Expert Buying Advice on Space Saver High Chairs


No matter how hungry your baby can get, feeding him will never be easy. That’s why you need the best baby high chair to help make feeding time less stressful for both you and your child. A typical baby high chair follows one basic structure. It consists of a frame with an attached seat outfitted with a safety belt plus a footrest. Selecting a high chair can be an overwhelming process especially for first time parents. However, even when buying a high chair for the second time, the choices on the market can be an exercise in sensible judgment and wiser budgeting.

Best Space Saver High Chair


A high chair can be one of three types.

The traditional high chair represents what people usually associate with the name. This type can be constructed of wood, metal or plastic, maybe even a combination of any of those materials. The traditional high chair is nothing else but an elevated or raised chair that baby can sit in, much like a normal chair built with high legs and no bells and whistles whatsoever, not even an option to fold up.

Modern high chairs are built with all manner of features that represent an upgrade from the traditional unit. Modern high chairs have evolved to become the multifunctional models of today that boast adjustability to suit every baby’s comfort.

Booster chairs, otherwise known as space saver high chairs, enable you to transform an old chair into a high chair. Just position the unit onto the regular chair and voila! Your child can enjoy feeding time in the best space saver high chair on the market. No fuss, no hassle!


Ease of Cleanup

If you’ve ever seen what a baby who’s all messy with cereal, chocolate and goo looks like, you will understand how important it is that the high chair should be easy to wipe down. When on the prowl for a good high chair, check out the tray, frame and harness. Pinpoint any areas that may present challenges in cleaning, such as small crevices that could catch or trap food. Areas within your child’s reach at mealtimes should be focused on, as they are most likely to get flying projectiles of food in one way or another.

Cushioning or padding may offer comfort for the child, but the fabric-covered areas can be hard to clean up. Plastic or vinyl seats offer the best solution, but if cushioned is the way to go for you, better choose a chair with a removable cover.


It is the small size of the best space saver high chair that makes it a top choice on the market. This makes space saver units perfect for apartment dwellers for whom every inch of floor space is valuable. Make sure the unit offers simple storage or folding options for stowing into a cabinet well out of sight.



Check that the seams do not scratch or stick into your baby’s sensitive skin. A minor annoyance can easily turn to a major element of aggravation to a child.

A three-point harness that secures the lower body may be fine, but a five point harness ensures a more secure restraint to keep a particularly frisky baby from falling.

Keep in mind that the harness adjustment should be effortless to use to accommodate any size child. Rubber covered or rubber harness straps offer easy cleaning. Make sure the buckle is secure enough and not be easily undone by curious little hands.


What Are the Best Space Saver High Chairs in 2022?


So you’ve made up your mind to suffer through every feeding time with your baby no matter how messy and aggravating it can get for both of you. Remember that your choice of high chair will contribute to making mealtimes less stressful for you and baby. Here are three products worth looking into.


Fisher-Price BCK62


1.Fisher-Price BLL26Perfect for those who are tight on space and who want to keep baby’s gear to a minimum in the kitchen, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Space Saver High Chair is the ultimate solution. This unit straps securely to just about any dining or regular kitchen chair so that’s using only half the space. Despite the compact size, the space saver high chair brings baby comfort to a whole new level that approximates that offered by a standard full-size unit. It comes with three-position recline to have baby in the most comfortable and relaxed position during feeding. The three height adjustments allow you to have baby seated at an optimum height that will allow you to administer to his feeding needs easily.

The tray can be removed with just one hand. The Space Saver high chair is outfitted with a spill-resistant and surface-wipeable seat pad that can also be machine washed. The feeding tray is dishwasher safe, as well. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Space Saver High Chair grows as your baby grows. It can be transformed from a reclining seat for bottle feeding newborns, to an upright seat for infants who can be fed with solid food, to a sturdy and comfortable booster seat for toddlers.

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Fisher-Price BLL26


2.Fisher-Price BMM98The Fisher-Price Stripes Space Saver High Chair is built compact but with the comforts of a full-size high chair. Mealtimes are easier than ever with the dishwasher-safe feeding tray. The built-in cup holder on the feeding tray ensures that food and drink are always within reach during feeding time. The Fastfinder Link allows you to hang toys, towels and bibs for instant cleanups, entertaining and easy feeding. The adjustable attachment strap system ensures problem-free secure setup of the space saver high chair to virtually any regular kitchen or dining chair. The unit is just as easy to remove or stow into free cabinet space when not in use. It can also be moved from chair to chair.

The Fisher-Price Stripes Space Saver High Chair is built with three-position recline that enables comfortable feeding every time. You can do bottle feeding with your baby in a deeply reclined position, do solid food feeding when your child gets old enough for it, and then regular food feeding when your child becomes a toddler. The tray stays level so food is kept upright even when the seat is reclined. You can also choose the most comfortable height for feeding with or without the tray. The tray can be detached with just one hand so your other hand stays free to hold baby. The tray is also dishwasher safe for problem-free cleaning and sanitation.

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Fisher-Price BMM98


3.Fisher-Price BCK62Designed for small-size homes, the Fisher-Price Luminosity Space Saver High Chair has all the features of a full-size high chair minus the bulk. This special high chair comes with an exclusive Fastfinder Link through which you can hang towels, bibs and toys to keep baby entertained, neat and nicely fed at mealtimes. The high chair transforms to a toddler booster seat easily, so it grows with your baby. It comes with a five-point restraint for full secure strapping, which can be changed to a three-point harness when baby gets old enough to support himself in the high chair. The Fisher-Price Luminosity Space Saver High Chair is built with two height adjustments that enable you to find a comfortable level at which you can feed your child.

The Fisher-Price Luminosity Space Saver High Chair seat pad can be easily wiped clean and is also designed to be machine washable so it can still look like new after many uses. It is easy to store after use, so the unit will not take up precious kitchen space. The patterned fabric style ensures that the pad will not look too dirty with food stains and spills that normally happen during feeding. The high chair is the perfect solution to parenting in a limited living space.

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