with segments of the body or reel parts machined or drilled out to reduce weight.

Frames can be made of metal, graphite or copolymer hybrids with a metal faceplate, and copolymer or graphite. For a reel to be dependably rugged enough, the shafts and bearings should be supplemented with metal components. Reels designed for catching small fish species use graphite or plastic to keep costs down and save weight. However, they are unable to withstand the strain that bigger fish give during a full battle. Fortunately, species like bass and panfish do not really present a big issue but big catfish, muskie or northerns as well as offshore species are a different story altogether, necessitating metal components.

The machine work should be impeccable, with the reel having tighter tolerances to ensure little wobble, better quality bearing seats, flawless cranking and bearings and travel surfaces with longer life. A poorly machined reel has the handle or spool moving slightly when you apply pressure to the shaft.

Suitable for the water and species you’ll be fishing

When you look at the products featured in the best spinning reel reviews, you’ll notice the top rated ones being constructed to enable angling in the harsh environments of both saltwater and brackish water. Rust resistant ball bearings are great. A key element would be the size and amount of line that can land the target fish. The reel should offer adequate line capacity to enable you to go after large freshwater specie such as muskie as well as aggressive offshore species including sailfish and tarpon. The drag system should be designed to handle the heat and the reel should allow long runs.


Ease of use

The reel should be easy to use and durable. Vibration and noise do not belong in the equation here. The reel should not sound like you’re using a hand-cranked coffee grinder. The primary element that this factor is influenced by are the bearings. You want quality bearings, not necessarily many in number, since fewer bearings of good quality are better than more bearings of lower quality. This is especially important for saltwater fishing.

For hardness, smoothness and rust resistance, you want different alloys to supplement other materials to ensure all that. The most common alloy added to stainless steel is chromium. Different brands tag their high end bearings different ways, such as Anti-Rust Bearings and Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings. You also want a lubricant of higher grade to extend the life of the bearings. Your cranking power will also be influenced by the gear ratio, which also determines your speed of retrieval. Fast retrieve units boast gear ratios from 5.5:1 to 6.3:1. For more cranking power, you should veer towards 4.1:1 or lower ratios.



Top Rated Spinning Reels for Bass in 2018

There are many different models and brands of spinning reels for bass on the market. To know what is the best spinning reel for bass fishing, we urge you to go over the information in the above buying guide. We have also featured the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



KastKing Sharky II


1-kastking-sharky-ii-spinning-reelDefinitely the best spinning reel for bass fishing, the KastKing Sharky II offers a bold and powerful design made lighter and stronger than its predecessor. This reel boasts premium quality smooth triple disc carbon fiber drag at 19 kgs capacity along with 30 percent stronger precision mesh brass gears plus stainless steel main shaft for greater fishing power. The CNC machined aluminum spool is designed stronger and lighter to ensure consistent line lay. The reel also features greater fishing line capacity aside from internal grooves for lube retention. The reel comes with 10 +1 premium quality MaxiDur ball bearings that are rust resistant, all inside a reinforced body to ensure dependable, smooth and noiseless performance. This model also has instant stop anti-reverse to ensure it doesn’t turn backwards when line is pulled from it during use of the drag. The waterproof seals enable the reel to withstand up to three minutes of immersion. The reel keeps fishing fun like a reel should.


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Shimano Stradic HG


2-shimano-stradic-hgEasily the best Shimano spinning reel for bass, this lightweight reel is easy to handle at just 8.30 ounces, enabling you to hold it during long days of casting without suffering from hand fatigue. It handles a line capacity of 6mm/230m and 8mm/170m, or 10 pounds/140 yards. The impressive gear ratio of 6.0:1, which means that with every 360-degree turn, the reel also rotates 6 times, also enables faster retrieves. Promising fresh strength, durability, robustness and reliability, this reel utilizes the latest technologies to ensure lasting use. It employs advanced cold forging technology to give it high resistance. The metal body ensures reliable strength and rigidity and works nicely with the nicely shielded interior. The X-Ship and cold forged drive gear combine to ensure a powerful, smooth and tough fishing reel. You can expect better weight balance from the sleek G-free body that also ensures reduced fatigue. Every component has been engineered to make fishing always a fantastic experience.


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KastKing Triton


3-kastking-triton-spinning-fishing-reelMaking a good spinning reel for bass fishing, the KastKing Triton is an open face reel that comes equipped with ten stainless steel shielded bearings along with instant stop anti reverse, all working together to enable you to choose either back reeling or engaging the drag during a tremendous fight with the fish. The specially engineered core structure includes a pair of stainless steel ball bearings that bolster the main shaft to ensure its stability to enable sharp and precise rotation while providing extra endurance. The reel is equipped with Carbon Fiber Drag Washers that ensure durability, strength and versatility. The graphite frame promises high tensile strength while the stainless steel main shaft is resilient against rust while delivering unparalleled torque for big fights with the fish and also being rated for saltwater use. Superbly lightweight, the reel is outfitted with extra strong high-tensile strength graphite body and a reliable pinion gear system plus a super smooth drag.


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