How to Purchase the Right Speech Software:


There is no denying that people tend to talk a lot faster than their fingers can move on the keyboard. When you use one of the best rated speech software, you have the ability to streamline your workflow and work as quickly as you speak.In addition, the programs also give you the ability to create customized voice commands. Hands-free computing is one of the main reasons people choose the best speech software of 2021 because it eliminates the arduous task of going back and forth between multiple tasks just to type something on the computer. Now you may be wondering which is the best software on the market. We cannot tell you which one you should choose, but we can provide you with useful information that will help you make that decision on your own.



The whole purpose of using one of the top ten speech software is the dictation function. This function allows you to speak and have the program translate your speech into text onto Microsoft Word or another text editor. When you are looking at a new program, you want to make sure it can accurately transcribe the text. One way of finding this information out is by reading the best speech software reviews. The reviewers will give you a better idea how well the transcription process works.


Featuresand Commands

Some of the features you may want your software to include voice training capabilities, customizable commands and accent support. The voice training capabilities is essential because it ensures that the computer is familiar with your voice and will respond to the standard and customized commands. The standard commands allow you to use your computer just by talking to it. Some of the commands that you can perform include opening and closing programs. Some of the highest rated speech software will let you create customized commands for functions you use often.


Help and Support

When you are using a new program, sometimes it takes a learning curve to master all of the features. By choosing the most popular speech recognition software, you will probably run into a few snags. One of the easiest ways to gauge the customer service and help services offered by the software’s manufacturer is by reading the best speech software reviews. These reviews will give you a better idea about the quality of help and support they received from the company.


No matter why you want to use the best speech software of 2021, you want to make sure it suits your needs. For example, you may need a program that has an excellent dictation function but you could care less about the command functions.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that will take what you say and transcribe it into a text editor with minimal errors.
  • The program you decide to use should be able to recognize your voice through the voice-training feature.
  • Make sure the program has plenty of ways for you to get support if you have any trouble running the software.


Top rated Speech Software in 2021


Whether you are an aspiring author, a busy executive, or someone who wants to record their thoughts without having to type them out, speech software can help you stay productive. Since technology has been advancing through the years, you can find dictation programs that can transcribe your speech to a text editor with minimal mistakes, thus saving you the time and effort it would take to make corrections.


Nuance Communications Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0


Best Speech Software ReviewsThe Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0 makes it easy for you to dictate, edit and format letters, articles, papers, essays and a number of other documents just by using your voice. You can use the program to search the internet to find useful information and even graphics to include in your document. You have the ability to take notes while on the go using a voice recorder or a smartphone, and then have the software transcribe it later. With the simple voice commands, you can enter frequently used graphics or text into the document. Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows you to send emails, instant messages, filling out online applications, registration forms, and even create shopping lists, all without ever having to touch the keyboard.

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Nuance Communications Dragon Dictate for Mac 4.0


Nuance Communications

Dragon Dictate for Mac is the best productivity tool that is designed to save you time and complete more tasks. You can dictate, edit, and transcribe documents, thanks to the speech recognition capabilities. You can even create customized commands that allows you to control your computer. The easy-to-use interface and flexibility of the transcription feature makes it easy for you to get more things done, accurately and quickly.

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Nuance Communications Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13.0


If you are new to speech recognition software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home edition is the perfect learning tool. The tool makes it easy to dictate documents naturally and guarantees 99% accuracy. You can create documents three times faster with dictation than you can by simply typing. As you talk, your words will instantly appear on the screen—all you have to do is speak naturally and the program does the rest. You do not have to worry about spelling mistakes, as the program uses a built-in spell check to spell words correctly while it transcribes. You can control applications using voice commands so that you are able to accomplish more on your computer with less time.

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TextAloud with AT&T Natural Voices


With TextAloud, use the power of computer voice synthesis to have documents, web pages, email and more read to you. The text on the document is converted into spoken word that you can listen to on your computer, save to a USB drive, or upload it onto your MP3 or smartphone for later playback. The batch file converter allows you to convert audio files quickly from numerous documents all with a simple press of a button.

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Nuance Communications Dragon Premium 13 Student/Teacher Edition


For academic users, this program is ideal for accomplishing more on their computers just by using their voice. The program turns spoken word into text and it can perform multiple voice commands much faster than typing. This is ideal for students and teachers because it increases productivity, allowing them to get much more done in a shorter period. The program makes it easy for users to dictate and edit documents, write and send emails, search the internet, and even use social media. This speech software enables users to work wirelessly, transcribe notes that may have been previously recorded on a portable device like a smartphone.

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