Top rated speed belt sanders in 2022


Speed belt sander that doesn’t produce much sound and perform well is the best. It should also be able to sand every area easily and able to clean the working area for efficient working. Many best speed belt sander reviews are available online that help to make the selection easy.


What to look for in a belt sander – Buying guide


Repair people and carpenters are no stranger when it comes to figuring out which is the best belt sander for any given job. For the rest of us, we may be at a loss trying to decide what kind of sander they may need. Fortunately, we have created the buying guide that can help you decide what is the best product on the market that can help you complete your project.

There is a variety of sizes to choose from when selecting a belt sander. Some of the most popular sanders are aluminium oxide sanding belts. You can find this in an open or closed coat style. The closed coat version is where the manufacturer presses the grit into the resin and is ideal for sanding wood and metal. An open coat model sander are ideal for leathers, soft woods, rubber and non-ferrous metals. The manufacturers stretch the grit on this belt to prevent dust from getting into the device and clogging it.

If you were working on a project that may be wet, you would want to work with a zirconia alumina-sanding belt. This tool can work on hard metals like cast iron and stainless steel, as well as aluminium. If you use this kind of belt, you may want to get a grinding aide to help maintain the sander’s temperature and prevent it from damaging your project.

For projects like glass, ceramics, stone and marble, you will want to use a silicon carbide sanding belt. This belt is made of a waterproof cotton and can be used for wet or dry applications.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Motor Power Price Size Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Makita 9903

8.8 amp $$$ 3 x 21 inch 1 year A+ AMAZON

Makita 9404

8.8 amp $$$$ 4 x 24 inch 1 year A AMAZON

Makita 9920

8.8 amp $$$ 3 x 24 inch 1 year B+ AMAZON

Porter-Cable 360VS

12 amp $$$ 3 x 24 inch 3 years limited B AMAZON

Porter-Cable 352VS

8 amp $$ 3 x 21 inch 3 years limited C AMAZON


When you are choosing among the highest rated sanding belts, you will want to find a device that features a dust collector. This bag will collect a good amount of the dust while you are working, which is a great benefit—it minimizes the clean up and you do not have to worry about breathing in the dust.

You will want to consider the size of the tool when you are purchasing a new belt sander. For small projects, you will want a handheld device. These usually have a front and back handle, a motor and a dust collection unit. You will want to make sure that the sander is comfortable to hold because you will be using it for long periods. These are the most affordable options and are ideal for crafters.

If you are going to use the sander frequently, you may want to choose a stationary belt sander. These large machines are ideal for working with larger pieces of wood or pieces of metal and are typically made of heavy-duty materials like cast iron, but they can be found made of a combination of heavy-duty plastic and metal.

A sander can be a useful tool to have in any home. We hope that the information in this guide will help you choose what sander is best suited for your future projects.


Things to consider:

  • Always look for a sander with a dust bag or if it can be hooked up to a hose to suck the dust away. This will help with the clean-up process and keep the air relatively clear and debris.
  • Small projects are best suited for handheld sanders whereas large projects or people who will use the sander frequently will benefit from a stationary belt sander.
  • There are multiple varieties of belt sanders. Before choosing which one you need, you should consider the type of material you will be working with.



Makita 9903 Speed belt sander


I have found this product in many best speed belt sander reviews and after using it I know why many people have liked it. It has variable speed that can be adjusted to the working necessity. It is most quiet speed belt sander. For automatic belt adjustment, it has Auto-tracking belt system. It has a unique design that is capable of sanding the corners of the wall easily. It weighs only 9.5 pounds that doesn’t tired the hands much during working. It is powered by 8.8 amp motor.



There are thousands of woodworkers trying to learn which belt sander is the best. For them we recommend without reservations the 9903 variable speed device from Makita, which reunites speed with power in order to efficiently remove stock

Great for carpenters, floor installers, woodworkers, deck builders this powerful belt sander incorporates 8.8 Amp motor that allows users to control speeds ranging from 690 to 1440 ft./min

Operating at 84 dB this belt sander comes with a low profile which allows users to properly provide sanding actions on different wood materials

Backed by an exclusive 1 year manufacturer warranty the speed belt features a solid front grip design that allows woodworker to perform various sanding actions



The belt sander does not come with a support case (sold separately)

Initial adjustments are needed for proper sanding results


The Makita 9903 Speed belt sander is a very effective gadget for any home use and construction activities. With it good and elegant design, I have the ease of bringing it anywhere I want to. The lightweight also add comfort for me. The product can be bought in just a minimal expense.” John Javier


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Makita 9404 Speed belt sander


Best speed belt sander reviews

This product is highly efficient and excellent in performance. It has all the best qualities of belt sander I was in search of. I find it extremely effective during working. It has exclusive design that other than flat or curved surface also sands the corner of the walls. It can be set to different speeds. It has a very quiet 8.8 amp motor. It is also very easy to carry this product, it weighs only 10.3 ponds.  The dust is collected into the cloth dust bag that keeps the area clean.



What are the best products from the many belt sanders available on the market? According to the reviews we consulted, it seems that the 9404 belt sander from Makita reunites power, high speed and precision in order to accurately remove stock

Designed for furniture makers, carpenters, woodworkers and deck builders this powerful belt sander incorporates 8.8 AMP motor that maintains constant sanding speed during woodworking projects

With a low operating noise level of 84 dB this quiet belt sander is specially engineered to match the needs of woodworking and also cabinetry

Features an accurate variable speed dial which permits workers to easily control speeds from 690 to 1440 ft./min, optimal for various sanding applications



The incorporated dust bag doesn’t cover all the dust but most of it

Doesn’t come with a work light


The Makita 9404 Speed belt sander is one of the efficient gadgets I have for good. This product exhibits the best of the best features and speed belt sander needs to have. Working with this product is not a hard task because it makes everything work smoothly and accurately. ” Stacy McKean


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Makita 9920 Speed belt sander


It is the most comfortable speed belt sander that has many features that make it the best speed belt sander. Its front grip makes it easy to carry and allows comfortable holding. It is designed to sand the tough areas like corners of the wall with its nose and sides. Its belt can be set without manual adjusting because of its Auto-tracking system of belt. It has electronic control that has different speed options and can be set according to the work. For cleaning the working area, it is also provided with dust bag. I found it as the best sander to work with.



As the most popular belt sander from Makita, the 9920 is powered by 8.8 AMP motor and an advanced auto-tracking belt system which renders high precision sanding actions on various wood materials

Due to the quick speed control dial, woodworkers can use the belt sander’s speeds that range from 690 to 1440 ft./min in order to easily remove stock

With a quiet sanding operation (84 dB) this powerful belt sander has a long 16.4 foot power cord which offers enough mobility during various woodworking tasks

Features a useful dust collector that maintains working environments free of dust and wood debris



The included dust bag is made of light material which sometimes tears off during long woodworking projects


From the design and structure of the Makita 9920 Speed belt sander, you can just easily notice and say that it is durable enough to last long with me. The product has a very attractive design in which you will not think that this is sanding equipment. The product is just affordable for its promotional price.” Fannie Bagley


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Porter-Cable 360VS Speed belt sander


This product has all the qualities of best speed belt sander. It features are not only liked by me but all of its users praises its efficiency. It is powered by 12 Amp motor that is located over platen. The location of the motor has maximized its working ability and gave it the perfect balance. It also has a quick-release belt lever that helps in the instant belt change. The speed can be adjusted according to the work. It is highly durable and most efficient speed belt sander.



Even though a fairly affordable product from Porter-Cable, the 360VS belt sander incorporates variable speed 12 Amp motor which delivers speeds that range from 1000 to 1500 SFPM, optimal for quality results

Features a roomy capacity dust bag which will easily maintain each workplace free of wood debris and dust, ideal for high sanding efficiency

Due to the ergonomic handles this powerful belt sander is easy to control, adding comfort during each woodworking task

Benefits from an exclusive 3 year warranty and 90 day Money back policy this advanced belt sander is perfect for floor repairs, coatings removal or carefully dressing tough stock



Manufactured in Mexico, which some people find bothersome

Doesn’t come with a durable case (this accessory is sold separately)


I come to buy the Porter-Cable 360VS Speed belt sander because of the positive feedbacks that it has in the Amazon website. One thing I like the most about this product is it can be adjusted easily the way I want it to be when I am working with it. The product is really efficient which make it outstanding.” James Williams


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Porter-Cable 352-VS Speed belt sander


Durability and efficient working makes any speed belt sander the best. This product has it both and can be found in many best speed belt sander reviews. It is powered by 8 Amp motor. It has many features that I liked. It has variable speed that can be changed whenever needed. It also has a cloth dust bag that keeps the work area free of dust. It has great balance and best performance because of its motor location. Belt can be easily changed with quick-release belt-change lever.



As the best rated product from Porter-Cable, the 352VS belt sander is perfect for cabinet making, woodworking, simple or complex home improvement projects and remodelling, optimal for handy woodworkers

Designed to precisely heavy stock removal, tuning or repairing woodworking projects this powerful belt sander has a durable all-metal housing which offers a solid feel

Even though a cheap belt sander the model features a durable variable speed dial that gives users proper control over the sanding speed which ranges from 850 to 1300 SFPM

Due to the rigid construction this belt sander can be used even during heavy sanding use because metal properly dissipates heat



The belt sander doesn’t include a carrying case (sold separately)

The included cloth dust bag wears off pretty fast


The Porter-Cable 352-VS Speed belt sander is powered with good motors which make everything work faster and better. The product is well known for its ability and features. You will never experience hassle with this product because it has a bag that will handle the dust and dirt’s coming from the sanding. ” Charles Gehl


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