How to Select the Best Spinning Bike


When bad weather, time or working conditions do not allow a trip outside, the best solution to stay in shape is to use a good indoor bike. Comfortable and simple to use, featuring plenty of extra functions and settings, spinning bikes are the perfect choice for any health conscious person that wants to keep fit. Choosing a good spinning bike is, unfortunately, not a simple task. Navigating through a huge array of designs and models can feel like a daunting experience. Reading our guide will give you all the necessary information to make the best decision when buying a new spinning bike.

Proper flywheel

Selecting the perfect spinning bike must start with a proper look at the desired flywheel weight. Simple in functionality, this flywheel is the most important part of any indoor bike. When choosing the right weight you must aim for the heaviest one that you can feel comfortable with. Usually any flywheel under 16 pounds in weight will disappoint you on the long run. The best spinning bike reviews focus on spinning bikes with flywheels heavier than 20 pounds. Delivering optimal force, heavier flywheels will greatly increase your performance and boost your calorie burning efficiency.


Ergonomic frame

A good spinning bike must be both efficient and comfortable. Helping with your workout routine, the spinning bike is one of the most used and time demanding fitness machines. In order to get the most out of your new spinning bike you must take a proper look at its frame and seat. A proper ergonomic frame and shape will improve your ride position, help you work out more and keep your joints and back in a correct and healthy position. Protecting your joints and spine from extra strain, a good frame will help you exercise for a longer period of time.


Exercise computer

While not essential, some best spinning bike reviews point out that a good bike computer will help you monitor your progress and keep you informed throughtout the exercise. Keeping you pedaling as much as possible, a good computer can motivate you by offering useful statistics and data, monitoring your heartbeat or even computing how many calories you burned during the practice session.


Top Rated Spinning Bikes in 2018


Wanting to help even more, we took our time and looked through the  available models for the best spinning bike 2018. We found more than one spinning bike that can be considered the best and, in order to give as many options as possible, we decided to list them all.


Sunny Health & Fitness Pro SF-B901


Getting fit can be a challenge, especially if you live in a crowded city and you are busy working and commuting all day long. If going out to the gym is not an option, then the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike can be exactly what is missing from your life. One of the top rated spinning bikes 2018 you can purchase right now, it offers comfort and versatility in a fairly compact design.

Ideal for beginners, but also used by passionate cyclists, this spinning bike designed for indoor use, offers great quality for the price. Its sturdy design recommends it most and foremost and maintenance is a breeze. A lot of users comment on how easy it is to put together this bike, as the instructions are simple and to the point.

The next thing that needs to be mentioned about this particular bike is its 40 pounds flywheel. This is a very important aspect, since a heavy flywheel can give you a great workout without making you feel like you are going over your limit. The whole idea of exercising indoors is to give your muscles a good fitness challenge; an overwhelming number of the best spinning bike reviews point out the particular smoothness of this spinning bike.

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Schwinn IC2 Indoor


Comfort and versatility define the Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike and make it a favorite among consumers. The 31 pound flywheel is great to have, because it manages to provide the best levels of inertia to help your muscles work out properly, even when you are stuck to exercising indoors.

It is, however, the cool design that makes many people fall in love with this model. Considered the best spinning bike 2018 by a lot of buyers, it is highly adjustable and a good fit for anyone who wants to exercise. You will notice that the bike does not take up a lot of space, so even if you do not have an entire room dedicated for fitness, you will still be able to use and move this model around without as much as a headache.

The adjustable pedals and handles are a good feature for those who want to change their routines over time, or for multiple users who have different preferences. The adjustable seat also works like a charm and it adds to the appeal of this particular bike.

Another great feature is the LCD computer screen that helps you keep track of the time and distance traveled, calorie consumption and so on.

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Bladez Fitness Bladez Fusion GS


Another model that stands out because of the smooth, highly effective ride it offers, the Bladez Fitness Bladez Fusion GS Indoor Cycle is among the most often mentioned products in the best spinning bike reviews. Probably the first thing you will notice about this particular bike is the oversize frame that makes it sturdy and reliable.

If there is one thing people look for in their fitness equipment, it’s the ability to provide a lot of features, while offering comfort and durability. This particular model seems to have it all, and even those who are into professional cycling appreciate its great design.

The racing handlebars will help you feel like you are in a race, and the LCD computer will provide you with enough data to keep your motivation up. The 40 pounds flywheel is another important asset that must be mentioned, because it ensures enhanced smoothness, making your training a breeze.

Even if your muscles are well worked out, you should not feel like you are running out of breath. The best spinning bikes on the market feature heavy flywheels especially for this purpose, and the Bladez Fitness Bladez Fusion GS Indoor Cycle is no exception to the rule.

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